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Nanning Judicial Bureau's 2018 judicial administrative work plan and work division plan

Release time: 2019-01-09 15:51

2018 is the beginning of the implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party. It is a year of decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way and implementing the "13th Five-Year Plan". It is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region. In this regard, we must scientifically grasp and take the initiative to assume the new mission entrusted to the administration of justice in the new era, and strive to achieve new achievements in the new era of judicial administration. 、三中 全会精神,坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,认真学习贯彻习近平总书记对政法工作重要指示,深入贯彻落实中央、自治区、南宁市相关会议精神, 坚持党对司法行政工作的绝对领导,坚持以人民为中心的发展思想, 坚持稳中求进工作总基调,坚持新发展理念,紧扣我国主要矛盾的变化,以防控好各类风险为着力点, 增强工作预见性、主动性, 持续深入实施 “1512”工作思路, 深化司法行政改革,履行好维护国家政治安全、确保社会大局稳定、促进社会公平正义、保障人民安居乐业的主要任务,推动平安南宁、法治南宁和过硬队伍建设、智能化建设再上新台阶, 为坚决打好三大攻坚战,持续推进 “六大升级”工程,加快建设“四个城市”,勇 The general requirements and main tasks of our city's judicial administration in 2018 are: to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee , adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and earnestly study and implement Xi Jinping. The General Secretary's important instructions on political and legal work, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the relevant conferences of the Central, Autonomous Region and Nanning City, adhere to the party's absolute leadership of judicial administration, adhere to the people-centered development ideology, adhere to the general tone of steady progress, The new development concept closely follows the changes in China's major contradictions, focuses on preventing and controlling various risks, enhances work foresight and initiative, continues to implement the "1512" work idea, deepens judicial administrative reform, and fulfills the need to safeguard national politics. The main tasks of safety, ensuring the stability of the overall situation of society, promoting social fairness and justice, and ensuring people's livelihood and prosperity, promote the construction of safe Nanning, rule of law Nanning and strong teams, and intelligent construction to a new level, and resolutely fight the three major challenges and continue to advance the "six "Upgrading" project to speed up the construction of "Four Cities" 努力创造安全的政治环境、稳定的社会环境、公正的法治环境、优质的服务环境,增强人民群众获得感、幸福感、安全感 ,以优异的成绩迎接改革开放 40周年和自治区成立60周年。 Guangxi continue to create a "three ecological" and accelerate the realization of "two into a" vanguard of a new era of Nanning write a new chapter of development efforts to create a secure political environment, stable social environment and fair legal environment, quality service environment, and enhance the people The masses have a sense of gain, happiness, and security , and have greeted the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up with the outstanding achievements and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region.

深入学习贯彻落实党的十九大精神,牢固树立习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想在司法行政工作中的指导地位 I. Thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and firmly establish the guiding role of Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era in judicial administration

Learning and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC is not only the primary political task at present, but also a long-term and most important political task. 司法行政系统要 在学懂、弄通、做实上下功夫,按照 上级的有关安排和部署,结合司法行政实际,扎扎实实开展 大学习、大调研、大协调、大落实 The city's judicial administrative system must work hard to learn, understand, and implement, in accordance with the relevant arrangements and deployment of superiors , and in accordance with the actual situation of judicial administration, solidly carry out large studies, large investigations, large coordination, and large implementation . “刀把子”的地位作用,始终坚持正确政治方向。 The key is to put political construction in the first place, to effectively strengthen the consciousness of thinking and action of maintaining the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping, to clearly adhere to the party's absolute leadership of judicial administration, and to firmly grasp the "knife" of judicial administrative organs . Status, always adhere to the correct political direction. It is necessary to closely combine the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the party constitution and "Xi Jinping's Talk on Governing the Country", grasp the essence of the ideology contained in it, and integrate them in learning and practice, and then guide the majority of judicial administrative cadres and staff and legal services He deeply understood the time background, historical status, scientific system, spiritual essence, and practical requirements of Xi Jinping ’s socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era. He deeply reflected on the deficiencies in cognition, ideology, action, and style. Socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics guides and directs judicial administration. We must firmly grasp the profound changes in the main contradictions of society in the new era, always adhere to the people-centered development philosophy, vigorously promote the construction of the public legal service system, improve and improve the service network, optimize service quality, improve service efficiency, and better meet the needs of the people and the masses. Multi-level, multi-disciplinary, personalized, public legal service needs that reflect the value of fairness and justice. It is necessary to closely link with reality, combine learning with use, and integrate knowledge with action.

围绕中心、服务大局,全力抓好综治维稳工作 Focusing on the center and the overall situation of service, we will do our best to comprehensively manage and maintain stability.

