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Nanning Judicial Bureau's 2018 work summary and 2019 work plan

Release time: 2018-12-24 15:40 source: Nanning Justice Bureau

Since 2018, our bureau has seriously studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, held high the banner of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and thoroughly implemented the spirit of the relevant conferences of the Central, Autonomous Region and Nanning Continue to promote the normalization and institutionalization of "two learning, one doing" learning and education, solidly carry out the comprehensive and strict "five investigations and five rectifications" special operation of the police, focus on the implementation of the "1512" work ideas, judicial party construction and service centers throughout the year The overall situation, maintaining social stability, deepening reforms, and team building have completed various tasks well, in-depth implementation of the new mission of the "three major positionings" and new requirements of "five solid" for Nanning City, and the realization of "the dream of building a magnificent Guangxi and rejuvenating the whole circle." Striving to compose a new chapter in the development of Nanning in the new era provides high-quality legal services and solid legal protection.

2018年工作开展情况 I. Work in 2018

“大学习、大调研、大对接、大落实”活动,以新思想引领新时代新作为。 (1) In-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, carry out activities of "big learning, big research, big docking and big implementation", and lead new times and new actions with new ideas.

“两学一做”学习教育常态化制度化。 Always adhere to the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics, the spirit of the 19th Party Congress and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee as the current top political task, and continue to advance the “two studies, one doing” learning and education normalization system. Into. Held a training course for the judicial administration system of Nanning City to implement the strategy of administering the country in accordance with the law to promote judicial administration reform and eight sessions of the "New Age Judicial Administration Workshop" and leading cadres of the judicial administration system of Nanning and lecturing leaders on the rostrum. "Business policy" activities 84 times, bureau leaders, city management cadres, heads of various departments, business backbones completed 23 theoretical articles. By carrying out large studies, the whole world consciously uses Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work. 37次,召开与县(区)司法局、司法所座谈会次数64次,走访联系点或现场办公235次,驻村蹲点或赴外地学习考察27次,积极运用数据调研、问卷调查、专家咨询等科学方式开展调研,完成16篇调研报告,为破解我市司法行政发展不平衡不充分困局、推动司法行政创新发展提供对策措施。 Combined with conducting large-scale investigations for non-governmental practical supervision activities, 37 times of seminars for clients (law enforcement objects) were held, 64 times of seminars with county (district) judicial bureaus and judicial offices, and 235 visits to contact points or on-site office. Village squats or study trips abroad 27 times, actively using scientific methods such as data surveys, questionnaire surveys, expert consultations to carry out surveys, completed 16 survey reports, in order to solve the imbalanced and inadequate development of judicial administration in our city, and promote judicial administrative innovation Development provides countermeasures. Carrying out large-scale docking, communicating 83 times with 62 departments such as the CPPCC, the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Housing Security and Real Estate Administration, and the Municipal Finance Office, and 32 docking issues, which greatly promoted Effective solutions to the practical problems that restrict the development of judicial administration. Carry out large-scale implementation, and focus on the problems of investigation and docking, and make every effort to overcome difficulties and solve them to ensure that the implementation takes effect.

(2) Closely centering on the overall situation of the city's reform, development, and stability, actively and proactively work to continuously improve the level of legalization of social governance.

1. Promote deepening reform. We will conscientiously implement the relevant judicial administrative reforms and deepen the reform and deployment arrangements of the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Justice and the Municipal Party Committee to stimulate the vitality of the judicial administration with reform and innovation. 组织自治区、南宁市两级律师协会与南宁市第一看守所召开联席会议,解决 会见难问题 ;加强法律援助值班律师工作站建设,招募 60名值班律师参与 市中级人民法院、人民检察院、铁路运输法院、铁路运输检察院、自治区检察院南铁分院、市劳动仲裁院等 6个法援工作站值班; 积极对接南部战区广西军区,成立了 7个法律援助工作站,推进涉军法律援助工作。 Improve the lawyers' practice guarantee mechanism, organize a joint meeting between the autonomous regions, the Nanning two-level lawyers association, and the Nanning No. 1 Detention Center to convene difficult meetings ; strengthen the construction of legal aid duty lawyer workstations, and recruit 60 lawyers on duty to participate in the municipal intermediate people's court and the people Six legal aid workstations , including the Procuratorate, the Railway Transport Court, the Railway Transport Procuratorate, the Autonomous Region Procuratorate's South Railway Branch, and the Municipal Labor Arbitration Institute, are on duty. Actively docking with the Guangxi Military Region in the southern theater, seven legal aid workstations have been established to advance military-related legal aid work. “警民联调”工作,建立“访调对接”工作机制,开展司法确认试点工作, 全市共办理人民调解协议司法确认案件 217件,有力增强人民调解公信力; 做好首次国家统一法律职业资格考试组织实施、资格管理工作,选拔培养高素质社会主义法律职业人才; 围绕提高司法鉴定公信力, 开展全市司法鉴定机构规范执业检查 酒精检测司法鉴定专项检查 注销 3名 一年以上不 从事鉴定业务的 鉴定人 资格;贯彻落实广西律师基层法律服务工作者参与人民调解工作的指导意见, 配合市综治办印发《建立健全社会矛盾纠纷预防化解机制》,协助市委政法委推进网上协同办案等政法机关间交互业务系统建设,协同 人社局开展 社会保险基金先行支付工作。 Explore the work of “police and police joint mediation”, establish the work mechanism of “visit and matchmaking”, and carry out trial work on judicial confirmation. The city handled a total of 217 judicial confirmation cases of people ’s mediation agreements , which effectively strengthened the people ’s mediation credibility; Examination organization implementation, qualification management work, selection and training of high-quality socialist legal professional talents; focusing on improving the credibility of judicial appraisal, the city's judicial appraisal institutions standardized practice inspections and alcohol testing judicial appraisal special inspections , canceled 3 people who are not engaged in appraisal business for more than one year Implement the guidance opinions of Guangxi lawyers' grass-roots legal service workers to participate in the people's mediation work, cooperate with the Municipal Comprehensive Management Office to issue and establish the "establishment and prevention mechanism for the resolution of social conflicts and disputes", and assist the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee to promote online collaborative case management and other political and legal agencies Construction of interactive business system and cooperation with the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to carry out advance payment of social insurance funds. “队建制”建设调研活动,选取上林县开展试点 ,成立社区矫正执法大队、中队,不断增强社区矫正队伍的执法能力。 Carry out research and investigation activities on the "team building system" of community corrections , select Shanglin County to carry out trials , establish community corrections law enforcement teams and squadrons, and continuously strengthen the law enforcement capabilities of community corrections teams. 《桂南公证处岗位设置方案》 ,完成 公证机构事业单位公开招聘, 8家 公证机构新招录人员 到岗 Steady follow-up of the notarization reform was steadily done, and the "Guinan Notary Office Position Setting Plan" was formulated , and the public recruitment of notarization institutions and institutions was completed , and new recruits of 8 notarial institutions came to their posts .

2. Play three major offensive battles. 领域 法律宣传和法律服务 ,筹建广西首家环境检测司法鉴定机构。 Focusing on resolutely fighting against major risks, precision poverty alleviation, and pollution prevention, we will increase legal publicity and legal services in the areas of finance, precision poverty alleviation, and environmental protection, and prepare to build the first environmental testing judicial appraisal agency in Guangxi. 《关于开展 2018年春节前服务农民工法治宣传教育活动的通知》 春节期间全市 共发放法治宣传资料 21000余份,为群众解答法律咨询500余次 Issued the "Notice on Carrying out the Rule of Law Education and Serving Migrant Workers before the Spring Festival 2018" , during the Spring Festival, the city distributed more than 21,000 copies of the rule of law publicity materials and provided legal advice to the public more than 500 times . 2名优秀干部担任贫困村第一书记。 Two outstanding cadres were selected as the first secretary of the poor village. Actively participate in the thematic research on the sustainable development mechanism and mechanism of the Zhendong Centralized Resettlement Area in Long'an County for poverty alleviation and relocation, and rationally allocate legal service resources so that the masses can enjoy basic legal services without leaving the community. 421个贫困村 深入推进脱贫攻坚 ·司法行政在行动 7个100%”活动,受理贫困户法律援助案件86件,为108户贫困户开展矛盾纠纷调解、调结案件83件,开展贫困社区戒毒(康复)人员结对帮扶15户,开展贫困刑满释放人员、解除强制隔离戒毒人员结对帮扶23名,为贫困社区服刑人员落实低保39人次、落实承包田1879人次、技能培训73人次、指导就业就学750人次。 At the same time, the city's judicial administration system further promoted poverty alleviation in 421 poverty-stricken villages . The judicial administration took action in " 7 100%" activities, receiving 86 legal aid cases from poor households, and conducting conflict mediation and mediation cases for 108 poor households. 83 cases, assisted 15 households in drug-relief (rehabilitation) pairs in poor communities, assisted 23 people who were released from poverty, released compulsory quarantine, and assisted 23 people in drug-relief communities, implemented 39 guarantees for imprisoned persons in poor communities, and contracted 1879 The number of person-times, 73 skills trainings, and 750 person-times for employment guidance. Cooperate with prisons, detoxification and other units to carry out prison service and assist 16 poor people in pairs.

