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Nanning Judicial Bureau's 2015 Public Comment Suggestions for Rectification Plan

Release time: 2016-09-28 15:15

关于做好2015年度南宁市机关绩效考评公众评议意见建议梳理整改工作的通知 》精神,我局高度重视公众评议整改工作,召开了专题会议,指派专人负责,认真梳理了各单位及服务对象对司法行政工作所提的意见和建议,为确保本次整改工作落实到位,特制定以下整改方案。 In accordance with the spirit of the Notice of the Municipal Performance Office on Doing a Good Job in the Public Appraisal and Evaluation of Nanning Organs in 2015 , the Bureau attached great importance to the public appraisal and rectification work, held a special meeting, assigned a special person to take charge, and carefully reviewed the units. In order to ensure the implementation of the rectification work, the following rectification plans are formulated to ensure the implementation of the rectification work.

整改目标 I. Rectification goals

以“七五”普法启动为契机,结合工作实际,加大我市法治宣传教育工作力度,抓重点、抓关键,深入开展系列活动,创新法治宣传工作方式,增强工作实效,提高全民的法治意识。 (1) Taking the opportunity of the launch of the "July Five" law as an opportunity, combining with the actual work, we will strengthen the publicity and education of the rule of law in our city, focus on the key points and the key points, carry out a series of activities, innovate the publicity of the rule of law, enhance the effectiveness of the work, and improve the people Awareness of the rule of law.

通过加强律师队伍建设,组织开展法律服务活动,创新法律服务方式,打造法律服务品牌,为促进南宁经济社会发展提供法律保障。 (2) Through strengthening the construction of lawyers, organizing and carrying out legal service activities, innovating legal service methods, building legal service brands, and providing legal guarantees for the economic and social development of Nanning.

整改对象 Objects for rectification

重点加强领导干部、青少年和农民的法治宣传教育工作。 (1) Focus on strengthening the promotion and education of the rule of law among leading cadres, youth and farmers.

重点加强对律师事务所执业律师职业道德和执业纪律教育工作。 (II) Focus on strengthening professional ethics and practice discipline education for lawyers in law firms.

完成时限 Third, completion time limit

1230 December 30 , 2016

整改措施 Fourth, rectification measures

(I) Propaganda and Education of the Rule of Law

、制定年度普法工作要点和全市“七五”普法规划,确保普法工作有序开展 1. Draw up the main points of the annual law popularization work and the city's "Seventh Five-Year Plan" law popularization plan to ensure that the law popularization work is carried out in an orderly manner

年全国、自治区普法依法治理工作的部署,在认真总结“六五”普法工作经验的基础上,于4月份制定下发年度普法依法治理工作要点和重点工作实施方案,对全市年度普法工作进行统筹部署,细化各县区(开发区)、各成员单位的目标任务,明确年度普法的重点内容以及方法措施,指导全市普法工作。 Based on the deployment of the law and governance work in 2016 in the country and autonomous regions, and based on a careful summary of the work experience of the "sixth five-year plan", we will formulate and publish the key points and implementation plans for the annual law and governance work in April . Carry out overall deployment, refine the target tasks of each county (development zone) and each member unit, clarify the key content and methods of annual law popularization, and guide the city's law popularization work.

月初起草南宁市“七五”普法规划(初稿),并进行专题调研,召开规划起草工作座谈会,广泛征求意见建议,于2016年年底前印发。 On the basis of summing up the city ’s “sixth five-year plan” law popularization experience and existing problems and countermeasures, it is planned to draft Nanning ’s “seventh five-year plan” law popularization plan (draft) in early August , and conduct special investigations and hold planning and drafting work seminars. , Widely solicit opinions and suggestions, issued before the end of 2016 .