2018 is the beginning of the implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party. It is a year of decisive victory in building a well-off society in an all-round way and implementing the "13th Five-Year Plan". It is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region. 司法行政工作摆到全市经济社会发展大局中来谋划、来布局、来推进 Judicial administrative organs at all levels must consciously put judicial administrative work in the overall economic and social development of the city to plan, layout, and promote in accordance with the overall deployment of political and legal work conferences at all levels . We will conscientiously implement the three major decision-making arrangements put forward by the Fifth Plenary Session of the Twelfth Plenary Session of the Municipal Party Committee and the eight major work measures proposed by the Municipal Government. We will firmly focus on the three major battles of resolute prevention and resolution of major risks, precise poverty alleviation, and pollution prevention, increase financial risks, Legal publicity and legal services on precision poverty alleviation, environmental protection law and other aspects provide high-quality and efficient legal guarantees for the implementation of major deployments and resolute victory over the three major challenges of building a well-off society in an all-round way. “脱贫攻坚·司法行政在行动”7个100%工作部署,在“美丽南宁”乡村建设中发挥更大的作用。 We will continue to focus on the precise poverty alleviation work at the point of contact, deepen the seven 100% work deployment of “defeating poverty, judicial administration in action”, and play a greater role in the construction of “beautiful Nanning” villages. Consciously assume the task of propagating the rule of law in the fight against pyramid schemes, anti-cults, drug control, road traffic safety, health, education, women and children, spiritual civilization, work safety, food hygiene, national unity, national defense education, and economic construction, and prevent public safety risks Control and promote high-quality economic and social development. 组织引导律师积极参与涉法涉诉信访工作, 充分发挥法律援助工作站在推进信访工作法治化中的作用, 打造共建共治共享社会治理新格局。 Actively participate in comprehensive social governance, resolve contradictions and disputes, continuously strengthen the supervision and educational assistance to special groups, organize and guide lawyers to actively participate in the work of petitions involving law and lawsuits, and give full play to the role of legal aid workstations in advancing the rule of law in petition work. Create a new pattern of co-construction, governance and shared social governance. 加强对律师辩护代理工作特别是涉黑涉恶人员刑事辩护和代理工作的指导、协调和监督,大力开展扫黑除恶法治宣传教育和以案释法工作,充分发挥司法所、社区矫正机构、村(社区)法律顾问、人民调解员立足基层、贴近群众、熟悉民意的优势及时反映社情民意、了解报告侵害人民群众合法权益的案件, 坚决打赢这场硬仗。 Take the initiative to assume the responsibilities and tasks in the special struggle to combat crime and eliminate evil, strengthen the guidance, coordination and supervision of lawyers' defense agency work, especially the criminal defense and agency of criminals involved in crime, and vigorously carry out publicity, education and education on crime prevention Work with case interpretation methods, give full play to the advantages of judicial offices, community correction institutions, village (community) legal consultants, people's mediators at the grassroots level, close to the masses, and familiar with the public opinion to timely reflect social conditions and public opinions, and understand reports that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the people. Resolutely win this tough battle. Strengthen the education and management of the lawyer team, strictly punish the violations of laws and regulations by lawyers and law firms in accordance with laws and regulations, strictly prevent a small number of key persons from intervening and speculate on sensitive cases (events), and resolutely maintain social harmony and stability. 不断提高应对重大挑战、抵御重大风险、克服重大阻力、解决重大矛盾能力 ,做好 改革开放 40周年、自治区成立60周年、 全国 “两会”、中国 - 东盟博览会、中国东盟投资峰会等重大活动、节假日和敏感时期的安保、值班工作,实行领导 24 小时带班值班备勤和 “零报告”制度。 Improve the public security and public security prevention and control system, continuously improve the ability to respond to major challenges, resist major risks, overcome major obstacles, and resolve major contradictions , and do a good job in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region, the national "two sessions", China - ASEAN Expo, For major events such as the China-ASEAN Investment Summit, security and holidays during sensitive periods and sensitive periods, the system implements a 24- hour on-duty standby duty and a "zero report" system. 市委政法委有关公共安全感和满意度创建工作,切实做好与安全感满意度密切相关工作,积极为保障人民安居乐业、社会安定有序、国家长治久安作贡献。 Actively participate in the work of the municipal party committee's political and legal committee on the establishment of public security and satisfaction, and do a good job of closely related to the satisfaction of security, and actively contribute to the protection of people's livelihood, social stability and order, and the long-term stability of the country.

突出重点、补短堵缺,持续深入实施 “1512”工作思路 3. Highlight the key points, make up shortfalls, and continue to implement the "1512" work idea

,同时也是业务性很强的政治工作,必须持续深入实施“1512”工作思路,始终抓住公共法律服务体系建设这个“纲”,夯实 基层基础设施、规范化、信息化、队伍 政风行风五大建设,总揽司法行政十二项业务,使司法行政各项工作纲举目张,协调推进、综合发力。 The judicial administration has many points, long lines, wide coverage, and large volumes. It is a highly political business task , and it is also a highly political business task. We must continue to implement the "1512" work idea and always grasp public legal services. The "outline" of system construction, consolidating the five major constructions of basic infrastructure, standardization, informatization, contingent , and political style, and overseeing twelve judicial administration operations, making the various outlines of judicial administration work comprehensive, coordinated, and comprehensively promoted.

全面构建公共法律服务体系 (I) Comprehensively build a public legal service system .

