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Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan of the 2016 “6.26” National Anti-drug Publicity Month in Nanning Judicial Administration System

Release time: 2016-06-24 10:11

79South Stone [ 2016 ] No. 79

County, district, and development zone judicial bureaus:

6号)精神,进一步 推动禁毒人民战争的深入开展, 根据南宁市禁毒办《南宁市2016年“ 6.26 ”全民禁毒宣传月活动实施方案》要求,结合“ 6.26 ”国际禁毒日主题宣传,决定在全市范围内组织开展为期一个月的“全民禁毒宣传月”活动。 In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening Anti-drug Work" (Zhongfa [ 2014 ] No. 6 ), and to further promote the in-depth war of people against drugs, according to Nanning 2016 " 6.26 " the entire population The " Implementation Plan for Anti-Drug Awareness Month Activities " requires that, in conjunction with the theme publicity of " 6.26 " International Anti-Drug Day, it is decided to organize a one-month "National Anti-Drug Awareness Month" activity within the city. 年“ 6.26 ”全民禁毒宣传月活动实施方案》印发给你们,请认真贯彻落实。 In order to ensure the effectiveness of the event, the "Nanning Judicial Administration System 2016 " 6.26 "National Anti-drug Publicity Month Campaign Implementation Plan" is now issued to you, please implement it carefully.

Hereby notified.


                           622 June 22 , 2016

年“ 6.26Nanning Judicial Administration System 2016 " 6.26 "

Implementation Plan of Anti-drug Publicity Month


6号)精神,进一步推动禁毒人民战争的深入开展,根据南宁市禁毒办《南宁市2016年“ 6.26 ”全民禁毒宣传月活动实施方案》要求,以“ 6.26 ”国际禁毒日宣传为契机,开展“全民禁毒宣传月”活动,继续深化中小学毒品预防教育工作,把禁毒宣传教育阵地从校园延伸至社区、家庭,营造家庭参与,学校联动、社区响应参与的全民禁毒的氛围。 In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening Anti-drug Work" (Zhongfa [ 2014 ] No. 6 ), and to further promote the in-depth war of people against drugs, according to Nanning City's 2016 " 6.26 " nationwide The "Implementation Plan for Anti-Drug Awareness Month Activities" requires that the " 6.26 " International Anti-Drug Day Promotion be used as an opportunity to launch a "National Anti-Drug Awareness Month" campaign, continue to deepen drug prevention education in primary and secondary schools, and extend anti-drug publicity and education positions from campus to communities and families. To create an atmosphere of anti-drug for the whole people with family participation, school linkage, and community response and participation.

I. Organizational Leadership

Establish a leading group for drug advocacy and education activities in the municipal judicial administrative system. Huang Youguang, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Municipal Judiciary Bureau, served as the team leader; Yin Yanhong, Deputy Director of the Party Group and Deputy Commissioner of the Municipal Judicial Bureau; members included: the directors of the Judicial Bureau of each county, development zone, and the staff of the Legal Department of the Municipal Judicial Bureau. The leading group has an office in the Law and Propaganda Section, and the director is headed by Xie Jiewen, the head of the Law and Propaganda Section, who is responsible for guiding and coordinating the daily work of anti-drug publicity and education activities in the city's judicial administrative system.

Second, publicity content

(1) The policies and policies of the Party and the government in the fight against drugs; the firm stance and determination of the party and the government in the fight against drugs; the laws and regulations on drugs and the rewards and telephone numbers of drug reports in Nanning; the situation and tasks of the fight against drugs; Results of the war and heroes of the anti-drug front; drug knowledge and harm; basic common sense of anti-drug and anti-drug.

(2) Propaganda slogans (attached)

Work measures

(1) Carry out thematic publicity activities with important contents such as the Anti-Drug Law, the Anti-Drug Regulations, and the Nanning Municipality's Reporting and Rewarding Measures for Drug Offenses and Crimes, and build awareness of drug participation among the entire population.