开展扫黑除恶专项斗争。 3. Solidly carry out a special campaign to combat crime and eliminate evil. Formulated the "Working Plan of the Nanning Judicial Bureau on the Special Campaign for Combating Crimes and Eliminating Evil", established the Leading Group of the Nanning Judiciary Bureau's Special Campaign for Combating Crimes and Eliminating Evil, and was responsible for organizing, coordinating, coordinating, and supervising the municipal government's judicial administration's special campaign to combat crime and eliminating evil. Guidance, etc. 建立律师 代理涉黑 涉恶案件 报备制度 ,收到 报备材料 53份,安排县(区)司法局人员旁听本辖区内律师代理涉黑案件庭审30件。 Solidly carry out the work of lawyers participating in the fight against gangsters and eliminate evils , establish a system for the reporting of gangster- related cases involving lawyers , and receive 53 copies of the report materials , and arrange county (district) judicial bureau personnel to attend court trials of gangster-related cases by lawyers in their jurisdictions30 Pieces. 排查社区服刑人员涉恶 143人,涉黑0人,集中组织扫黑除恶专项斗争教育1396场次,进行个别教育2622人次,走访涉黑涉恶社区服刑人员2360人次,有力震慑了思想松懈的社区服刑人员,把安全隐患消灭在萌芽状态。 Establish and improve the dynamic control and informatization supervision mechanism of "two types of personnel" involving criminals and evils, investigate 143 criminals and 0 criminals of community prisoners , centrally organize 1396 special combat education for combating criminals and eliminate evils , and conduct 2622 individual education The visit of 2,360 prisoners in black and evil communities strongly deterred community prisoners in laxity and eliminated hidden dangers in the bud. The city's resettlement and education institutions strengthened communication with the prisons, grasped the situation of prisoners involved in crimes and crimes in their jurisdictions, and prevented the occurrence of tube slippage. 5万余 ,为群众解答法律咨询 3730 次,在市级普法 “两微”上开展宣传135次,有效提升了群众对扫黑除恶专项斗争的知晓率和参与度。 Actively carried out 580 publicity campaigns for the special struggle against evils and evils, distributed more than 50,000 copies of publicity materials on the rule of law , provided 3730 times of legal consultations for the masses , and carried out 135 publicity campaigns on the "two micro" of municipal law popularization , effectively improving the masses' Awareness and participation in the black fight against evil campaign.

4. Make every effort to maintain stability and security. 元旦、春节、全国全区 “两会”、“三月三”、清明节、端午节、上海合作组织青岛峰会、 中国 -东盟博览会和中国-东盟商务与投资峰会、中秋节、国庆节、自治区成立60周年和改革开放40周年 等重大节假日和 敏感时期 维稳安保和安全生产工作,严格实行领导带班 24小时值班备勤和“零报告”制度,为首府 社会 稳定保驾护航。 Do a good job on New Year's Day, the Spring Festival, the "two sessions", "March 3", Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit, China -ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, The 60th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region and the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, and other major holidays and sensitive periods of stability and security and production safety work, strictly implement the leadership of the 24-hour watch and "zero report" system to safeguard the social stability of the capital . 参与 打击传销、反邪教、禁毒、道路交通安全、卫生、教育、妇女儿童、精神文明、安全生产、食品卫生、民族团结、国防教育 等方面工作, 有效地提升了群众安全感和满意度。 Actively participating in the fight against pyramid schemes, anti-cults, anti-drug, road traffic safety, health, education, women and children, spiritual civilization, work safety, food hygiene, national unity, and national defense education , effectively improving people's sense of security and satisfaction.

“1512”工作思路,切实履行四大职责,做强做优公共法律服务。 (3) Continue to implement the “1512” work ideas in an in-depth manner, earnestly perform the four major responsibilities, and strengthen and improve public legal services.

抓住公共法律服务体系建设这个 “纲”,夯实 基层基础设施、规范化、信息化、队伍 政风行风五大建设,总揽司法行政十二项业务,使司法行政各项工作纲举目 张、 协调推进、综合发力。 Adhere to the people as the center, always grasp the "outline" of the construction of the public legal service system , consolidate the five major constructions of grass-roots infrastructure, standardization, informatization, contingency , and political style , and consolidate twelve judicial administration operations, making judicial administration various This work outline is comprehensive , coordinated, and comprehensively promoted.

1. Comprehensively build a public legal service system. 275个公共法律服务工作室、807个公共法律服务工作岗、687个公共法律服务工作席,实现村级公共法律服务机构全覆盖。 In 2018, the judicial and administrative system of Nanning City invested 10.614 million yuan with practical projects for the private sector to build 275 public legal service studios, 807 public legal service posts, and 687 public legal services in the city's 1,769 villages (communities) to suit local conditions. Work seats to achieve full coverage of village-level public legal service agencies. Organized 488 lawyers and 197 grass-roots legal service workers to serve as legal counselors in 1769 villages (communities), and the village (community) legal counselors took a "periodic" or "reservation" approach to the village (community) to carry out no less than 5 Hours of convenient and efficient public legal services. The city, county (district), township (street), and village (community) four levels of legal advisors will be established to serve WeChat groups, and a village (community), legal adviser, and WeChat group will be formed to provide a new service with “full network coverage and no blind spots”. mode. 全市村(社区)法律顾问共开展法制宣传 5788 场次,开展法律咨询 19497 次,接待群众法律咨询 94127 人次,办理法律援助案件 875 件,代理法律事务 204 件,为村(居)委会提供法律建议、法律意见、草拟、审核法律事务文书 3029 件,为村(社区)重大项目谈判、签订合同等提供法律意见 786 件,化解民间矛盾纠纷 1965 件。 In 2018, the city's village (community) legal consultants carried out a total of 5,788 legal system publicity , 19,497 legal consultations , received 94,127 legal consultations from the masses , handled 875 legal aid cases , and represented 204 legal affairs . Provided 3029 legal advices, legal opinions, drafted and reviewed legal affairs documents , provided 786 legal opinions for village (community) major project negotiation and contract signing , and resolved 1965 civil conflicts and disputes . 6000元/村/年的补贴标准,为今后村(社区)法律顾问工作开展提供了坚实保障。 Actively coordinate with the General Office of the Municipal Government to issue and implement the "Implementation Plan for One Village One Legal Counsel Work", specifying a subsidy standard of 6,000 yuan / village / year, and providing a solid guarantee for the development of the village (community) legal adviser work in the future.

2. Solidly promote the five major constructions. 抓好基层基础设施、规范化、信息化、队伍、政风行风五大建设,不断夯实司法行政基础。 For a long time, we will do a good job in the five major constructions of basic infrastructure, standardization, informatization, teamwork, and political style, and continue to consolidate the foundation of judicial administration.

加强基层基础设施建设。 The first is to strengthen grassroots infrastructure construction. 2016年为民办实事工程的23个乡 镇(街道)公共法律服务工作站建设,目前完成建设 20个,完成率98%。 Promote the construction of 23 township (street) public legal service workstations that are not included in the private practical projects in 2016. At present, 20 have been completed with a completion rate of 98%. 3个县(区)社区矫正中心共建试点建设,不断提升社区矫正教育管理水平。 In conjunction with Nanning Prison, Guangxi Women's Prison, Guangxi Litang Prison, and Guangxi Juvenile Prison Correctional Institution, Nanning Community Correction and Supervision Work Training Base and Community Sentence Personnel Warning Education Base were established to complete the Autonomous Region Justice Department in Xingning District, Mashan County, Jiangnan The three county (district) community correction centers jointly established pilot projects to continuously improve the level of community correction education management. 完成公证档案搬迁。 Establish a standardized notary archives room and complete the removal of notary archives. 指导江南区开展安置帮教远程视频探视功能室建设,促进监地合作。 Support and guide Jiangnan District to carry out the construction of remote video visiting function room for resettlement and education, and promote the cooperation of supervision and place. 江南区自筹资金 投入 102万元在辖区三镇30个村按“五个一” 一个法律服务室(窗口)、一个法治宣传教育栏(廊)、一个法律顾问、一条法律服务热线、一套完善法律服务制度 标准要求建设村级法律服务平台 In addition, Jiangnan District invested 10.2 million yuan in self-raised funds in 30 villages in three towns under the jurisdiction according to "five one" [ a legal service room (window), a rule of law education and education column (corridor), a legal consultant, and a legal service hotline. 1. A complete legal service system ] The standard requires the construction of a village-level legal service platform .

The second is to strengthen standardized construction. 3次 社区矫正执法、安全稳定专项督查, 全面核查 社区服刑人员的监督管理、安全稳定、信息化建设 及扫黑除恶工作开展情况 等。 Carried out three special inspections on community corrections and law enforcement, safety and stability, and comprehensively verified the supervision and management of prisoners in the community, safety and stability, informatization construction, and the implementation of anti-crime work . 公证机构季度自查、公证员互查以及工作组 督查相结合 的工作机制 ,加强对 公证质量管理 ,全市 9家公证处 案卷合格率 100%。 Establish a working mechanism that combines quarterly self-inspection by notary agencies, mutual inspection by notaries, and supervision by working groups , and strengthen the quality management of notarization . The city's 9 notary offices have a 100% pass rate .