2018年全国司法厅(局)长会上指出,要以公共法律服务体系建设统筹、盘活、做优、做强司法行政各项工作,做到服务全覆盖,供给高品质,推动公共法律服务整体跨越“有没有”发展阶段,全力迈向“好不好”新发展时期。 Minister of the Ministry of Justice Zhang Jun pointed out at the 2018 National Justice Department (Bureau) Directors' Meeting that it is necessary to coordinate, revitalize, optimize, and strengthen the administration of justice with the construction of a public legal service system to achieve full coverage of services and provide high quality Promote the overall development of public legal services across the "presence or absence" stage and move towards the "good or bad" new development period. In recent years, our city has steadily pushed forward the construction of the public legal service system, and the results have been obvious to all. 我们将继续借助为民办实事工程, 在全市 1769个行政村(社区)设置公共法律服务工作 岗( 位、 配强配好 法律顾问 建立 市、县、乡、 不同层级的 法律顾问微信群, 让村(社区)法律顾问成为市民群众私人订制、贴身不走、时刻在线的 “微法律顾问”,进一步提升公共法律服务能力和水平。 In 2018, we will continue to use public projects to set up public legal service posts ( seats ) in 1769 administrative villages (communities) in the city , and provide legal consultants to build strong, competent legal consultants , and establish different levels of cities, counties, townships, and villages . The WeChat group of legal consultants allows village (community) legal consultants to become “customary legal consultants” who are personally tailored, personal, and always online , to further enhance public legal service capabilities and levels. Actively apply and enrich the case database of judicial administration (legal services), serve the society, serve the people, guide work, and advance work with cases. Accelerate the entry of public legal service projects into government service centers, civil service centers, and stability and comprehensive management grid management networks, and strive to achieve public legal services for government services, deep integration of social management, and integrated services, and expand the people's search for public legal service channels And network.

扎实推进五大建设。 (B) solidly promote the five major construction.

The five major constructions are a strong guarantee for the reform, innovation and development of judicial administrative work, and they are also a strong support for the construction of the public legal service system. 我们 重新修订了《南宁市司法行政系统 “五大建设”工作方案》。 In 2018, in light of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the reality of our city's judicial administration work, we revisited the "Five Major Construction Work Plan of the Nanning Judicial Administration System ". 以新修订 方案 确立的目标任务为导向,全力推进五大建设,进一步提升司法行政工作能力和服务水平。 We will adhere to the goals and tasks established by the newly revised plan as the guide, make every effort to advance the five major constructions, and further improve the judicial administrative capacity and service level.

加强基层基础设施建设。 1. Strengthen grassroots infrastructure construction. “十三五”政法基础设施规划》,树立把工作重心放在基层,把功夫下在基层的理念,推动各类资源更多向基层倾斜。 Implement the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of Political and Legal Infrastructure of Nanning City ", establish the concept of focusing on the grassroots, and put the effort at the grassroots level, and promote more resources to the grassroots level. Actively apply for construction projects of judicial business houses in all counties (districts), carry out comprehensive supervision, coordinate and resolve bottlenecks such as construction land and funds for business houses, and comprehensively promote project construction. Actively promote the construction of 7 public legal service workstations to ensure that the township (street) public legal services are fully covered without omissions. ,年内全市所有市、县(区)社区矫正中心建成并发挥作用,积极与相关部门协商解决社区矫正执法用车问题。 In accordance with the 2018 County Community Correction Center pilot construction plan of the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region, guide the standardized construction of community correction centers in Mashan County, Xingning District, and Jiangnan District . All city, county (district) community correction centers in the city were completed and functioned during the year. , And actively negotiate with relevant departments to solve the problem of community correction of law enforcement vehicles. 1-2个法治宣传教育示范基地,提升县级过渡性安置帮教(社区戒毒社区康复)基地覆盖率。 Continue to advance the construction of rule of law bases, strive to build 1-2 rule of law propaganda and education demonstration bases, and improve the coverage of county-level transitional resettlement assistance (community drug rehabilitation and community rehabilitation) bases.                                                              

加强规范化建设。 2. Strengthen standardized construction. Carry out standardized construction year activities, and further promote the standardization of business hardware, services, management, and systems in people's mediation, judicial offices, grassroots legal services, legal aid, community corrections, judicial appraisal, notary services, and lawyer management. Carry out a nationwide inspection of law enforcement and judicial standardization, and strive to solve the problems of weak, unstandardized, unfair, and uncivilized law enforcement. 80%以上。 Establish a quality evaluation mechanism, and the service satisfaction rate must be above 80%.