围绕《禁毒法》、《禁毒条例》、《南宁市毒品违法犯罪举报奖励办法》的具体内容,结合司法行政工作职能和当地情况开展禁毒宣传 ,在“ 6.26 ”禁毒月期间,出版一期以毒品预防宣传教育工作为主题的禁毒宣传板报, 因地制宜地利用圩日、节假日等人流集中的时机,采取流动宣传车、宣传小分队、广贴招贴画、悬挂横幅、摆放展板、散发材料、播放视频、开展咨询讲解、座谈交流、群众互动等灵活多样、简便易行、易于接受的形式,深入到企业、社区、家庭、圩镇、村屯等基层一线开展禁毒宣传教育活动。 1. Focusing on the specific content of the Anti-Drug Law, the Anti-Drug Regulations, and the Nanning City's Reporting and Rewarding Measures for Drug Offenses and Combining Judicial Administrative Functions and Local Situations, an anti-drug propaganda campaign will be published, and one issue will be published during the " 6.26 " anti-drug month. The anti-drug propaganda board with the theme of drug prevention propaganda and education work, adapted to local conditions and taking advantage of crowded days such as the following day and holidays, adopted mobile propaganda vehicles, propaganda teams, posters, banners, display boards, distribution materials, broadcast Videos, consultations, seminars, and interactions with the public are flexible, easy to implement, and easy-to-accept forms that are integrated into the grass-roots enterprises, communities, families, towns, villages, and other areas to carry out anti-drug publicity and education activities.

发挥电视、广播、报纸、互联网、微博等大众媒体的传播优势加强宣传,充分利用公共场所的电子屏、宣传栏开展宣传活动,扩大宣传面,营造良好的禁毒氛围。 2. Take advantage of the mass media's communication advantages such as television, radio, newspapers, the Internet, and Weibo to strengthen publicity, make full use of the electronic screens and bulletin boards in public places to carry out publicity activities, expand the scope of publicity, and create a good anti-drug atmosphere.

开展“不让毒品进校园”、“对合成毒品说NO 、“小手拉大手” 等禁毒与法治宣传活动 配合建立学校与学生家庭毒品预防教育联动机制, 确保“学生无吸毒、学校无毒品”目标的实现。 (2) Cooperate with education departments to carry out anti-drug and rule of law propaganda activities such as "no drugs on campus", " NO to synthetic drugs" , "little hands and big hands" , and cooperate with the establishment of a school-student family drug prevention education linkage mechanism to ensure that "students To achieve the goal of "no drugs, no drugs in schools".

(3) In conjunction with the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation, the trade union and other departments, targeted drug adolescents, migrant youths and left-behind children in the community will be provided with anti-drug publicity and education. Cooperate with relevant units to widely launch anti-drug volunteers, anti-drug social workers, and enthusiastic public welfare personnel, based on communities, streets, and villages, to organize and carry out propaganda and education activities in various forms, popular with the people, and entertaining;

联合禁毒部门,配合 开展 百万禁毒志愿者进千万家庭活动 ,进一步延伸触角, 利用大中学生暑期 三下乡 等社会实践机会,开展 送知识、送资料、送关怀 为主要内容的 百万禁毒志愿者进千万家庭 活动 ,不断推动禁毒宣传教育向纵深发展。 (4) Cooperating with the anti-drug department and cooperating with the Millions of Anti-Drug Volunteers Entering Ten Thousand Families Campaign to further extend their tentacles, and use social practice opportunities such as three trips to the countryside ” for college and middle school students in the summer to carry out send knowledge, send materials, send " Caring " is the main content of the " Millions of Anti-Drug Volunteers Entering Ten Million Families " activity , which continuously promotes the development of anti-drug publicity and education.

(5) Select typical cases, cases, deeds and experiences, effectively use the propaganda power of mainstream media and new media, organize mass media and public media intervention, tracking and recording, and conduct high-quality, multi-angle, and multi-form propaganda reports. The whole society has set off a strong atmosphere of anti-drug public opinion.

创新方式营造禁毒宣传新氛围。 (6) Innovate ways to create a new atmosphere for anti-drug publicity. 宣传资料(折页)、挂图,将当前群众关心的毒驾、合成毒品危害、毒品犯罪举报奖励办法等纳入宣传内容。 You can print your own propaganda materials (folders) and wall charts based on the characteristics of the work in the new situation , and include drug driving, synthetic drug hazards, and drug crime reporting and reward methods that are of current concern to the public. While carrying out online and offline activities, we have vigorously promoted WeChat public accounts such as "China Anti-Drug" and "Nanning Anti-Drug" through "pushing and scanning QR codes" to expand the audience of anti-drug publicity.