加强信息化建设 The third is to strengthen information construction . “智慧司法”攻坚年活动 ,完成南宁市公共法律服务平台建设,实现网上协同 OA办公、网上预约法律援助、公证等。 Carry out the "Smart Judicature" tough year activity , complete the construction of Nanning's public legal service platform, and realize online collaborative OA office, online appointment legal aid, notarization, etc. 应急指挥体系和应急指挥中心建设,加强与自治区司法厅公共法律服务网络平台( 12348法网)和综合政务管理平台的数据互联互通 The community correction remote supervision system, video roll-call system, emergency command system and emergency command center were completed, and the data interconnection with the public legal service network platform ( 12348 French network) and the comprehensive government affairs management platform of the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region was strengthened . Complete the data entry of community correction, people's mediation, etc., and make it clear and clear. 60副电子手环,上林县投资 102万元建成自治区、市、县、所四级社区矫正管理信息化联通平台, 加强对社区服刑人员的监督管理。 Explore the use of electronic wristband positioning, equip Qingxiu District and Shanglin County with 60 electronic bracelets, and Shanglin County invested 1.02 million yuan to build a four-level community correction management and information communication platform for autonomous regions, cities, counties, and institutes to strengthen communities. Supervision and management of prisoners. 12348公共法律服务热线平台,在市法援中心安装二代身份证读取装置,在公证处安装人证对比仪,提升工作效率。 The 12348 public legal service hotline platform was transformed , a second-generation ID card reading device was installed in the Municipal Legal Aid Center, and a witness contrast device was installed in the notary office to improve work efficiency. Carry out "software genuineness" verification work, install genuine OFFICE system for a group of computers.

The fourth is to strengthen team building. “五查五整顿”专项行动,对于自治区党委政法委、市委政法委在明察暗访通报中点出的问题立即整改。 The "five investigations and five rectifications" special operation was carried out in depth and comprehensively . The problems identified by the Political and Legal Committee of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee during the investigation and inspection report were immediately rectified. ,开展党组中心组理论学习 5次,举办各类培训班 14期,选派干部参加各类组织调训240人次,合计培训5758人次。 Strengthen the team training , carry out the theoretical study of the party group center group 5 times, hold 14 training courses of various types , select 240 cadres to participate in various types of organizational training, a total of 5,758 training. 行首次南宁市社区矫正执法知识无纸化网络闭卷考试,参考人数 452人,合格率达到73.5%。 The first paperless network closed book examination of community corrections and law enforcement knowledge was held in Nanning, with 452 reference persons and a passing rate of 73.5%. 引进 “行动学习法”,着力提升全市人民调解员化解矛盾纠纷的能力和水平 Organize training courses for people's mediators , introduce the "action learning method", and strive to improve the ability and level of people's mediators in the city to resolve conflicts and disputes . In 2018, a total of 37 collectives and 62 individuals in the city's judicial administrative system received commendation awards above the municipal level. Among them, 7 collectives and 6 individuals were awarded with national commendation awards; 20 collectives and 51 individuals were awarded with commendation awards at the autonomous region level; 10 collectives and 5 individuals were awarded with commendation awards at the municipal level. 被司法部评为国家司法考试工作先进单位和首次法律职业资格考试工作表现突出单位。 Our bureau was appraised by the Ministry of Justice as the National Advanced Unit for Judicial Examination and the Outstanding Unit for the First Legal Professional Qualification Examination. 2018年度广西壮族自治区巾帼文明岗。 The Guinan Notary Office of the city was named the 2018 Civilized Post of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region by the Women's Federation of the Autonomous Region. 莫洪林同志荣获全国人民调解工作先进个人和全国最受欢迎人民调解员(十佳),入围 “改革开放 40周年政法系统新闻影响力人物 ”,他的先进事迹入选 “公仆心 百姓情—南宁机关共产党员先进事迹情景报告会”。 Comrade Mo Honglin , Minister of Justice of Canada, Mashan County, was awarded the National Advanced Individual for People's Mediation and the National Most Popular People's Mediator (Top Ten), and was shortlisted for " Influential People in the Political and Legal System of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up ". His advanced deeds were selected "Public Servants' Hearts and Common Feelings-A Report on the Advanced Deeds of Communist Party Members in Nanning Organs".

加强政风行风建设 The fifth is to strengthen the construction of political practices . ,完成公证和法援咨询服务窗口入驻南宁市民中心。 Earnestly implement the spirit of Mayor Zhou Hongbo's instructions , complete the notary and legal aid consulting service window and settle in Nanning Civic Center. 实现权责清单的动态管理 新增 1项 调整 10项权责事项 We will deepen the reform of deregulation and administration and realize the dynamic management of the power and responsibility list , adding 1 new item and adjusting 10 power and responsibility items . “一事通办”利企便民改革清单,形成“一次性告知(限时办结)”和“最多跑一次”“一次不用跑”3张办事清单。 Completion of the list of reforms for the convenience of enterprises and the convenience of the people through the “one-off event”, forming three lists of “one-time notification (limited time to settle)” and “maximum run once” and “no need to run at a time”. 公共服务 事项法定办结时限平均提速 50.70%。 Optimize the operation process of administrative power, reduce the time limit for settlement, and speed up the average time by 50.70% according to the statutory time limit for applying for administrative power and public service matters . 容缺受理 27个办理事项 Carry out the special action of "reduce the number and facilitate the people", cancel 25 items of certification , and accept 27 items for processing . “双随机一公开”监管工作, 建立 全市 律师、公证、基层法律服务、司法鉴定等法律服务机构名录库和执法检查人员名录库,提升法律服务行业监管效能 Actively promote the "double random and one open" supervision of legal services , establish a city-wide list of lawyers, notaries, grass-roots legal services, judicial appraisal and other legal service agencies and law enforcement inspectors, and improve the efficiency of legal service industry supervision . Strictly implement the first-question responsibility system, the time-limited settlement system, and the accountability system to provide the public with high-quality and efficient public legal services.

创新 提升十二项业务。 3. Innovation and promotion of twelve businesses. 南宁市司法局不断提升司法行政工作在社会治理共建共治共享中的社会化、法治化、智能化、专业化水平,司法行政 12项业务工作 聚力增效 In 2018, the Judicial Bureau of Nanning City continuously improved the socialization, rule of law, intelligence, and professionalization of judicial administration in social governance, co-construction and co-governance and sharing. Twelve judicial administrative tasks are working together to increase efficiency .

The first is to continuously increase the popularization of the law among the entire population. “七五”普法中期督查考核工作。 Successfully completed the mid-term supervision and assessment of the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" of popularizing laws in the autonomous region and Nanning . “一制四化”为总抓手, 广泛开展宪法修正案宣传 ,南宁市和各县区分别举办了 “法治南宁讲堂”暨“双百”法治宣讲活动。 Taking "One System, Four Modernizations" as the general starting point, extensive publicity of constitutional amendments was carried out , and Nanning City and counties and districts respectively held "Legal Rule Nanning Lecture Hall" and "Double Hundred" Rule of Law Preaching Activities. 市政协、市依法治市办、市法学会在武鸣区红岭社区联合开展 “尊崇宪法、学习宪法、遵守宪法、维护宪法、运用宪法”为主题的宪法宣传暨送法下乡活动, 迅速掀起学习宪法的热潮 In conjunction with the CPPCC, the Municipal Administration of the Municipal Affairs Office, and the Municipal Law Society in the Hongling Community of Wuming District, jointly launched a constitutional advocacy and sent-to-the-country campaign with the theme of “Respecting the Constitution, Studying the Constitution, Observing the Constitution, Maintaining the Constitution, and Using the Constitution”. Quickly set off a wave of studying the Constitution . “谁执法谁普法”责任制,并将其细化为绩效考评指标,督促43个市级执法部门 结合行业特点开展法律法规宣传 Thoroughly implement the responsibility system of "who enforces law and popularize law", and refine it into performance evaluation indicators, and urge 43 municipal law enforcement departments to carry out publicity of laws and regulations in accordance with industry characteristics . 农民和农民工三类重点人群的普法工作,连续 5年组织全市新提拔领导干部任前法律知识考试,2018年共有 880名新提拔 科级以上 领导干部参加考试 The law enforcement work has been strengthened for key groups of leading cadres, youths, farmers and migrant workers , and the city has organized pre -employment legal examinations for newly promoted leading cadres in the city for 5 consecutive years. In 2018, a total of 880 newly promoted leading cadres at or above the branch level participated in the exam . “老友一家亲”联合制作普法情景剧《老友一家亲之“离婚变奏曲”》, 制作 22个 司法行政系列公益广告在各大主流网站、地铁公交移动频道、 “两微一端”渠道上投放,举办 14场 “宣传十九大宪法进万家”为主题的巡演活动,培育了一批法治文艺宣传示范品牌。 Innovate in the form of publicity for the rule of law, co-produce the popular French sitcom "Divorce Variations" with the well-known original comedy brand "Old Friends" of Guangxi TV Station , and produce 22 judicial administrative series of public service advertisements on major websites, subways The public transport mobile channel and “two micro-ends” channel were launched, and 14 tour events with the theme of “Promoting the Constitution of the 19th National Congress of the People's Republic of China into the Ten Thousand and Ten Thousands of Houses” were held, which cultivated a number of demonstration brands for the rule of law. 微信 南宁普法网 普法微博 普法头条号 新媒体矩阵宣传作用, 南宁普法网共推送 818篇稿件;“南宁普法在线”微信粉丝量大幅增长至 7.4万人,全年 推送 1 96 期约 78 0篇文章,举办10次有奖知识竞答活动,参与人数超过1 2 万人;微博更新 1066 条;今日头条客户端推送文章 747 篇,阅读量超过 53.4 万,取得良好的法治宣传效果 Taking full advantage of the new media matrix of “Nanning PFA Online” WeChat , Nanning PFA Online , PFA Weibo , PFA Headline New Media Matrix, Nanning PFA launched a total of 818 manuscripts; “Nanning PFA Online” ’s WeChat followers increased significantly to 74,000, Throughout the year , about 780 articles in 1 96 issues were pushed , 10 prize-winning knowledge contests were held, and the number of participants exceeded 120,000; Weibo updated 1066 articles; today's headline client pushed 747 articles and read more than 534,000 To achieve good publicity of the rule of law . “法律六进”活动,组织开展 各类主题法治宣传活动 4000余 ,发放法治宣传资料 1 24 .2万份,为群众解答法律咨询5 .3 万余次。 Carry out the "Six Legal Progress" activities, organize more than 4,000 publicity campaigns on various topics of the rule of law , distribute 124.2 thousand copies of the publicity materials on the rule of law , and answer more than 53,000 legal consultations for the masses .