加强信息化建设。 3. Strengthen information construction. “互联网+”时代需求,全面贯彻落实“管用、好用、实用、常用”的发展理念, 开展 “智慧司法行政”建设攻坚年活动, 加大 综合政务平台 公共法律服务网络平台( “12348南宁法网” 研发力度,加快数据汇聚和资源整合,力争第一季度全面投入使用,有效推动实体、热线、网络三大平台有机融合、优势互补,真正实现市、县(区)、乡镇(街道)、行政村(社区)四级公共法律服务体系功能互通、信息共享、高效联动。 Adapt to the needs of the "Internet +" era, fully implement the development concept of "useful, easy to use, practical, and common", carry out activities of "intelligent judicial administration", and increase the comprehensive government affairs platform and public legal service network platform ( "12348 Nanning Law Network " ) R & D efforts, accelerate data aggregation and resource integration, and strive to fully put into use in the first quarter, effectively promote the organic integration of the three major platforms of the entity, hotline and network, complementary advantages, and truly achieve the city, county (district), township (street) 4. The administrative legal system (community) four-level public legal service system is functionally interoperable, information sharing, and efficient linkage. 注重司法所一级三大平台作用发挥,全系统重心下沉、靠前指挥 ,确保小事不出村,大事不出镇,难事不出县,矛盾不上交。 Effectively strengthen the promotion and application of the information system, and especially pay attention to the role of the three major platforms of the Institute of Justice. The entire system sinks in focus and commands forward to ensure that small things do not leave the village, big things do not leave the town, difficult things do not leave the county, and contradictions are not turned in. . 增强教育监管工作的有效性与安全性。 Complete the community correction three-level video inspection system, establish the interconnection and sharing of community correction information platforms and public security departments, and enhance the effectiveness and safety of education supervision. “业务壁垒”和“信息孤岛”。 Speed up the system docking with the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region and the judicial bureaus of various cities and cities, and break the "business barriers" and "information islands".

加强队伍建设。 4. Strengthen team building. “三个一以贯之”、建设五个过硬司法行政队伍的目标要求,实施队伍建设质量提升年活动。 Focusing on the goal of "three consistents" and building five strong judicial administrative teams, we will implement annual activities to improve the quality of team building. Implement the spirit of the Ministry of Justice's notice on regulating the recruitment and transfer of judicial offices and strictly control the entry of personnel in judicial offices. Strengthen the use and management of special political and legal preparations, and make full use of the notary political and legal administrative preparations after the reform of the notary system, to lean as far as possible to the judicial offices, to strengthen the strength of the grass-roots judicial administrative team, and to occupy, misappropriate or retain the special administrative and political preparations for historical reasons. Problems should be recovered through inspection, rectification and replacement. Establish and improve a special statistical agency. The municipal and county (district) judicial bureaus must have one full-time and several part-time statisticians. Explore the establishment of city, county, and township community correction law enforcement detachments, squadrons, and brigades. “四个一线”中发现、培养、考察和使用干部,选优配强干部队伍。 Persist in finding, training, inspecting and using cadres in the "Four First Lines", and select and match strong cadres. Strengthen professional training and organize professional training in layers, levels, and classifications in accordance with the requirements of "leveled responsibility and centralized management" to improve the relevance and effectiveness of training.

加强政风行风建设。 5. Strengthen the construction of political style. Strictly implement the system of the list of administrative powers and the list of responsibilities, and effectively incorporate all administrative power operation processes into supervision. “三制”(首问负责制、一次性告知制、限时办结制)、“三公开”(办事程序公开、依据公开、时限公开)、“三亮明”(亮明身份、亮明承诺、亮明标准),提升服务质量 Strengthen the construction of windows, and generally implement the "three systems" (first-in-quest responsibility system, one-time notification system, time-limited closing system), "three open" (open procedures, open basis, open time limit), "three bright" (bright (Identity, commitment, standards) to improve service quality . Strengthen policy promotion and actively respond to the new expectations of the masses. Strengthen supervision and inspection, increase inspection and unannounced visits, and gradually improve the on-site electronic monitoring system and service satisfaction real-time evaluation system at service windows. Open the channels for the people to report complaints, accept the people's supervision, and properly handle the people's demands and contradictions. Accountability is strictly enforced, and all kinds of inactions, slow actions, and disorderly actions that affect the construction of political practices are dealt with seriously and accountable once verified.

创新提升十二项业务。 (3) Innovate and enhance twelve businesses.

The twelve businesses are the footholds for deepening the practice of governing the country according to law, strengthening and innovating social governance, and comprehensively advancing the construction of the rule of law in Nanning and Ping An Nanning. They are also the basic content and basic work of the public legal service system.

不断加大全民普法力度。 1. Constantly increase the general law. “一制四化”即“谁执法谁普法”普法责任制和工作目标精准化、工作举措项目化、工作考核体系化、工作指导专业化,增强普法依法治理工作实效。 Earnestly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important instructions on focusing on the effectiveness of publicity and the decision-making and deployment of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to strengthen the popularization of the law, improve the quality of the nation ’s rule of law, and build a socialist rule of law culture. That is, "who enforces the law and popularizes the law." The legal responsibility system and precise work objectives, the projectization of work measures, the system of work appraisal, and the professionalization of work guidance enhance the effectiveness of law-based governance. In-depth activities of advocating and educating the Constitution, studying the Constitution, abiding by the Constitution, safeguarding the Constitution, and using the Constitution in propaganda and education activities, organized the "12 · 4" National Constitution Day and the National Rule of Law Propaganda Day and other themed activities to promote the spirit of the Constitution. Actively promote the implementation of the "Implementation Measures of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for Implementing the" Principles of the Party and Government for the Responsibilities of the First Person Responsible for Promoting the Construction of the Rule of Law. " Work to promote the whole society to establish the concept of the rule of law, the supremacy of the Constitution and the equality of all people before the law. Implement the "Billions" project, vigorously promote "Internet + rule of law propaganda," promote socialist rule of law culture, and improve the quality of the rule of law for the entire people. Carry out multi-level and multi-field governance according to law, and improve the level of legalization of social governance. Make full preparations for the mid-term inspections of the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" of popularizing the law across the country and the entire region.

