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Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the" 6.26 "Anti-drug Publicity Month in 2015"

Release time: 2015-05-28 16:11

County (district) and development zone judicial bureaus:

南宁市2015 6.26 ”全民禁毒宣传月活动实施方案 的通知 》精神,为进一步推动禁毒人民战争的深入开展,决定在今年 6.26 ”国际禁毒日期间,组织全市司法行政系统开展为期一个月的“全民禁毒宣传月”活动。 In accordance with the spirit of the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of" Nanning City's " 6.26 " 2015 Anti-Drug Publicity Month Campaign ", in order to further promote the anti-drug people's war, it was decided to organize this year's " 6.26 "International Drug Day The city's judicial administration system launched a one-month "Monthwide Anti-Drug Publicity Month" campaign. 关于开展2015年“ 6.26 ”全民禁毒宣传月活动工作实施方案 》印发给你们,请结合实际,认真组织实施。 The " Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the" 6.26 "Anti-drug Publicity Month of 2015 " is printed and distributed to you. Please take it into consideration and carefully organize the implementation.


                                   月21 May 21 , 2015


司法局办公室 Nanning Justice Bureau Office                      5 21 印发 Issued on May 21 , 2015

年“ 6.26 ”全民禁毒 About launching the " 6.26 " universal drug control in 2015

Publicity Month Activities Implementation Plan


”全民禁毒月各项禁毒宣传活动,营造浓厚的禁毒宣传氛围,按照南宁市禁毒委员会办公室《关于印发〈南宁市2015年“ 6.26 ”全民禁毒宣传月活动实施方案〉的通知》 (南禁毒办通〔 201517)精神,结合我市司法行政系统法治宣传教育工作职能,制定方案如下: In order to carry out in-depth anti-drug publicity activities during the " 6.26 " National Anti-Drug Month and create a strong anti-drug publicity atmosphere, in accordance with the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the" Nanning City 2015 6.26 "National Anti-Drug Publicity Month Campaign Implementation Plan" ( South Narcotics Control Office [ 2015 ] No. 17 ) spirit, combined with the city's judicial administrative system of the rule of law propaganda and education work function, formulate the plan as follows:

I. Guiding Ideology

6号)和《自治区党委、自治区人民政府关于加强和改进禁毒工作的实施意见》(桂发〔 201420号)为重点,以“不让毒品进校园”为宣传主题,深入贯彻落实《关于深化全民禁毒宣传教育工作的指导意见》,大力拓展宣传渠道、创新宣传载体,活跃宣传方式,在全市范围内开展一系列形式多样、内容丰富、注重实效的宣传活动,营造全市禁毒工作的浓厚氛围,增强人民群众识毒、防毒、拒毒的能力,推动全市禁毒工作全面深入开展。 The "National Anti-drug Awareness Month" activities were implemented to implement the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening Drug Control Work" (Zhongfa [ 2014 ] No. 6 ) and "Implementation Opinions of the Party Committee and Autonomous Region People's Government on Strengthening and Improving Drug Control Work" ( Guifa [ 2014 ] No. 20 ), focusing on the theme of "Don't let drugs enter campus", thoroughly implement the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening Public Drug Education and Education Work", vigorously expand publicity channels, innovate publicity carriers, and actively promote Ways to carry out a series of various forms, rich in content, and practical results of publicity activities throughout the city, create a strong atmosphere of drug control work in the city, enhance the people's ability to detect drugs, prevent drugs, and resist drugs, and promote the comprehensive and in-depth development of drug control in the city.

Organizational Leadership

Established a leading group for anti-drug publicity and education activities in the judicial administrative system of Nanning. 副局长邓琼冬任副组长;各县(区)、开发区司法局主要领导为成员。 Huang Youguang , the director of the Municipal Judicial Bureau, served as the team leader , and Deng Qiongdong , the deputy director , served as the deputy team leader. The main leaders of the judicial bureaus of the counties (districts) and development zones were members. The office under the leading group is located in the Law and Advocacy Section of the Municipal Judiciary Bureau, which is responsible for the deployment, guidance and inspection of anti-drug law and regulation education.