、抓住“关键少数”,推进国家机关工作人员学法用法 2. Grasp the "key minority" and promote the use of law by staff of state organs

抓紧制定我市《国家工作人员学法用法制度实施意见》 ; 二是2016年年中举办“法治南宁讲堂” ——2016年全市领导干部法治讲座; 三是加强普法骨干培训,2016年年中举办“ 2016年南宁市普法骨干暨校外法治副校长培训班”, The first is to quickly formulate our city's "Implementation Opinions on the Implementation of the Law System for National Staff" ; the second is to hold a "rule of law Nanning lecture" in mid- 2016 -a lecture on the rule of law for leaders of the city in 2016; Mid-year held the “ 2016 Training Course for the Backbone of Backbone and Backbone Rule of Law in Nanning,” 四是10-11月组织全市新提拔领导干部学法考试; 五是11月份组织全市年度普法考试。 Further improve the legal quality and professional level of the backbone of the popularization of law and vice-principals of the rule of law outside the school ; the fourth is to organize the city's new promotion of leading cadres in October and November ; the fifth is to organize the city's annual law popularization test in November .

、加强协作,多措并举,推进青少年法治宣传教育 3. Strengthen collaboration, take multiple measures, and promote youth law and education

The first is to improve the system of vice-principals of rule of law outside primary and secondary schools, and give full play to the role of education and guidance of vice-principals of the rule of law. 2016 上半年完成市直中小学校校外法治副校长换届选聘工作,并组织法治副校长专项培训班;年底以前完成各县区所属中小学的法治副校长选聘和培训工作,进一步完善法治副校长对中小学校法治宣传教育工作的指导、协调机制,规范法治副校长的工作职责及考核标准,科学设置法治副校长培训内容,发挥法治副校长的教育引导作用。 It is planned that in the first half of 2016 , the selection and appointment of deputy heads of the rule of law outside the municipal primary and secondary schools will be completed, and special training classes for deputy heads of rule of law will be organized. The deputy principal's guidance and coordination mechanism for the promotion and education of the rule of law in primary and secondary schools, standardizing the duties and assessment standards of the deputy principal of the rule of law, scientifically setting the training content of the deputy principal of the rule of law, and giving play to the role of education and guidance of the deputy principal of the rule of law.

The second is to explore the establishment of a legal advisory system for primary and secondary schools. During the Seventh Five-Year Plan period, we continued to explore the establishment of a legal advisory system for primary and secondary schools in our city, strengthened cooperation with education departments and lawyers associations, and recommended outstanding lawyers to serve as legal advisors to primary and secondary schools.

The third is to further improve the evaluation system for the rule of law education in schools. 2016 进一步完善法律进学校、青少年法治教育等方面的考评细则,以更好地指导实践。 Combining with the new situation and new content of the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" law popularization, in 2016 , we will further improve the details of the evaluation of laws entering schools and juvenile legal education in order to better guide practice.

The fourth is to strengthen the construction of a model base for juvenile legal education. 年建设的法治文化教育基地,特别是以面向学生开展教育活动为主的青少年法治宣传教育基地,于2016年初出台管理办法,与教育部门联手,促进法治教育活动的常态化、规范化开展, 充分发挥法治教育基地的作用,将基地建设成为学校法治教育活动的第二课堂, 提升青少年法治宣传教育效果。 Aimed at the rule of law culture and education base built in 2015 , especially the youth rule of law education and education base mainly for education activities for students, introduced management measures in early 2016 to work with the education sector to promote the normalization and standardization of rule of law education activities. Give full play to the role of the rule of law education base, build the base into the second classroom of school rule of law education activities, and improve the effect of juvenile rule of law education.