巩固提升法律援助工作水平 2. Consolidate and improve the level of legal aid work . 2018年值班律师招募工作。 Earnestly implement the "Nanning City Implementation Plan for Further Improving the Legal Aid System" and do a good job in recruiting on-duty lawyers in 2018. Improve the online application and appointment appointment system and procedures for legal aid to make legal aid "at your fingertips." Actively participate in lawyers' appeal work, and provide legal assistance to complainants who cannot afford a lawyer. Focus on legal aid for migrant workers, the elderly, the disabled, left-behind women and children. 军人军属法律援助工作,配合自治区司法厅做好 2018年南部战区涉军维权工作现场会筹备工作。 Strengthen the legal aid work for military personnel and cooperate with the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region to prepare for the 2018 on-site military-related rights protection work meeting in the southern theater. Establish a joint meeting system for legal, prosecutorial, and public legal aid workstations, improve the coordination mechanism for handling criminal defense cases, and solve problems such as criminal notification defense and meetings.

加强和规范律师工作。 3. Strengthen and standardize the work of lawyers. Fully implement the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Lawyer System" and "Implementation Opinions of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Deepening the Reform of the Lawyer System", and establish and improve institutional mechanisms such as lawyers' admission, practice evaluation, rewards and punishments, and lawyer management. 《关于依法保障律师执业权利的规定》 坚持 维权和惩戒工作 “两手抓”“两手硬”, 落实好与法、检、公等部门的联席会议制度,解决律师执业 “三难”问题,切实做好律师重点人教育管控工作。 Implementing the "Regulations on Ensuring Lawyers 'Practicing Rights" , insisting on "two-handed" and "two-handed" rights protection and punishment work , implemented a joint meeting system with law, prosecution, and public departments to solve the "three difficulties" of lawyers' practice , Effectively do a good job in education and control of key lawyers. Efforts will be made to promote the development of public lawyers and corporate lawyers, and build a team of lawyers with complementary advantages and reasonable structure, including social lawyers, public lawyers, and corporate lawyers. “三化”建设,努力培育一批规模化、专业化、品牌化律师事务所。 Efforts will be made to promote the "three modernizations" and strive to cultivate a number of large-scale, specialized, and branded law firms. 思想政治建设和 教育管理等,努力建设一支高素质、 政治正确的 律师队伍。 Persevere in the party building, ideological and political construction, and education management of the lawyer team , and strive to build a high-quality, politically correct lawyer team. 积极作用。 Extensive mobilization of lawyers to participate in the construction of the public legal service system, serving as the legal counsel of the village (community), giving full play to the active role of lawyers in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, resolving contradictions and disputes, and promoting social harmony and stability .

做好公证体制改革后续工作 4. Do a good job in the follow-up work of the notarization system reform . 完成事业机构公证处组织机构备案登记、人员招聘及管理、财务制度等工作落实 用足用好编制备案制、绩效工资总量管理、企业化财务管理等制度,确保人员不乱、工作不断、活力更强、体制更顺 Guided by maximizing the vitality of notarization, we have completed the implementation of registration and registration, personnel recruitment and management, and financial system of the notary office of a business institution. To ensure that personnel are not chaotic, work is continuous, more energetic, and the system is smoother . 发挥公证在土地征用、安置补偿、招标投标、旧城改造等领域环节的职能作用,加快公证向知识产权、强制执行、金融证券、不动产事务、高新技术产业、涉外经济等服务领域拓展步伐 ,有效发挥公证在预防社会矛盾和纠纷中的特殊作用 Continue to expand the field of innovative notarization business, standardize the practice of notarization, give play to the functions of notarization in the areas of land acquisition, resettlement compensation, bidding and tendering, and old city reconstruction, and accelerate the notarization to intellectual property, enforcement, financial securities, real estate affairs, high-tech The technological industry, foreign-related economy and other service areas are expanding , and the special role of notarization in preventing social conflicts and disputes is effectively brought into play . Strictly control the quality of notarization, bring a good team of notarization, carry out notarization quality assessment, strengthen the informatization supervision of notarization practice, improve the practice compensation and recovery system, promote the notary to strengthen quality awareness, and maintain the notarization and credibility.