The second is to strengthen and innovate social governance. 贯彻落实总体国家安全观,加强 社区服刑人员监督管理,全市对违纪违规的社区服刑人员给以警告 105人次,撤销缓刑、撤销假释、收监执行 20 人。 The community correction work was further promoted, the overall national security concept was implemented, the supervision and management of community prisoners was strengthened , and the city gave 105 warnings to community prisoners who violated discipline and rules , and suspended 20 suspended suspended sentences, parole and prison . 南宁市社区矫正工作领导小组成员会暨社区矫正工作推进会, 提升教育矫正质量。 The Nanning Community Correction Leading Group Member Meeting and the Community Correction Work Promotion Meeting were held to improve the quality of education correction. Effectively strengthen social adaptive assistance work, provide minimum living guarantee, temporary assistance, medical assistance, and assistance for the special needy to community prisoners who meet the conditions for assistance, and timely solve the employment, schooling, minimum living security, and temporary assistance of community prisoners , Social insurance, medical security and other difficult issues, to create conditions for community prisoners to return to society smoothly. 收解矫 3008人,新接收社区服刑人员1486人,解除社区矫正1522人, 累计再犯罪率 0.1 1 %,无重大恶性案件发生。 In 2018, the city received 3008 corrections, 1,486 new community prisoners, and 1,522 community corrections. The cumulative re-crime rate was 0.1 1 %, and no major malignant cases occurred. 实开展人民调解工作, 坚持和发展 “枫桥经验”,积极开展矛盾纠纷多元化解方式, 选拔 36名 优秀人民调解员推荐担任广西人民调解专家库和广西信访调解专家库成员, 认真做好婚姻家庭和纠纷预防化解,扎实推进殡葬领域突出问题专项整治行动。 Solidly carry out people's mediation work, adhere to and develop the "Maple Bridge Experience", actively carry out diversified settlement methods of contradictions and disputes, and select 36 outstanding people's mediators to recommend them as members of the Guangxi People's Mediation Expert Bank and Guangxi Letters and Intermediation Mediation Expert Bank, and earnestly do marriage Preventing and resolving family and disputes, and solidly promoting special rectification actions on outstanding issues in the funeral and interment area. 31984次,平均每个调委会每月排查1.5次,调解各类矛盾纠纷20811件,涉及当事人数11万余人,调解率100%,调解成功率97%,涉及协议金额1.34亿元。 The city conducted a total of 31984 investigations of contradictions and disputes , with an average of 1.5 investigations per month by each mediation committee, mediation of various types of contradictions of 20811, involving more than 110,000 parties, a mediation rate of 100%, and a mediation success rate of 97%, involving agreements. The amount is 134 million yuan. It prevented 17 cases of suicide caused by civil disputes, 119 cases of 1064 cases of civil disputes, 152 cases of 5135 people from group petitions, and 16165 cases of group fights. The city's 61 professional and professional people's mediation organizations accepted 4,362 cases of professional and professional people's mediation disputes. 真履行安置帮教职责 全市衔接刑满释放人员 3250人,其中重点帮教对象363人,重点接送、安置和帮教率均为100%, 无重新违法犯罪情况。 Seriously perform the duty of resettlement and help , the city connected 3,250 people who have been released from prison , including 363 key helpers, and the key transfer, resettlement and helper rates are all 100%, and there is no re-offending. 司法行政社区戒毒(康复)工作, 做好对列入戒毒所 “戒毒康复结对帮教千人计划”人员戒治档案的接收、必接必送, 以及 解戒人员后续照管。 Explore innovative judicial administrative community drug detoxification (rehabilitation) work, and do a good job of receiving, sending, and sending follow-up care to personnel included in the Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Rehabilitation Pairing and Helping Thousands Program .

The third is to implement and optimize legal services. 拓展公证业务, 桂南公证处办理近年来我市首例金融机构借款抵押合同赋予强制执行效力的债权文书公证。 To vigorously expand the notarization business, the Guinan Notary Office handled the first notarization of the creditor's rights document that has been enforced by the city's first financial institution's loan mortgage contract in recent years. Innovate the case management model of inheritance rights, and adopt the centralized collection and division of cases to reduce the time to issue certificates. 全市 9家公证机构共受理各类公证1 . 7 件,公证收入 620 元。 The city's notarization business has grown steadily. The city's 9 notarization agencies accepted a total of 17,000 notarizations and a notarization income of 6.2 million yuan . 首次 国家统一法律职业资格考试 两次获得司法部通报表扬。 The first national unified legal professional qualification examination was successfully completed , and the Ministry of Justice has twice been praised. 5个考点、106个考场,报名应试人员5990人;主观题阶段设2个考点,84个考场,报名应试人员2500人。 There are 5 test sites and 106 test venues in the Nanning test area , with 5,990 candidates. The subjective test phase includes 2 test sites, 84 test venues, and 2,500 test candidates. 教育管理和指导监督工作, 积极稳妥完成广西百举鸣律师事务所注销和律师的安置工作。 Continuously strengthen the management and supervision of lawyer education, and actively and safely complete the cancellation of Guangxi Baijuming Law Firm and the placement of lawyers. 受理 对律师 投诉 49 ,结案 26 起,市司法局 作出行政处罚 3件,市律协作出行业处分5件 Serious penalties were imposed for violations of laws and regulations , 49 complaints against lawyers were accepted , 26 cases were closed , 3 administrative penalties were imposed by the Municipal Judicial Bureau , and 5 were imposed by the city law in the industry . 受理律师维权申请 8 Guided the Municipal Law Association to conduct a survey on the protection of lawyers 'practice rights , and accepted 8 applications for lawyers' rights protection . 435人次 参与涉法涉诉信访工作, 接待群众 168批366人次引导群众依法反映和解决问题 Organized 435 lawyers to participate in the work involving petitions involving law and lawsuits, and received 168 batches of 366 people to guide the people to reflect and solve problems according to law . 177 家、公职律师办公室 4家,律师 1828 人,办理各类案件 19850件 At present, Nanning Judicial Bureau manages 177 law firms , 4 public lawyers' offices , 1,828 lawyers , and handles 19,580 cases of various types . 201 8年度基层法律服务机构和执业人员年审工作 基本完成我市基层法律服务机构统一社会信用代码赋码工作, 全市 57家 基层法律服务所 431 名基层法律服务工作者办理 各类案件 6278件 The annual review of grass-roots legal service agencies and practitioners in the year of 2008 was successfully completed, and the work of uniformly assigning social credit codes to grass-roots legal service agencies in our city was basically completed. 57 grass-roots legal service offices and 431 grass-roots legal service workers in the city handled various types of work. 6,278 cases . 司法鉴定管理工作 制定 并与市法、检、公、安等部门联合印发 《关于规范 全市司法鉴定委托与受理 Continue to strengthen the management of judicial appraisal , formulate and jointly issue with the Municipal Law, Procuratorial, Public Security and other departments the "Regulation and Acceptance of Judicial Appraisal in the City   受理设立司法鉴定机构名称预审核申请 6件 ,新成立司法鉴定机构 1家 "Implementation Measures for Strengthening the Linkage of Judicial Expertise Management and Use" , accepting 6 applications for pre-examination of the name of the establishment of a judicial appraisal institution , and newly setting up a judicial appraisal institution . 现有 面向社会服务的司法鉴定机构 6 执业司法鉴定人 59 共办理鉴定 6300 件。 There are 6 judicial appraisal agencies for social services and 59 practicing judicial appraisers in our city , which have handled a total of 6,300 appraisals . 南宁市 70名人民监督员履职情况 进行年度 考核 评定 10人为年度南宁市优秀人民监督员 ,予以通报表扬。 We will improve the management of the people's supervisor selection, conduct annual assessments on the performance of 70 people's supervisors in Nanning, and evaluate 10 people as the outstanding people's supervisors of Nanning . Holding business training courses for people's supervisors to further improve their ability to perform their duties. 人民监督员管理信息系统 ,随机抽选 161 次参与 监督 评议检察院办理 案件 39起 ,促进司法公正。 The People's Supervisor Management Information System was activated , and 161 people were randomly selected to participate in the supervision and review of the Procuratorate to handle 39 cases to promote judicial justice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

