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Rectification plan of Nanning Judicial Bureau on public comments and suggestions

Release time: 2015-07-16 10:14

年度南宁市绩效考评公众评议意见建议梳理整改工作的通知》精神,我局高度重视公众评议整改工作,召开了专题会议,指派专人负责,认真梳理了各单位及服务对象对司法行政工作所提的意见和建议,为确保本次整改工作落实到位,特制定以下整改方案。 In accordance with the spirit of the Notice of the Municipal Performance Office on Doing a Good Job in the Public Appraisal of Nanning's Performance Evaluation in 2014 , the Bureau attached great importance to the work of public appraisal and rectification, held a special meeting, assigned special persons to take charge, and carefully reviewed the units and The client's opinions and suggestions on judicial administration work, in order to ensure the implementation of this rectification work in place, the following rectification plan is formulated.

I. Rectification goals

(1) Taking the opportunity of welcoming the "Sixth Five-Year Plan" law assessment and acceptance as an opportunity, in accordance with the actual work, increase the publicity of law education and the rule of law, further intensify the activities of "legal entry into the organs" and "legal entry into the community", and innovate the publicity work methods of the rule of law and strengthen Effective results, improve the awareness of the rule of law for all people.

加强律师队伍管理和律师事务所规范化建设,推动我市律师行业健康发展。 (2) Strengthen the management of the lawyer team and the standardized construction of law firms to promote the healthy development of the city's lawyer industry.

Objects for rectification       重点加强对领导干部、公务员、社区居民、外来务工人员法治宣传教育工作。 (1) Focus on strengthening publicity and education on the rule of law among leading cadres, civil servants, community residents, and migrant workers.

南宁市律师事务所、执业律师。 (2) Nanning Law Firm and Practising Lawyer.

Third, completion time limit

1230 December 30 , 2015 .

Fourth, rectification measures

(1) Education for popularizing law

、深入开展“ 法律进机关”活动,提高领导干部和公职人员学法用法的能力。 1. Carry out the activities of " entering the law into the organs" to improve the ability of leading cadres and public officials to learn the law . With the "Nanning Lecture Hall of the Rule of Law" as a platform, further implement the system of collective learning, leadership lectures, legal training, and legal knowledge examination and assessment of party committees (party groups) at all levels. Bring into play the role of the Nanning General Law Network and the Nanning Legal System Network, and vigorously publicize the Constitution, the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party, laws and regulations closely related to economic development and the people's production and life, and local laws and regulations in our city. 领导干部任前法律知识考试制度,以及推行无纸化普法考试 不断提高国家公职人员运用法治思维和法治方式解决问题、推动工作的能力。 Full implementation of the newly promoted legal knowledge examination system for leading cadres before their appointment, and the implementation of paperless law popularization examinations have continuously improved the ability of public officials in the country to use the rule of law thinking and methods to solve problems and promote work. 国家公职人员法用法工作,切实增强以考促学实效 We will conscientiously organize and study the content of the annual law popularization, deepen and improve the work of learning and using the law of public officials in the country , and effectively enhance the effectiveness of the study to promote learning .

突出提高社区居民法治意识,广泛开展法律进社区活动。 2. Prominently raise the awareness of rule of law among community residents, and carry out extensive legal activities in communities. · 15 ”消费者权益保护日、世界知识产权日、国际禁毒日、“平安南宁·法治南宁”宣传月等重要时间节点,定期组织开展以禁毒、禁赌、打击传销、预防艾滋、反对邪教、民族团结等法律法规为内容的法律宣传活动。 Taking into account the characteristics of the community environment, make full use of important time points such as " March 8th" Women's Rights Protection Week, " March 15th " Consumer Rights Protection Day, World Intellectual Property Day, International Drug Control Day, "Safe Nanning · Rule of Law Nanning" Promotion Month, etc. Regularly organize legal publicity activities with laws and regulations such as anti-drug, anti-gambling, crackdown on pyramid schemes, prevention of AIDS, opposition to cults, and national unity. 维护社会稳定。 While doing a good job in propagating the rule of law for community residents, according to the characteristics of complex community personnel and a large number of floating population, focus on the community's floating population, migrant workers, security control objects and released persons who have completed their sentences, community correctional prisoners, laid-off workers, etc. The publicity and education of the rule of law for special groups strive to prevent and reduce the occurrence of social conflicts from the source and maintain social stability.