稳步加强基层法律服务工作。 5. Steadily strengthen grass-roots legal services. 做好基层法律服务机构、基层法律服务工作者年度检查、执业注册工作以及相关信息采集和录入等工作。 Thoroughly implement the newly revised requirements of the "Administrative Measures for Grassroots Legal Service Offices " and "Administrative Measures for Grassroots Legal Service Workers" newly implemented by the Ministry of Justice, strictly implement the practice approval system for grassroots legal service workers, and do a good job in grassroots legal service agencies and grassroots legal services Annual inspection, registration of practitioners, and related information collection and entry. Give full play to the demonstration role of the pilot grass-roots legal service offices, and widely launch the standardized construction of various grass-roots legal service offices throughout the city. Strengthen the guidance, supervision and management of grass-roots legal service agencies and practitioners' practice, and enhance the service level of grass-roots legal services. Actively organize grassroots legal service workers to participate in one village (community) and one legal consultant to strengthen grassroots legal construction.

认真做好 国家统一法律职业资格考试工作。 6. Do a good job of national uniform legal professional qualification examination. Earnestly implement the "Opinions on Improving the National Unified Legal Profession Qualification System" of the State Council and the State Council, and effectively complete the organization and implementation of the first national unified legal profession qualification examination, further improve the joint meeting mechanism, strengthen security precautions, and conduct test promotion Respond to public opinion and ensure that the examination is stable, safe, smooth and effective.

切实 加强司法鉴定管理工作。 7. Effectively strengthen the management of judicial appraisal. 严格监管 提高司法鉴定质量和公信力的意见》, 加强司法鉴定队伍、硬件、软件建设,开展专项执法检查,加强对不符合规定要求的司法鉴定机构和鉴定人整改力度,严肃查处违法违规行为, 健全淘汰退出机制, 严格准入和监管,提升司法鉴定质量和公信力。 Intensively implement the "Opinions on the Implementation of a Unified and Unified Judicial Authentication Management System" and the "Opinions of the Ministry of Justice on Strict Access and Strict Supervision to Improve the Quality and Credibility of Judicial Authentication ", and strengthen the construction of judicial appraisal teams, hardware, and software. Carry out special law enforcement inspections, strengthen rectification of forensic appraisal agencies and appraisers that do not meet the requirements of the regulations, seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations, improve the elimination mechanism for withdrawal, strictly enforce access and supervision, and improve the quality and credibility of judicial appraisals. Further promote the connection between judicial appraisal management and trial, inspection, and investigation, and strive to adapt to the trial-centric litigation system reform.

升级转型人民调解工作。 8. Upgrading and transforming people's mediation. “枫桥经验”, 深入推进矛盾纠纷调处攻坚活动,加大对房产物业、征地拆迁、劳资纠纷、 “三大纠纷”以及涉法涉诉问题等市级重点矛盾纠纷调处攻坚力度 Learn from the "Fengqiao Experience" to further advance the mediation and resolution of contradictions and disputes, and increase the resolution of key city-level contradictions and disputes such as real estate, land acquisition, house demolition, labor disputes, "three major disputes", and law-related lawsuits . 微信调解、网上调解、视频调解等调解方式,促进人民调解工作与 “互联网+”、大数据深度融合,增强人民调解工作活力。 We will improve the linkage mechanism of complaint mediation, public mediation and interview mediation , explore mediation methods such as WeChat mediation, online mediation, and video mediation, promote the deep integration of people's mediation work with "Internet +" and big data, and increase the vitality of people's mediation work. Carry out pilot work on judicial confirmation of people's mediation agreements and establish a judicial confirmation work system. ,提高人民调解工作质量 Pre- employment training and regular training of people's mediators will be implemented to establish a bank of people's mediation cases in our city to improve the quality of people's mediation work .

持续提升社区矫正矫治质量。 9. Continuously improve the quality of community corrections. 依法监管,严格执行社区矫正制度 大力提升教育矫正质量。 Establish a fundamental safety concept, supervise according to law, strictly implement the community correction system , and vigorously improve the quality of education correction. We will conscientiously implement assistance policies, further promote the socialization of community corrections, do a good job in educating and supporting community prisoners, and promote the smooth return of more community prisoners . 指导力度 ,建设专群结合的高素质社区矫正工作队伍。 Intensify inspection and guidance , and build a high-quality community correction work team that combines specialized groups. 加强与法、检、公等有关部门的协调联动,有效防范和应对突发事件。 Establish and improve the reporting system and emergency response mechanism for important matters concerning community safety and stability, strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments such as law, procuratorate, and public to effectively prevent and respond to emergencies.

着力加强安置帮教工作。 10. Focus on strengthening resettlement and education. 积极推进安置帮教工作各部门职责和政策落实, 健全刑满释放人员信息库, 完善和创新管理措施,加强对刑满释放人员的教育帮扶,做好 “三无”(无家可归、无亲可投、无业可就)等刑满释放人员临时安置性工作, 努力预防和重新减少犯罪 Further improve the connection system for released prisoners, actively promote the implementation of the responsibilities and policies of all departments of resettlement assistance, improve the information database of released prisoners, improve and innovate management measures, strengthen education and assistance for released prisoners, and do a good job of "three "None" (homeless, no relative to vote, no job) can be temporarily placed for release, and efforts are made to prevent and reduce crime again . “青年志愿者彩虹桥行动”, 大力推进社区帮扶、社会组织帮扶和志愿者帮扶,形成对刑满释放人员开展教育帮扶的社会合力。 Deepen the "Youth Volunteer Rainbow Bridge Action", vigorously promote community assistance, social organization assistance and volunteer assistance, and form a social synergy for the education and assistance of persons released from prison.