法律保障民生能力 The fourth is to consolidate and enhance the ability of the law to protect people's livelihood . 《南宁市关于进一步完善法律援助制度的实施方案》 (南办发 2018 4号) ,不断降低法律援助门槛。 We will conscientiously implement the Implementation Plan of Nanning City on Further Improving the Legal Aid System (Nanbanfa [ 2018 ] No. 4) , and continuously lower the threshold for legal aid. 23类法律援助补充事项范围内的案件 1552 件,对特殊群体就特定事项申请法律援助免除经济困难审查 1136 人次。 The city accepted 1,552 new cases within the scope of 23 additional legal aid supplementary matters , and applied for legal assistance to special groups on specific issues to exempt 1,136 economic difficulties . “12348中国法网”驻场法律服务工作,我局 吴前毅同志回复咨询量 全国第一,获得司法部、司法厅 2次点名表扬。 Conscientiously done the on- site legal service work of “12348 China Legal Network”. Comrade Wu Qianyi of the Bureau responded to the first consultation in the country, and received two rolls of praise from the Ministry of Justice and the Justice Department . ,援助案件和接待咨询实现零投诉。 In 2018, the city's legal aid agencies accepted 13,391 calls and consultations, handled 5,172 legal aid cases of various kinds, recovered or lost 29.28 million yuan for aided persons , and achieved zero complaints in aid cases and reception consultations.   

(4) Comprehensively strengthen the strict governance of the party, and pay close attention to the construction of party style and clean government.

Adhere to and strengthen the party's comprehensive leadership, and promote the strict and comprehensive management of the party to deepen its development. 认真配合做好市十二届党委第三轮巡察第四巡察组巡察、市委政法委 “五查五整顿”暨纪律作风督查、市纪委监委派驻市委政法委纪检监察组巡查和市审计局年度预算执行情况审计工作,并对反馈的问题进行梳理,召开专题民主生活会,制定整改方案, 坚持把落实整改与局党组主体责任落实、作风建设、班子队伍建设、党风廉政建设结合起来,切实抓好整改落实。 The party group of the Bureau insists on treating both the root cause and the problem, comprehensive governance, punishing and preventing both, and focusing on prevention, and regards the construction of party style and clean government as a major political task, and carefully cooperates with the third round of inspections of the 12th Party Committee of the Municipality. "Five investigations and rectifications" and supervision of disciplinary style, inspection by the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Political and Legal Commission of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and audit of the implementation of the annual budget of the Municipal Audit Bureau, sorting out the feedback issues, convening special democratic life meetings, and formulating rectification plans We persisted in combining the implementation of rectification and reform with the implementation of the main responsibility of the party's party group, work style construction, team construction, and party style and clean government construction, and effectively implemented the rectification and reform. 深入学习《中华人民共和国宪法》、十九届三中全会公报、习近平新时代中国特色社会主义政法思想等内容,筑牢信仰之基、补足精神之钙、把稳思想之舵。 Strengthen political construction, especially ideological construction, in-depth study of the "Constitution of the People's Republic of China", the communiqué of the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee, Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialist politics and law with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and build the foundation of faith and supplement the spiritual calcium. Steer your mind. 《南宁市司法局党组织开展 “党支部规范化建设年”活动的实施方案》、《南宁市司法局“创红旗支部、做模范党员”活动方案》、《南宁市司法局党支部“三会一课”质量提升行动方案》和《南宁市司法局党员集中活动日创新行动方案》。 Strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations, print and distribute the " Implementation Plan of the Nanning Judicial Bureau Party Organization to Launch the " Party Branch Standardization Construction Year "Activity", "Nanning Judicial Bureau's" Creation of Red Flag Branch and Become a Model Party Member "Activity Plan, The "Three Meetings and One Lesson" Quality Improvement Action Plan of the Party Branch of the State Council and the "Innovative Action Plan of the Nanning Judicial Bureau Party Member Concentration Activity Day". 庆祝建党 97周年暨《习近平谈治国理政》演讲比赛 局机关第一、三支部联合到南宁市双创基地开展党员集中活动,局机关第一、二、三支部和基协支部联合到市档案馆参观《不忘初心 奋发图强 ——新中国工业档案文献展》, 律师行业党委 组织党员律师到市住房城乡建设行业党委、广西海外建设集团党委、富士康党群活动服务中心、武鸣甘圩镇纳天党建示范基地等两新党建示范点参观调研,基层党组织战斗堡垒作用进一步夯实。 Insist on the implementation of the "three meetings and one lesson" and party member concentration day system, and carry out various branch activities. Tissue Culture Branch organized a speech contest to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party and "Xi Jinping talks about governing the country" . The first and third branches of the bureau jointly came to Nanning Shuangchuang Base carried out party member concentration activities. The first, second, and third branches of the bureau and the branch of the Foundation Association jointly visited the City Archives to "Don't Forget the Beginning and Prosperity-New China Industrial Archives Exhibition". The party committee of the lawyer industry organized party members and lawyers. The two new party building demonstration sites, including the Party Committee of the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Industry, the Party Committee of Guangxi Overseas Construction Group, the Foxconn Party and Group Activity Service Center, and the Natian Party Building Demonstration Base in Wuming Ganxu Town, visited and investigated, and the role of grassroots party organizations as a battle fortress was further consolidated. 75万元做好社会组织党建综合监测区5个示范点建设, 完成中组部重点课题《南宁市依托司法行政机关设立区域性律师党组织把党员律师真正地组织起来探索研究》,撰写近 3万字调研报告。 Successfully completed the re-election of the party committee of the lawyers industry in Nanning, the Communist Party of China. With the support of the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal New Work Party Committee, and the Municipal Direct Work Committee, they invested 750,000 yuan to complete the construction of five demonstration sites for the comprehensive monitoring of party building in social organizations . The key project of the Organization Department, "Nanning City established a regional barrister party organization relying on the judicial administrative organs to truly organize party member lawyers to explore and research", wrote a nearly 30,000-word survey report.

园顺利开幕作出贡献。 In addition, it successfully completed the exhibition and reception tasks of the Garden Expo Park, and contributed to the smooth opening of the Garden Expo Park . 全市司法行政系统在《人民日报》 《广西日报》 《广西法治日报》 《南宁日报》发表新闻信息 86 篇, 电视媒体播出新闻 6 ,获市委 、市政府和自治区司法厅信息办采用政务信息稿 55篇, 营造了良好的宣传态势。 News propaganda and government information work has been strengthened. The city's judicial administration system has published 86 pieces of news information in the People's Daily , Guangxi Daily , Guangxi Rule of Law Daily , and Nanning Daily. The news was broadcast 6 times on TV media . The Municipal Party Committee , Municipal Government, and the Information Office of the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region adopted 55 government affairs information drafts , creating a good propaganda situation. The work of city creation, credit system construction, financial planning equipment, confidentiality of letters and visits, suggestions from the CPPCC, handling of logistics services, administration according to law, and archives have been carried out smoothly, and all work has achieved good results.


党的领导和建设有所弱化和缺失,存在贯彻上级决策部署有差距、党组的领导核心作用不够强、集体决策制度执行不严、担当开拓精神缺乏、总揽党建工作不够强、落实意识形态工作责任不力等问题。 First, the party's leadership and construction are weakened and lacking. There are gaps in the implementation of higher-level decision-making. The leadership role of the party group is not strong enough. The collective decision-making system is not strictly implemented. The lack of pioneering spirit. The overall party building work is not strong enough. Implementing ideology. Insufficient work responsibilities, etc. 司法行政短板、弱项、难题依然存在,与人民群众的需求有一定距离,改革过程中有一些遗留问题亟待破解 Second, the shortcomings, weaknesses, and difficulties of judicial administration still exist, and there is a certain distance from the needs of the people. There are some remaining problems in the reform process that need to be solved urgently . 公证体制改革后, 部分县区公证机构仍无独立财务管理自主权 For example, after the reform of the notarization system, some counties and districts still have no independent financial management autonomy . 6个法律援助工作站值班的补贴没有落实到位,影响法援律师的积极性。 Subsidies for legal aid lawyers on duty at the six legal aid workstations were not put in place, affecting the enthusiasm of legal aid lawyers. 我市司法行政系统的信息化建设变数大、底子薄、弱项多 “数字法治、智慧司法”的目标相比还有较大的挑战和困难。 Third , the information construction of the city's judicial administration system has large variables, weak foundations , and many weak points . Compared with the goal of "digital rule of law and smart justice," there are still greater challenges and difficulties. 干部队伍仍存在大局意识不足、服务意识不强、工作不严不实、相互推诿扯皮等现象, “两无、三不、四先”在个别干部职工身上依然存在。 Fourth, the cadre team still lacks awareness of the overall situation, weak service consciousness, unscrupulous work, and push each other's skin, and so on. "Two nothings, three nos, and four firsts" still exist in individual cadres and workers. 从严治党和党风廉政方面存在主体责任落实不到位、执行中央八项规定精神不严、财务管理不够规范等问题,一些廉政风险点依然较高,风险控制措施有待进一步强化。 Fifth , there are problems such as strict governance of the party and the implementation of a clean and honest government, inadequate implementation of main responsibilities, inadequate implementation of the eight requirements of the Central Committee, and inadequate financial management. Some of the risks of a clean government remain high, and risk control measures need to be further strengthened.