(7) Organize an online visit to the China Anti-Drug Digital Exhibition Hall. The Office of the National Anti-Drugs Commission and the China Anti-Drug Foundation jointly established the China Anti-Drugs Digital Exhibition Hall, which is rich in content. In addition to all the contents of drug knowledge, harm, prevention, and detoxification, it also contains national anti-drug policies, laws and regulations, The history of anti-drug, Chinese and foreign drugs, memorabilia, international conventions and other contents allow visitors to understand the drug-related knowledge more directly. http://www.626china.org Log in to the China Anti-Drug Digital Exhibition Hall through the Internet and visit the website: http://www.626china.org .

Work requirements

)精心组织,加强领导。 ( A ) carefully organize and strengthen leadership. We must fully understand the importance and necessity of carrying out anti-drug publicity and education activities. We must conscientiously perform the duties of anti-drug work in accordance with the responsibilities set forth in the Anti-Drug Law, study and formulate work plans as soon as possible, carefully organize and effectively implement various anti-drug publicity and education measures. The implementation of this work will be an important part of the evaluation of anti-drug work this year, and all relevant units are requested to carefully implement it.

)协调指导,确保实效。 ( 2 ) Coordinate and guide to ensure effective results. It is necessary to strengthen the overall coordination and coordination of publicity and education activities, and to inspect and guide the activities carried out by various units. Actively strengthen coordination and communication with local drug control offices to ensure that centralized publicity and education activities are diversified in form, rich in content, and have a large impact and good results.

)围绕主题,突出重点。 ( 3 ) Focus on the theme and highlight the key points. It is necessary to focus on the theme of propaganda, with the promotion of the Anti-Drug Law, the People ’s War on Drugs, the hazards of new drugs, and the rewards and methods of reporting drug crimes as the main content. Increase the intensity and breadth of publicity.

(4) Strengthen supervision and strict evaluation. 禁毒宣传活动情况,积极组织撰写信息和投稿。 All counties (districts) should collect and sort out 6.26 anti-drug publicity activities in a timely manner, and actively organize the writing and submission of information. 28日前将禁毒宣传活动方案、信息、总结及图片资料报 市司法局法宣科。 The program, information, summary and pictures of anti-drug publicity activities will be reported to the Law Promotion Department of the Municipal Judicial Bureau before June 28 .  

    宣传标语 Attachment: 1. Slogan

         禁毒相关微信二维码、中国禁毒数字展览馆网址 2. Anti-drug related WeChat QR code, China Anti-drug Digital Exhibition Website



622 June 22 , 2016

Annex 1 :



1,         Take action and participate in the fight against drugs.

2,         Cherish life and reject drugs.

3.         Don't touch drugs, don't make friends.

4.         Everyone has a responsibility to guard against drugs.

5.         Eliminate the poison, benefit the country and the people.

6.         Drugs are a social hazard to humankind.

7.         Drug abuse is the bane of crime.

8,         Drugs continue for a day, and drug control continues for more than a day.

9,         Toxic drugs must be eliminated, drug trafficking must be punished, drug poisoning must be investigated, and drug abuse must be abstained.

禁绝毒品,功在当代,利在千秋。 10. The ban on drugs is in the contemporary era, which is beneficial to all ages.

禁毒工作要持之以恒。 11. Persist in drug control.

厉行禁毒,严厉打击毒品犯罪。 12, strictly enforce drug control, and crack down on drug crimes.

不让毒品进我家。 13. Don't let drugs enter my home.

学生不吸毒,校园无毒品。 14. Students do not use drugs, and the campus is drug-free.

扫除毒品危害,创建无毒岳池。 15. Eliminate drug hazards and create a non-toxic Yuechi.

抵制毒品,远离毒害。 16. Resist drugs and stay away from poison.

毒品祸国殃民,禁毒国泰民顺。 17. Drugs harm the country and the people , and the drug control country Thai and Minshun.

群策群力参与禁毒,同心同德珍爱生命。 18. Participate in anti-drug activities and work together to cherish life.

扫毒常抓不懈,禁毒警钟长鸣。 19, anti-drugs often make unremitting efforts, anti-drug alarm bells long.

众志成城,共铸利剑斩毒魔。 20, the city is united, and a sword is created to cut poison.


Annex 2 :


Anti-drug related WeChat QR code, China Anti-drug Digital Exhibition Website

中国禁毒微信: 1. China's anti-drug WeChat:

南宁禁毒微信: 2. Nanning anti-drug WeChat:


name   Name: Nanning anti-drug

WeChat: nanningjindu

中国禁毒数字展览馆: 网址: http://www.626china.org 3. China Anti-drug Digital Exhibition Hall: Website: http://www.626china.org


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