宣传内容 Third, publicity content

  Publicize the principles and policies of the party and the government in their fight against drugs; publicize the firm positions and determination of the party and the government in implementing drug control; publicize the laws and regulations on drug control; publicize the forms and tasks of the drug struggle; publicize the fruits of the war against drugs and heroic deeds on the drug front; Publicize drug knowledge and drug hazards; publicize basic knowledge about drug resistance and prevention.

Fourth, work measures

”禁毒月期间,组织各县(区) 、开发区司法行政部门出版一期以毒品预防宣传教育工作为主题的禁毒宣传板报。 (1) During the " 6.26 " Anti-drug Month, organize the judicial administrative departments of all counties (districts ) and development zones to publish an anti-drug publicity bulletin on the theme of drug prevention publicity and education.

”当天,举行禁毒日宣传活动。 (2) On the day of " 6.26 ", a publicity event on Drug Day was held. 禁毒宣传活动。 Through publicity methods such as hanging banners, placing display boards, distributing promotional materials, posting wall charts, and carrying out legal consultations, people carry out anti-drug publicity activities.

、开发区司法行政系统进校园开展禁毒宣传活动。 (3) Organize the judicial administrative systems of counties (districts ) and development zones into campuses to carry out anti-drug publicity activities. Focusing on the theme of the anti-drug month publicity campaign, publicity activities were carried out in the form of case statements, theme class meetings, legal lectures, and physical displays.

因地制宜地利用圩日、节假日等人流集中的时机,组织法制宣传志愿者、普法“轻骑队”,围绕禁毒宣传月主题,通过悬挂横幅、摆放展板、发放宣传资料、张贴挂图、开展法律咨询、知识竞答等群众喜闻乐见的宣传方式,开展 禁毒宣传活动。 (4) During the anti-drug month intensive publicity campaign , organize the legal system to promote volunteers and law-abiding "light riding teams" based on local conditions to take advantage of crowded days such as the following day, holidays, etc. Around the theme of the anti-drug publicity month, hang banners, display boards, Disseminate propaganda materials, post wall charts, carry out legal counseling, knowledge contests and other popular publicity methods, and carry out anti-drug publicity activities.

    宣传党和政府禁毒斗争的方针、政策;宣传毒品知识和毒品危害;宣传拒毒、防毒的基本常识。 (5) Make extensive use of new media channels such as the Internet, WeChat, Weibo, and mobile newspapers to publicize the Party and the government's policies and policies in the fight against drugs; publicize drug knowledge and drug harm; publicize basic knowledge about drug resistance and anti-drug.

V. Job requirements

(1) Raise awareness and strengthen leadership. ”全民禁毒月宣传活动的组织领导,落实好各项措施,为禁毒斗争营造良好的条件。 The judicial bureaus of all counties (districts) and development zones must fully understand the importance of anti-drug publicity and education, strengthen the organization and leadership of the " 6.26 " National Anti-Drug Month Publicity Campaign, implement various measures, and create good conditions for the anti-drug struggle.

(2) Careful organization and earnest implementation. 宣传月期间, 结合本地区特点, 制定详细工作方案, 以更加贴近群众、贴近基层的方式, 精心组织好形式多样的宣传教育活动,努力营造禁毒宣传的浓厚氛围。 During the anti-drug publicity month, in accordance with the characteristics of the local area, a detailed work plan was formulated, and various forms of publicity and education activities were carefully organized in a way closer to the masses and the grassroots level , and efforts were made to create a strong atmosphere for anti-drug publicity.

(3) Focus on the theme and highlight the key points. The main content is to publicize the "Anti-Drug Law", the People's War on Drug Control, and the dangers of new types of drugs. On the basis of adhering to the original good practices, innovate methods and continuously increase the intensity and breadth of publicity.

(4) Summing up in time and strengthening publicity. It is necessary to publicize the activities in a timely manner and expand the impact of drug control activities.29日前将宣传活动方案、 628日前将总结材料书面报送市司法局法宣科,总结材料电子版连同活动有关的信息、图片请一并发送至邮箱nnfxk@163.comAfter the event, summarize it in a timely manner, and publicize the event plan before May 29 , and submit the summary materials to the Law and Propaganda Division of the Municipal Judiciary Bureau by June 28. Please include the electronic version of the summary materials with the relevant information and pictures Email to nnfxk@163.com .

Contact: Lun Wenyan ; Tel: 3860158 .





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