2019年 工作计划 3. 2019 work plan

70周年,是全面建成小康社会、实现第一个百年奋斗目标的关键之年。 This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China . It is a key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the first century-long goal. 要坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义 思想 为指导,深入 学习 贯彻党的十九大和十九届二中、三中全会精神以及习近平总书记重要讲话精神,深入贯彻落实中央、自治区政法工作会议和全国司法厅(局)长、全区司法行政工作会议精神,全面落实市委十二届七次全会和全市政法工作会议精神,按照建设壮美广西、共圆复兴梦想的总目标总要求,深入落实 “三大定位”新使命和“五个扎实”新要求,坚持党对司法行政工作的绝对领导,深入实施南宁市司法行政“1512”工作思路,为南宁市全面贯彻落实强首府战略 ,实现高质量发展作出新贡献 ,以优异成绩庆祝中华人民共和国成立 70周年。 To do a good job in this year's judicial administration, we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics and thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping. In-depth implementation of the spirit of the Central and Autonomous Region Political and Legal Work Conference and the Director of the National Judiciary Department (Bureau), the judicial administrative work conference of the entire region, the full implementation of the spirit of the Seventh Plenary Session of the 12th Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee and the entire municipal law work conference The general goals and requirements of the revival of the dream, the in-depth implementation of the new mission of the "three major positionings" and the "five solid" new requirements, adhere to the party's absolute leadership of judicial administrative work, and in-depth implementation of Nanning's judicial administrative "1512" work ideas for Nanning The city fully implemented the strategy of strengthening the capital , making new contributions to achieving high-quality development , and celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China with outstanding achievements .

(1) Study carefully and deeply understand the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech .

In-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th, 19th, and 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the Party, especially the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the Central Political and Legal Work Conference Guided by the characteristics of socialist ideology, the study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech is a top political task, and various forms of learning and training activities are carried out to quickly set off a wave of learning and implementation. 对表 新时代新任务新要求,认真梳理全系统贯彻落实习近平总书记重要讲话精神的各项任务,压实责任,确保讲话精神在司法行政工作各个领域落地生根、取得实效。 Adhere to the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, express the new tasks and requirements of the new era, conscientiously sort out the tasks of implementing the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's important speech in the entire system, consolidate responsibilities, and ensure that the spirit of the speech is implemented in all areas of judicial administration Take root and get real results. “大学习、大调研、大对接、大落实”活动,尤其着重开展“短板大调研”。 Continue to carry out in-depth activities of “big learning, big research, big docking and big implementation” in the judicial administration system , with particular emphasis on “short board big research”. The Judicial Administration Workshop and leading cadres in the new era will be well organized to conduct podium activities, relying on the grass-roots party organizations to enrich their learning styles, and continue to set off a climax of studying and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist political and legal thinking with Chinese characteristics.

(2) Focusing on the center and the overall situation of service, we will make every effort to create a safe and stable social environment .

Deeply understand and accurately grasp the profound changes in the external environment and the new situation, new problems, and challenges faced by China's reform, development, and stability, adhere to the bottom line thinking, enhance the awareness of suffering, and improve its prevention and control capabilities. Focusing on the three major battles of resolutely preventing and defusing major risks, precision poverty alleviation, and pollution prevention, we will increase legal publicity and legal services in financial risks, precision poverty alleviation, and environmental protection, etc., in order to implement major deployments and resolutely win the overall victory. The three major battles to build a well-off society provide high-quality and efficient legal guarantees. Actively participate in social governance, further promote the construction of Ping An Nanning, and build a new pattern of co-construction, governance and shared social governance. Give full play to the role of judicial administrative organs in guaranteeing the rule of law, legal services, and the education and publicity of the rule of law, and do a good job in all aspects of the special struggle to combat crime and eliminate evil. Consciously play the role of propaganda and guarantee of the rule of law in combating pyramid schemes, anti-cults, drug control, road traffic safety, health, education, women and children, spiritual civilization, work safety, food hygiene, national unity, national defense education, and economic construction, and do a good job of public safety Risk prevention and control. “法治体检”,助力优化营商环境。 Provide targeted services to support private enterprises, carry out "legal medical examination", and help optimize the business environment. We will continue to do a good job in poverty alleviation at the point of ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation and poverty alleviation, and play a greater role in implementing the rural revitalization strategy. We will improve the public safety and security prevention and control system, earnestly perform major activities to maintain stability and security, and strengthen emergency response mechanisms and strength building. 市委政法委有关公共安全感和满意度创建以及社会稳定风险评估机制创新工作,切实提升群众的获得感、幸福感、安全感。 Actively participate in the creation of public security and satisfaction of the municipal party committee and the legal committee and the innovation of social stability risk assessment mechanisms, and effectively improve the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the masses.

“1512”工作思路 (3) Highlight the key points, make up for shortfalls, and continue to implement the "1512" work idea .

1. Deepen the public legal service system. “深化公共法律服务体系建设”的要求,按照市委办、市政府办《加快推进南宁市公共法律服务体系建设实施意见》(南办发〔2017〕56号)部署,完善提升市、县、乡、村四级公共法律服务体系,加强 公共法律服务三大平台的运用,创新公共法律服务措施,提升公共法律服务能力,健全公共法律服务体系保障机制, 为群众提供 “普及化”“一体化”“精准化”的公共法律服务。 Carry out and implement the requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping to “deepen the construction of the public legal service system”, and implement and improve it in accordance with the “Opinions on the Implementation of Accelerating the Construction of the Public Legal Service System of Nanning City” (Nanbanfa [2017] No. 56) Improve the public legal service system at the city, county, township, and village levels, strengthen the use of the three platforms of public legal services, innovate public legal service measures, enhance public legal service capabilities, improve the public legal service system guarantee mechanism, and provide the "universalization" "Integrated" "precision" public legal services. 快整合律师、公证、司法鉴定、仲裁、司法所、人民调解等法律服务资源,尽快建成覆盖全业务、全时空的法律服务网络。 Accelerate the integration of legal service resources such as lawyers, notarization, judicial appraisal, arbitration, judicial offices, and people's mediation, and build a legal service network covering the entire business, all time and space as soon as possible. 《南宁市人民政府办公厅关于印发 <一村一法律顾问工作实施方案>的通知》精神, 积极动员 责任心强、服务态度好、业务能力强的律师和基层法律服务工作者担任一村一 法律顾问 ,做好 经费预算 和保障工作 确保村(社区)法律顾问切实发挥作用。 Implement the spirit of the “ Notice of the General Office of the People's Government of Nanning Municipality on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for the Work of One Village and One Legal Adviser” and actively mobilize lawyers and grassroots legal service workers with strong sense of responsibility, good service attitude, and strong business ability to serve as one village A legal adviser , to do a good job of budgeting and guaranteeing work , to ensure that the village (community) legal advisers effectively play a role.