探索创新 社区戒毒(康复)试点工作。 11. Explore innovative community drug treatment (rehabilitation) pilot work. 良庆区、横县巩固提升示范点 ,积极做好对列入戒毒所 “戒毒康复结对帮教千人计划”人员戒治档案的接收、必接必送,做好解戒人员后续照管。 Carry out the spirit of the "Demonstration Project of Drug Rehabilitation Community Rehabilitation Demonstration Project of the Judicial Administration Community in the Region" and "Guiding Opinions on Further Promoting the Demonstration Project of Detoxification Community Rehabilitation Community of the Judicial Administration Community in the Region" to guide the consolidation and improvement of Xixiangtang District, Liangqing District and Hengxian County Demonstration sites will actively do a good job of receiving and sending necessary treatment files for those who are included in the “Detoxification and Rehabilitation Pairing and Helping Thousands Program” for drug rehabilitation centers , and follow-up care of anti-abstinence personnel.

健全完善人民监督员管理机制。 12. Improve the management mechanism of people's supervisors. 依法维护人民监督员履行监督职责的权益。 Earnestly implement the "People's Procuratorate Management Measures" of the Supreme People's Procuratorate and the Ministry of Justice, strengthen communication with the People's Procuratorate, and safeguard the rights and interests of people's supervisors in performing their supervisory duties in accordance with the law. 人民监督员管理信息系统, 加强对 人民监督员履职考核,建立人民监督员履职台账。 Make full use of the management information system of the people's supervisors , strengthen the performance assessment of the people's supervisors, and establish a performance account for the people's supervisors. The channels for the masses to report the situation to the people's supervisors should be unblocked, and the role of people's supervisors should be effectively brought into play.

深化改革、从严治党,为实现全年目标任务提供坚强保障 4. Deepen the reform and administer the party strictly to provide strong guarantees for achieving the goals and tasks throughout the year

Really know what is going on and what is going on. In order to successfully achieve the goals and tasks throughout the year, we must step by step and do a good job in every aspect.

落实改革举措。 (I) Implement reform measures.

,将深化改革贯穿于“1512”工作思路落实全过程,采取强有力的举措落实《关于加快推进司法行政改革的意见》以及市委深化改革领导小组各项部署,让司法行政改革惠及人民群众。 Firmly establish the concept that reform is only in progress, and promote the transfer of functions, methods, and styles in the spirit of self-revolution. Implement the "Opinions on Accelerating the Reform of Judicial Administration" and the various arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee for Deepening the Reform of the Leading Group to make judicial administrative reform benefit the people. Innovate the evaluation index system of judicial administration, establish a special statistical agency, and give full play to the role of "baton". The publicity of the rule of law must be implemented in conjunction with the constitutional amendment to implement the "who enforces the law and popularizes the law" and "who serves and who popularizes the law" responsibility system. Promote system reform and mechanism innovation of notarization institutions, expand the field of notarization business, and improve the quality and credibility of notarization. Deepen the reform of the lawyer system, improve the lawyers 'rights protection and punishment mechanism, and establish a system of disclosure and inquiry of lawyers' bad practice information records. We will improve the community correction system and adhere to the "Trinity" of supervision and management, education correction and social adaptive assistance. Improve the legal aid system and improve the quality of legal aid case handling. Promote the implementation of the legal professional qualification system and ensure the smooth and orderly integration of the old and new systems. Further strengthen the construction of judicial institutions, strive to improve the level of public legal services at the grassroots level, and meet the new requirements of grassroots social governance for co-construction and common governance.

切实改进领导。 (2) Effectively improve leadership.

“头雁”。 The party groups at various levels of judicial administration are the core of the leadership of the judicial administration and the "head geese" for carrying out various tasks . Party groups at all levels must conscientiously implement the main responsibility of governing the party and strengthen their political responsibility in accordance with the "five excellent" requirements. The secretary of the party group must effectively assume the responsibility of managing the party as the first person responsible for the party, be responsible for the political ecology of the unit, and implement the various tasks of party building; members of the party group must perform "one job and two responsibilities" and grasp the field of management Manage the work of governing the party and the party; middle-level leaders also follow the implementation, and truly form a working pattern of first-level and first-level implementation. We must implement democratic centralism more consciously, take the lead in strictly implementing certain guidelines for political life within the party under the new situation, strengthen the "eight major skills", and build a strong and powerful leadership collective. It is necessary to compare the goals, according to the "four set" requirements of personnel, responsibilities, time, and schedule, and decompose the target tasks layer by layer, implement them to the unit, specific to the project, detail to the post, quantify to the individual, and focus on strengthening coordination and cooperation. To form a concerted effort to implement the decision-making arrangements of the bureau's party group without any discount or modification. It is necessary to improve the mechanism of supervision and supervision, determine the focus of supervision, keep an eye on it, follow the supervision, improve the effectiveness, and ensure that the year-round tasks and tasks are fully completed. It is necessary to implement the assessment and accountability mechanism, and seriously pursue accountability and accountability of responsible units and persons responsible for the delay in the implementation of key work and major projects and poor implementation to ensure that the terminal is effective. 讲好司法行政的故事,推出有正能量的法治文化作品,让司法行政队伍和广大群众都理解认同司法行政工作。 It is necessary to take the lead in telling the story of judicial administration, and launch positive cultural works of the rule of law, so that the judicial administrative team and the general public can understand and recognize judicial administrative work.