、加强农村法治宣传基础设施和法律服务体系建设 4.Strengthening the construction of the infrastructure for promoting the rule of law in rural areas and the legal service system

The first is to strengthen the construction of publicity positions for the rule of law in villages (residences). 年初制定《南宁市电子法治宣传栏和法治文化教育基地管理制度》,把电子法治宣传栏运行和法治文化教育基地使用情况列入对县(区)、开发区司法局的考评检查内容,保证电子法治宣传栏和法治文化教育基地正常运行,定期更新发布信息,加强法治宣传教育活动。 In order to strengthen the construction of public facilities for the promotion of the rule of law in rural grass-roots units, and further implement it as a non-governmental practical project, make full use of the role of community (village) electronic rule of law bulletin boards and rule of law publicity bases. Management System ", including the operation of the electronic rule of law publicity column and the use of the rule of law cultural education base in the evaluation of the county (district) and development zone judicial bureaus to ensure the normal operation of the electronic rule of law publicity column and the rule of law cultural education base, regularly updated and released Information, and strengthen publicity and education activities on the rule of law. 年计划于中和乡那例村和新安村各建设一个法治宣传教育阵地。 In order to strengthen the publicity of the rule of law in poverty alleviation sites, in 2016 , it is planned to build a rule of law publicity and education position in Nalu Village and Xinan Village, Zhonghe Township.

The second is to further promote the construction of public legal services. 落实 为民办实事工程为基层群众提供法律服务项目, 按照“一平台六中心” (信息化综合管理平台,人民调解、社区矫正、安置帮教、法律援助、法治宣传教育中心以及温馨之家·贴心服务法律服务中心)的 标准建设12个县区公共法律服务中心和104个乡镇公共法律工作站,预计12月底投入使用。 Carry out legal service projects for private real-life projects and provide grass-roots people. In accordance with the "one platform and six centers" (informatized integrated management platform, people's mediation, community correction, resettlement assistance, legal aid, rule of law propaganda and education center, and home of warmth and intimateness) Service legal service center) standard 12 county and district public law service centers and 104 township public law workstations are expected to be put into use by the end of December . 月投入使用。 The city-level public legal service center has completed the renovation according to the "six centers" standard and is expected to be put into use in October this year.

The third is to strengthen the construction of rural law popularization teams. It is required that the judicial bureaus of all counties, districts, and development zones shall organize a training course for the backbone of the law in all counties (districts), units and township judicial offices. All judicial offices organize cadres of the two village committees, people's mediators and other grass-roots staff to carry out legal training.

、组织开展各类法治宣传活动,营造良好法治氛围 5. Organize various publicity activities for the rule of law to create a good atmosphere of the rule of law

We will continue to focus on the center, serve the overall situation, and publicize the Constitution and the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics. 演练活动、网站、微信、微博、广播电台等方式和载体, 开展各类专项法治宣传教育活动,在2016年计划开展 “弘扬法治精神,维护公共安全”主题系列宣传 等各类法治宣传活动。 Actively carry out various types of special law promotion and education activities through means and carriers such as lectures on the rule of law, six-legged law, drills, websites, WeChat, Weibo, and radio stations . In 2016 , the theme of “Promoting the Spirit of the Rule of Law and Maintaining Public Safety” is planned A series of publicity and other publicity activities on the rule of law.

、推行互联网+模式,扩大普法宣传面和知晓率 6. Promote the Internet + model and expand the publicity and awareness rate of law popularization

互联网+法治宣传+法律服务 普法新模式 ,着力打造南宁普法网、南宁普法在线微信、南宁普法官方微博等平台,及时发布普法依法治理工作信息。 In order to comply with the requirements of the new situation, we will fully implement the new model of Internet + Rule of Law Propaganda + Legal Service law popularization , and strive to build platforms such as Nanning Law Fa, Nanning Law Fa Online WeChat, Nanning Law Fa official Weibo and other platforms, and timely release of law and law governance work information. 加强与广播电视、报纸期刊、互联网和手机媒体等大众传媒的协调合作, 开辟普法新栏目。 At the same time, it will strengthen coordination and cooperation with the mass media such as radio and television, newspapers and periodicals, the Internet, and mobile media, and open up new columns for law popularization. 月份起与南宁广播电台1014频道合作开办普法栏目,将法律知识通俗易懂的呈现在听众面前。 Since March of this year, we have cooperated with Nanning Broadcasting Station 1014 to launch a law popularization program, which will present legal knowledge to audiences.