2. Solidly promote the five major constructions. Strengthen grassroots infrastructure construction. Establish the concept of focusing on work at the grass-roots level, work hard at the grass-roots level, implement financial, material and policy measures at the grass-roots level, and promote more resources to the grass-roots level. Strengthen standardized construction. 利用自治区司法厅共建试点项目全力打造宾阳县社区矫正中心,建成全市社区矫正监管教育示范点。 Promote the standardized construction of county-level community correction centers , make use of the pilot project of the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region to build a community correction center in Binyang County, and build a demonstration center for community correction supervision and education in the city. Deepen the standardization of business hardware, services, management, and systems in people's mediation, judicial offices, grassroots legal services, legal aid, judicial appraisal, notarization services, and lawyer management. 80%以上。 Establish a quality evaluation mechanism, and the service satisfaction rate must be above 80%. Strengthen information construction. 司法部、 自治区司法厅信息化建设部署安排,进一步完善南宁市公共法律服务平台并在全系统推广使用,实现无纸化办公、网上业务受理办理;继续对接自治区司法厅、市委政法委、市发改委及市直各部门,达到信息化纵向横向无缝对接,努力实现 “数字法治、智慧司法”。 Implement the information construction arrangement of the Nanning Municipal Government, the Ministry of Justice, and the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region, further improve the public legal service platform of Nanning and promote its use throughout the system to achieve paperless office and online business acceptance; continue to dock with the Autonomous Region's Judicial Department and Municipal Committee The Political and Legal Committee, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and municipal departments have achieved seamless vertical and horizontal integration of information technology and strived to achieve "digital rule of law and intelligent justice." 127个乡镇(街道)司法所远程视频督察系统,实现自治区、市、县、乡镇四级指挥网络。 Improve the function of the community correction information management platform, build a remote video inspection system for 127 township (street) judicial offices in the city, and realize a four-level command network of autonomous regions, cities, counties, and towns. Expand the community corrections information platform with courts, procuratorates, public security departments, and prison system data sharing and business contacts. Vigorously promote the positioning supervision of electronic bracelets, and further use information technology means such as electronic positioning to improve the effectiveness of supervision and management. Deploy a notary management information platform system and build a Nanning notary network platform. Strengthen team building. 全力抓好机构改革各项任务的落实,坚决贯彻中央、自治区、南宁市的决策部署,按照改革 “任务书”和“施工图”,有序 推进机构重组、职能优化、权责调整等,确保机构改革各项任务圆满完成。 Put political construction first, do a good job in arming scientific theories, educate and guide the broad masses of cadres to understand the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and strive to build a high-quality judicial administrative team that is assured by the Party Central Committee and satisfied by the people; Implementation of various tasks of institutional reform, resolute implementation of the decision-making and deployment of the central, autonomous regions, and Nanning City, and in accordance with the "mission book" and "construction drawings" of the reform , orderly advance institutional reorganization, functional optimization, power and responsibility adjustment, etc. This task was successfully completed. Adhere to the correct selection and employment orientation, after the completion of the institutional reform, timely competition for posts, and improve the overall vitality of the team. 巩固和强化基层基础。 Explore the establishment of a two-way communication mechanism between government officials and judicial officials to consolidate and strengthen the grassroots foundation. Carry out large-scale training work to comprehensively improve the quality of the cadre team. Do a good job of building political style. “减证便民”行动,深化简政放权、放管结合、优化服务改革,助力优化南宁市营商环境。 Continue to carry out the “Reduction of Certificates and Convenience of People” action, deepen the simplification of administration and decentralization, the combination of decentralization and management, and optimize service reforms to help optimize the business environment in Nanning. Strictly implement the system of the list of administrative powers and the list of responsibilities, and effectively incorporate all administrative power operation processes into supervision. Strengthen window construction and improve service quality. Open the channels for the people to report complaints, accept the people's supervision, and properly handle the people's demands and contradictions. Accountability is strictly enforced, and all kinds of inactions, slow actions, and disorderly actions that affect the construction of political practices are dealt with seriously and accountable once verified.

3. Efforts should be made to improve various businesses of judicial administration .

First, vigorously carry out publicity and education on the rule of law. “法律六进”“谁执法谁普法”普法责任制紧密结合起来;狠抓领导干部、青少年、农民、农民工、流动人口、特殊人群等重点对象的法治宣传教育,进一步扩大法治宣传教育的覆盖面、渗透力和影响力;推进“十百千万”工程,创作一批法治宣传文化精品节目、微动漫、微视频等;落实民主法治示范村(社区)创建及基层法治文化阵地建设,加强法治示范村(社区)的法治文化阵地后期维护工作,依托阵地大力开展法治宣传教育活动。 Highlight the study and propaganda of the Constitution, and closely combine the study and propaganda with the spirit of the Party ’s 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the “six legal advances”, “who enforces the law, and the law” responsibility system; Publicity and education on the rule of law for migrant workers, mobile populations, special groups and other key objects, to further expand the coverage, penetration and influence of the publicity and education on the rule of law; promote the "Billions" project, and create a number of quality publicity programs, micro-animations , Micro-videos, etc .; implement the establishment of democratic rule of law demonstration villages (communities) and the establishment of grassroots rule of law cultural positions, strengthen the maintenance of the rule of law cultural demonstration positions in law demonstration villages (communities), and vigorously carry out publicity and education activities based on the rule. Fully implement the law enforcement responsibility system of “who enforces law and popularizes the law”, strictly implement the opinions of implementing the law of “who enforces law and popularizes law” and “who is in charge of who is responsible”, and implement the list of law popularization responsibilities. We will improve the system of popularizing the law for the public welfare of the media, and put public service advertisements for the rule of law and publicity videos for the rule of law on important sections and important periods of the mass media such as radio and television, newspapers, periodicals, and the Internet, and actively guide the social rule of law.

巩固提升法律援助工作水平。 The second is to consolidate and improve the level of legal aid work. Strengthen criminal legal aid work, further strengthen the standardized construction of legal, prosecution, and public legal aid workstations, and improve the coordination mechanism for handling criminal defense cases. Implement the "Measures for the Implementation of Legal Aid for Soldiers and Military Personnel" of the Ministry of Justice, the Central Military Commission and the Political and Legal Committee of the Central Military Commission, and the "Opinions on Further Strengthening Military Aid Legal Aid Work" of the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region and the Political Department of the Guangxi Military Region, continue to strengthen coordination and docking with the Guangxi Military Region, and improve military law Assistance station construction, do a good job of legal aid for military personnel. We will further strengthen the legal aid work for the disabled and migrant workers, take the lead and take the lead, strive for excellence, and strive to create a model for brand building in the region. Strengthen the connection with higher-level departments, municipal finance and other departments, increase the government's purchase of legal aid services, and strive to include legal aid volunteer service teams such as college students, training and publicity projects into the scope of government purchases. Actively seek the support of the party committee and government, and effectively implement the subsidy for duty lawyers.

The third is to strengthen the education and management of lawyers. Always adhere to the party's overall leadership of lawyers, vigorously strengthen the party building work of the lawyer industry, make great efforts to promote the construction of demonstration sites in the comprehensive monitoring area of social organization party building work of the Central Organization Department, explore the establishment of regional party organizations, and give full play to the role of the two new organizations as party instructors in work Improve the quality of party building in the legal profession. “两手抓”“两手硬”,推动我市律师行业健康发展。 Effectively strengthen the education supervision and management of the lawyer team, adhere to the right protection and punishment with “two-handed grasp” and “two-handed hardship”, and promote the healthy development of the lawyers industry in our city. Comprehensively strengthen the practice discipline, professional ethics and business construction of the city's lawyer team, and strive to cultivate a number of large-scale, professional, branded law firms and lawyer talents.

拓展公证业务。 Fourth, continue to expand the notary business. Carry out the activity of pioneering competition for notarization industry, cultivate advanced models of notarization industry, and establish a good social image of the notarization team. Bring into play the role of notarization in the fields and links of land acquisition, resettlement compensation, bidding and tendering, and old city reconstruction, and accelerate the expansion of notarization into service areas such as intellectual property, enforcement, financial securities, real estate affairs, high-tech industries, and foreign-related economy. Intensify the notary services for SME financing loans, standardize transaction behaviors, prevent illegal fund raising risks, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises. “一带一路”沿线国家和地区公证服务知识产权保护合作机制。 Actively carry out IPR protection for notary services, and promote the establishment of cooperation mechanisms for IPR protection for notary services in countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”.

The fifth is to regulate grass-roots legal services. Conscientiously do a good job in the annual evaluation of grass-roots legal service agencies and grass-roots legal service workers. Strengthen the guidance, supervision and management of grass-roots legal service agencies and practitioners' practice, and enhance the service level of grass-roots legal services.

国家统一法律职业资格考试工作。 Sixth is to conscientiously organize and implement the national unified legal professional qualification examination. Explore new ways to establish a national unified legal vocational qualification examination base, outsource aircraft services to professional and technical service companies, and establish a legal vocational qualification management training work system. 2019年国家统一法律职业资格考试,确保考试平稳、安全、顺利、有效。 Carefully organize and implement the 2019 National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination to ensure that the examination is stable, safe, smooth and effective.

加强司法鉴定管理工作。 Seventh, strengthen the management of judicial appraisal. Strictly control the industry's access, actively develop the judicial appraisal industry in our city, improve system management, standardize practice activities, and ensure the quality of appraisal. We will conscientiously perform our duties of supervision and management, seriously investigate and punish illegal and disciplinary practices, maintain the credibility and authority of judicial appraisal, and promote the sustainable development of the judicial appraisal industry.

Eighth, carry out in-depth people's mediation work. “枫桥经验”, 做好重点、敏感时期矛盾纠纷精准排查、精细化解工作。 Insist and develop the "Fengqiao Experience", and do a good job of accurate investigation and fine resolution of contradictions and disputes in key and sensitive periods. Establish and improve a joint mediation working mechanism, coordinate and guide the normal development of the city's police-civilian joint mediation work, select people's mediators with strong business abilities and social welfare to station in police stations, participate in the resolution of conflicts and disputes, provide legal consulting services, Carry out publicity on the rule of law. 进一步建立健全诉讼与非诉讼衔接的矛盾纠纷解决机制, 全面推进人民调解协议司法确认工作。 Give full play to the demonstration role of the pilot units, further establish and improve the conflict and dispute resolution mechanism linking litigation and non-litigation, and comprehensively promote the judicial confirmation of people's mediation agreements. “访调对接”工作,与信访部门形成联调联动机制,发挥人民调解在矛盾纠纷多元化解机制中的基础性作用。 Strengthen the work of "interview and mediation", form a joint mediation mechanism with the petition department, and give play to the fundamental role of people's mediation in the mechanism for diversifying conflicts and disputes. 劳动争议、物业管理、旅游纠纷等领域行业性、专业性人民调解规范化建设。 Strengthen the standardized construction of industrial and professional people's mediation in labor disputes, property management, and tourism disputes.