从严管党治党。 (3) Strictly govern the party.

The party, the government, the army, and the civil society, the east, the south, the north, and the south, the party leads everything. “四个意识”,坚决维护以习近平同志为核心的党中央权威和集中统一领导 ,始终坚定正确的政治方向 It is necessary to steadfastly and comprehensively govern the party, earnestly improve political standing, firmly establish the "Four Consciousnesses", resolutely maintain the authority of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core and centralized and unified leadership , and always maintain a correct political direction .

旗帜鲜明地把政治建设摆在首位。 1. Clearly put political construction first. The first task of political construction is to ensure that the entire party submits to the central government, adhere to the authority of the central government and centralized and unified leadership, and to maintain the core position of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the authority of the central government of the party as the first political requirement. “四个意识”,坚定“四个自信”,自觉做中国特色社会主义思想的坚定信仰者和忠实实践者。 In-depth study, propaganda and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, leading party members and cadres to further enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", and consciously be a strong believer in socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and Faithful practitioner. It is necessary to further promote the normalization and institutionalization of the "two studies, one action" study and education, carry out the theme education of "do not forget the original intention, remember the mission", strengthen the party spirit training of cadres and party members, and always maintain the political nature of the Communists.

持之以恒加强基层党组织建设。 2. Persistently strengthen the building of grass-roots party organizations. It is necessary to strengthen the building of grass-roots party organizations in judicial administration, and comprehensively improve the political leadership, ideological leadership, mass organization, and social appeal of grass-roots party organizations. “三会一课”、党员集中活动日等基本制度,创新党的基层组织设置和活动方式,督促推动每一位党员履行好党章规定的八项义务、恪守六大纪律,将党建融入业务工作中,融入到攻坚克难、解决实际问题中,真正发挥出每一个党员的模范带头作用和党支部的战斗堡垒作用,切实解决一些基层党组织弱化、虚化、边缘化问题,推动基层工作更扎实、更有效的完成。 Strictly implement basic systems such as the "three meetings and one lesson" and party member concentration days, innovate the party's grass-roots organization settings and activities, and urge every party member to fulfill the eight obligations stipulated in the party constitution, adhere to the six major disciplines, and integrate party building In business work, it is integrated into tackling difficult problems and solving practical problems. It has truly played the role of the exemplary leader of each party member and the role of the battle fortress of the party branch, and effectively solved the weakening, blurring, and marginalization of some grass-roots party organizations. Work is done more solidly and efficiently. We will take serious political life within the party, improve democratic centralism, and promote openness in party affairs.

锲而不舍抓好作风建设。 3. Persevere in building style. Style building is always on the way. 进一步纠正 “四风”加强作风建设实施方案》(南办发〔2018〕8号),把落实中央八项规定精神作为一项政治纪律扭住不放,持之以恒反对“四风”。 Earnestly implement the newly revised "Detailed Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee" of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and highlight the spirit of "Nanning City's In-depth Study and Implementation of the Important Instruction of General Secretary Xi Nan" issued by the General Office of the Municipal Committee to further correct the "Four Winds" and strengthen work style "Implementation Plan" (Nanbanfa [2018] No. 8), to implement the spirit of the eight central regulations as a political discipline and persist in opposing the "four winds." Deepen the comprehensive and strict "five investigations and five rectifications" special action of the police, with breakthroughs in key issues to promote change in style, change in style to promote change in political practices and even social trends. Pay close attention to issues such as the New Year holidays, changes in cadre positions, illegal subsidies, food and drink, excessive reception, and illegal entry into private clubs, etc., strictly implement the "one case and two investigations" and promote the extension of the anti-four winds to depth and breadth. Insist on putting discipline ahead, follow the guidelines of punishing the front, back, treating the disease, and saving people, and use the "four forms" of supervision and discipline to catch the early, the small, and the long-term, so that cadres are used to working and living in a supervised and restricted environment.

持续深入开展反腐败斗争。 4. Continue the in-depth fight against corruption. Adhere to no-prohibited zones, full coverage, zero tolerance, adhere to heavy containment, high pressure and long-term deterrence, and further advance the fight against corruption. Continue to promote the supervision of the Discipline Inspection Team of the Political and Legal Commission of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission, implement rectification of inspection feedback, do a good job in the source management of petitions, standardize the handling of clues to problems, and maintain a high-pressure situation of punishing corruption. Always keep alarming and sharp swords hanging. Promote both the root cause and the problem, strengthen the leadership of ideological education, tighten the system cage, build a dam of ideology, build a mechanism that dares not rot, cannot rot, and does not want to rot, and win an overwhelming victory in the fight against corruption.

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