、构建大普法格局,推进“谁执法谁普法”责任制落实 7. Establish a pattern of general law popularization, and promote the implementation of the "who enforces law and popularizes law" responsibility system

年出台南宁市“谁执法谁普法”责任制实施方案。 Further improve the law promotion and education mechanism, and under the leadership of party committees and governments at all levels, promote the publicity, culture, education departments and people's organizations to play a full role in law education, mobilize the strength of all parties in the society, and form an overall synergy; promote the implementation of " The law enforcement responsibility system of “Who enforces the law and popularizes the law” and “Who is in charge of who is responsible”, implements the responsibility for law popularization of various departments, industries, and social units, establishes and improves the law popularization assessment mechanism and assessment standards, and strengthens the use of assessment results. Implementation plan of the responsibility system of "who enforces law and popularizes law" in Nanning.

(2) Management of lawyers

、严格依法审查,把好律师执业准入关 1. Strictly review in accordance with the law and ensure good lawyers' admission

20 日的法定办结时限内进行初审, 对申请材料齐全、符合法定形式的,报自治区司法厅审核,由自治区司法厅对申请人作出行政许可。 In strict accordance with the Lawyers Law, the Lawyers' Practice Management Measures, and the Administrative Licensing Law and other laws, regulations, and rules, as well as the requirements of the Ministry of Justice and the Autonomous Region's Judicial Department, the application materials submitted by the applicants were submitted on the 20th . The preliminary examination shall be conducted within the time limit for statutory office completion. If the application materials are complete and conform to the legal form , they shall be submitted to the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region for review, and the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region shall give administrative approval to the applicant. , 20167月前完成全市律师事务所2015年度检查考核工作。 In the process of accepting applications and preliminary review of materials, the Office strictly controlled the situation, and publicized the situation of Nanning Law Firm and lawyers in time through the website of the City Bar Association, and timely updated the information through the annual assessment of lawyers' practice , in July 2016. Completed the 2015 inspection and assessment work of the city's law firms.

、强化监督管理,促进律师事业健康发展 2. Strengthen supervision and management and promote the healthy development of lawyers

The first is to strengthen and improve the practice environment of lawyers. Study and implement the spirit of the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Lawyer System" issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council, further strengthen coordination with the public prosecution law organs, and promote the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of National Security, and the Ministry of Justice. The "Provisions on Protecting Lawyers' Practicing Rights in Accordance with the Law" grants lawyers the right to practice.

The second is to comprehensively strengthen the team of lawyers. Effectively strengthen the professional ethics and business construction of the city's lawyer team. 2016 有针对性地开展专业培训,进一步提升律师事务所负责人的政治素养和管理能力,抓好律师事务所内部规范化管理,推动我市律师业健康发展。 It is planned to carry out targeted professional training in 2016 to further enhance the political literacy and management capabilities of the law firm leaders, to do a good job in the law firm's internal standardized management, and to promote the healthy development of the city's lawyer industry.

The third is to strengthen the party building of the lawyer team. Give full play to the role of party branches and strengthen the party spirit education of lawyer party members. 2016 年在全市律师党员中 积极开展“两学一做”学习教育,不断提高律师党员的思想政治素质。 Combining with the characteristics of the lawyer industry, in 2016 , he actively carried out the "two studies, one action" study and education among lawyer party members in the city , and continuously improved the ideological and political quality of lawyer party members. Communicate the party's line, principles and policies to lawyer party members in a timely manner, guide the majority of lawyer party members to enhance their sense of honor and social responsibility, practice with integrity, and strengthen the cohesion of lawyer party organizations, and give full play to the active role of lawyers in maintaining social fairness and justice.

The fourth is to actively participate in the construction of the public legal service system. Accelerate the establishment of a legal service platform and promote the construction of a public legal service system. Organize lawyers to provide public welfare legal services to the general public through the public legal service platform, and contribute to the work of legal workers for economic and social construction and democratic rule of law.


928 September 28 , 2016  



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