持续提升社区矫正矫治质量。 Nine is to continuously improve the quality of community corrections. ,严格落实监督管理制度,规范教育矫正,提高教育帮扶效果。 Practice the overall national security concept , strictly implement the supervision and management system, standardize education corrections, and improve the effectiveness of education assistance. “队建制”,市级成立社区矫正执法支队,80%县级建立社区矫正执法大队,乡镇建立社区矫正执法中队。 Actively explore the establishment of a community corrections “team formation system”, a municipal corrections law enforcement detachment, 80% of the county level establishes a community corrections law enforcement brigade, and a township and township establishes a community corrections law enforcement squadron. Use information technology to improve the effectiveness of supervision and management. Strengthen community correction work training and continuously improve the level of community correction law enforcement. 积极引导社会力量参与社区矫正工作, 做好社区服刑人员职业技能培训,为社区服刑人员顺利回归社会创造条件。 Strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments, actively guide social forces to participate in community correction work, do a good job of vocational skills training for community prisoners, and create conditions for the smooth return of community prisoners to society.

Ten is to strengthen the work of resettlement and education. 确保重点帮教对象接送率 100%,安置率和帮教率达95%以上。 Do a good job of resettlement and help to ensure that the transfer rate of key helpers is 100%, and the resettlement rate and help rate are above 95%. “青年志愿者彩虹桥行动”, 大力推进社区帮扶、社会组织帮扶和志愿者帮扶,形成对刑满释放人员开展教育帮扶的社会合力。 Deepen the "Youth Volunteer Rainbow Bridge Action", vigorously promote community assistance, social organization assistance and volunteer assistance, and form a social synergy for the education and assistance of persons released from prison.

社区戒毒(康复)试点工作。 The eleventh is to explore innovative community drug treatment (rehabilitation) pilot work. 社区戒毒(康复)试点工作, 指导试点县(区)做好对列入戒毒所 “戒毒康复结对帮教千人计划”人员戒治档案的接收、必接必送,做好解戒人员后续照管。 Explore the community drug rehabilitation (rehabilitation) pilot work, and guide the pilot counties (districts) to receive, send and receive the treatment files of personnel included in the "Detoxification and Rehabilitation Pairing and Helping Thousands of Persons Program" of drug rehabilitation centers , and follow up with the care of those who are released. .

The twelfth is to improve the management mechanism of people's supervisors. Implement the "People's Supervisor Selection and Management Measures" of the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of Justice, and the "Implementation Rules of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Supervisor Selection and Management Measures" by the People's Procuratorate of the Autonomous Region and the Judiciary of the Autonomous Region The new regulations on the supervision of personnel, actively strengthen communication and coordination with the procuratorial organs, clarify the new scope and new procedures for the supervision of people's supervisors, establish corresponding working mechanisms, further improve supporting safeguards, and promote the continuous and effective development of the work of people's supervisors.

(4) Strengthen the strength and make up for the weak, innovate first, and steadily advance the reform of judicial administration .

Adhere to the party's absolute leadership in judicial administration, unswervingly take the road of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics, ensure the correct direction of reform, focus on solving the prominent issues that the masses report strongly, crack the difficult issues affecting the long-term development of judicial administration, and focus on reform Systematic, holistic, and synergistic, enabling various reforms to be coordinated and coordinated and promoted as a whole. 稳步推进司法行政各项改革工作。 We will conscientiously implement the spirit of the central and regional conferences to deepen the reform of the judicial system, comprehensively implement the "Opinions of the Ministry of Justice on Accelerating the Reform of the Judicial Administration", strictly follow the roadmap and timetable for judicial administration reform, and steadily advance the judicial administration reform. 相关工作,确保重组后的司法局高效运转。 Implement the work related to institutional reform to ensure the efficient operation of the reorganized judicial bureau. We will do a good job in capital verification, personnel training, and standardized management after the restructuring of the notary institutions in our city, implement performance allocation, classification guidance, promote the normal operation of the reorganized notary institutions, and further develop the notary business. ,努力为人民群众提供普惠性、公益性、可选择的公共法律服务。 We will build a more complete public legal service system and strive to provide the people with inclusive, public welfare, and optional public legal services. We will improve the community corrections system and explore solutions to the problem of police use in community corrections. We will deepen the reform of the lawyer system and improve the guarantee mechanism for lawyers' practice. Further expand the scope of legal aid and strengthen its ability to guarantee legal aid. Strengthen the construction of professional and professional people's mediation organizations, and promote the establishment of a system of people's mediation, administrative mediation, and judicial mediation. ,加强司法鉴定事中事后监管,开展司法鉴定第三方评价工作。 Promote the effective connection of judicial appraisal management with trial, procuratorial and investigation work , strengthen post-event supervision in judicial appraisal, and carry out third-party evaluation of judicial appraisal. 促进司法公平正义。 Do a good job in selecting and managing people's jurors, and promote justice and justice.

加强 党的建设 (5) Political guidance, party building first, unswervingly and comprehensively strengthen party building .

全面贯彻落实新时代党的建设总要求和党的组织路线,以党的政治建设为统领,突出抓好党的政治建设,扎实开展 “政治引领、党建先行”活动,精心组织“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育,扎实推进“两学一做”学习教育常态化制度化、坚定信仰信念信心 专题学习教育 以及全面从严治警 “五查五整顿”专项行动。 Earnestly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Third Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, fully implement the general requirements for party building in the new era and the party's organizational line, and take the party's political construction as the command and highlight the party's political construction , Solidly carry out "political leadership, party building first" activities, carefully organize the theme of "do not forget the original heart, remember the mission", solidly promote the "two learning and one doing" learning and normalization of education and education, strengthen the belief and conviction thematic learning and education The special operation of "five investigations and five rectifications" by the strict police . Clearly grasp the six key tasks of political construction, comprehensively implement "one post and two responsibilities", and take seriously the political life within the party. 严格落实意识形态工作责任制,牢牢把握意识形态工作领导权。 Do a good job of propaganda and ideological work, strictly implement the ideological work responsibility system, and firmly grasp the leadership of ideological work.

Promote the organization of grassroots party organizations. “创红旗支部、做模范党员”活动方案》、《南宁市司法局党支部“三会一课”质量提升行动方案》和《南宁市司法局党员集中活动日创新行动方案》相关要求,切实提升支部生活质量。 In accordance with the "Nanning Judicial Bureau's " Creating Red Flag Branch and Becoming a Model Party Member "Activity Plan", "Nanning Judicial Bureau Party Branch" Three Meetings and One Lesson "Quality Improvement Action Plan" and "Nanning Judicial Bureau Party Member Concentration Activity Day Concentration Activity Day Innovative Action Plan 》 Relevant requirements to effectively improve the quality of life of the branch. Strengthening the building of party organizations at the grassroots level, especially after the reform of the organization, the party organizations of bureaus should be renewed as soon as possible. Give full play to the demonstration role of the party building work of the lawyer industry, and actively promote the "one shoulder" work of the director of the law firm and the party branch secretary to ensure that the will of the party organization resonates with the law firm management and development at the same frequency.

Promote the construction of party conduct and a clean government and the fight against corruption. Earnestly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Third Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, promote the comprehensive and strict administration of the party to achieve strategic results, and consolidate the overwhelming victory in the fight against corruption. “牛鼻子”落实好责任,打通“中梗阻”,破解压力传导层层递减的问题,把全面从严治党覆盖到“最后一公里”。 Strengthen the implementation of the responsibility system of party style and clean government, hold the "nose nose" to implement the responsibility, open up the "medium obstruction", crack down on the problem of diminishing pressure transmission, and cover the party from the strictest to the "last mile." It is necessary to persevere in implementing the spirit of the eight regulations of the Central Committee, taking forceful formalism and bureaucracy as important tasks, and constantly preventing new changes in the "Four Winds" invisible variation. 市纪委 监委 派驻市委政法委纪检 监察 组巡查反馈的问题整改作为契机,剖析问题产生的深层次原因,找准体制机制上的 “症结”,建立长效机制,坚持标本兼治,切实把落实整改作为改进作风、推动工作、加快发展的实际行动。 Taking the third round of inspections of the 12th Party Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the "five investigations and five rectifications" of the Municipal Party Committee and the supervision of disciplinary style , and the rectification of the feedbacks from the disciplinary inspection and supervision team dispatched by the Municipal Disciplinary Committee Supervisory Committee to the Municipal Party Committee's Political and Legal Committee as an opportunity to analyze the deep problems Level reasons, pinpoint the "crucial points" in the system and mechanism , establish a long-term mechanism, adhere to both the symptoms and the root cause, and take the implementation of rectification as a practical way to improve work style, promote work, and accelerate development.

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