加强法治宣传阵地建设, 拓宽广大群众法治文化教育的渠道。 3. Strengthen the construction of publicity positions on the rule of law, and broaden the channels for the culture and education of the rule of law among the general public. 重点打造法治文化街道(社区)、长廊、法治宣传栏、文化墙、图书角 等, 以为民办实事项目为契机,建设一批法治主题公园、法治长廊、法治社区、法治文化园等法治文化设施和法治宣传阵地,全市完成254个村(社区)电子法治宣传栏及15个县区(开发区) 30个法治文化教育基地的建设任务 切实为人民群众提供公共性、普惠式、均等化的法治宣传服务。 Give full play to the resource advantages of public cultural venues in the construction of the rule of law propaganda positions, and further improve the rule of law publicity and education facilities in public places. Focus on building rule of law cultural streets (communities), promenades, rule of law propaganda columns, cultural walls, book corners, etc., and consider private projects As an opportunity, we will build a number of legal rule cultural facilities and legal rule propaganda positions such as a rule of law theme park, a rule of law promenade, a rule of law community, and a rule of law cultural park . The city has completed 254 village (community) electronic rule of law publicity columns and 15 counties (development zones). ) The construction of 30 legal education bases for the rule of law will effectively provide the people with public, inclusive and equalized publicity services for the rule of law.

发挥文化引领、熏陶作用,营造 浓郁的民族法治文化氛围。 4. Give play to the role of cultural guidance and influence, and create a strong cultural atmosphere of national rule of law. Carefully organize the selection and recommendation activities of news of the rule of law, the promotion of literary, calligraphy, and photography by the rule of law, animation and micro-movies of the rule of law, and solicitation activities of folk songs (mountains) of the rule of law. Pay attention to the integration and development of the rule of law and culture, and fully explore the elements of the rule of law in Zhuang Township culture. 山歌等平台, 通过山歌会、彩调剧展演和电影巡演、文艺巡演等形式,营造浓郁的民族法治文化氛围。 Relying on the "March 3" Songsong Day, Pinghua folk songs, three voices, Daishan songs and other platforms, through the folk songs, color tone drama show and film tour, art tour and other forms, to create a strong national culture of rule of law culture. Preach common sense of law in national languages, use national culture to spread the concept of rule of law, and vigorously prosper and strengthen the culture of rule of law in rural areas. Promote national unity with the thinking of the rule of law, promote the construction of social structures and social environments of each nation with each other in the form of the rule of law, and give play to cultural leadership and influence.

加强新媒体、新技术的运用,创新法治宣传载体和形式。 5. Strengthen the use of new media and new technologies and innovate the carrier and form of the rule of law propaganda. Consolidate and give play to the unique advantages of mass media such as newspapers, radio, and television; increase the publicity and education of the rule of law in traditional media; and innovate the methods and methods of popularizing law in traditional media. 推动形成智能普法平台产品等集群优势和规模效应,向社会提供即时、系统的法律知识普及和法治信息传播服务。 Focus on grasping the laws of modern information dissemination and public information needs, strengthen the application of Internet thinking and new media and new technologies in the promotion of the rule of law, and promote the use of Weibo and WeChat on the basis of consolidating and standardizing the construction of legal popularization websites and special issues of the rule of law New media resources such as social media, micro-newspapers, micro-visions, and micro-films carry out multi-dimensional and three-dimensional publicity of law, promote the formation of cluster advantages and scale effects such as intelligent law popularization platform products, and provide the society with instant and systematic legal knowledge popularization and legal information dissemination. service.

(Two) lawyer management

、加强律师队伍政治思想教育。 1. Strengthen the political and ideological education of the lawyer team. 大局意识、政治意识。 Carry out educational activities and warning education activities on socialist legal concepts in the city's lawyer team, further strengthen the socialist ideals and convictions of the city's lawyer team, and strive to enhance the overall situation and political awareness.

、严格律师事务所和律师执业年度考核。 2. Strict annual assessment of law firms and lawyers. We will conscientiously organize and carry out the annual inspection and evaluation of law firms and lawyers. During the assessment process, we focused on the inspection and assessment of five aspects: the construction of the law firm's team, the development of business activities, the performance of lawyers 'practice, internal management, and the development of lawyers' party building. By conducting annual inspections and assessments, the supervision of law firms and lawyers' practice activities will be further strengthened, the practice of lawyers will be standardized, and the healthy development of the lawyers industry in our city will be promoted.

、严格实习人员面试考核。 3. Strict interview and assessment of interns. Adhere to strict admissions of lawyers, adhere to comprehensive assessment of behavior, linguistic expression, business skills, professional ethics, professional discipline, and political quality of personnel applying for a lawyer's practice internship, and guide trainees to rationally position career planning and interests Objectives to improve the level of practising ability.

、严厉查处律师事务所和律师违规执业行为。 4. Strictly investigate and deal with illegal practices of law firms and lawyers. Organize forces to carry out careful verification and verification in accordance with laws and regulations in a timely manner on the complained cases, convene a meeting to conduct specific research and analysis, and put forward handling opinions in strict accordance with regulations. Through investigations, law firms and lawyers are encouraged to regulate their practice.





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