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Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Nanning City Judicial Administrative System In-depth Implementation of the" Five Investigations and Five Rectifications "Special Action Work Plan for Comprehensive and Strict Police Management"

Release time: 2017-06-13 09:30

Counties (districts), development zone judicial bureaus, municipal bureau branches, offices, and offices, and municipal legal aid centers:

The "Nanning City Judicial Administration System's In-depth Implementation of the" Five Investigations and Five Rectifications "Special Action Work Plan" is now issued to you. Please carefully organize your study and implementation.



527 May 27 , 2017   


Judicial Administration System of Nanning City Carries out Comprehensive and Strict

"Five Investigations and Five Rectifications" Special Action Work Plan


In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important speech during his inspection of Guangxi, and implement the spirit of the important instructions given by Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, to the construction of the political and legal team, and the spirit of the strict police conference in the region and the city According to the deployment requirements of the Politics and Law Commission and the actual situation of the judicial administrative work of our city, the special action plan of the city's judicial administrative system to carry out comprehensive and strict police "five investigations and five rectifications" is as follows:

I. Guiding ideology and goals

全面从严治警 “五查五整顿”专项行动,坚持从严从实,坚持问题导向,着力查找司法行政队伍在思想、纪律、作风、担当、管理等方面存在的突出问题,压实责任,推动工作, 有效遏制执法不严、司法不公甚至司法腐败问题,使严格执法、公正司法成为司法行政干部职工自觉行动,努力 建设一支信念坚定、执法为民、敢于担当、清正廉洁的司法行政队伍,为 切实抓好“ 1512 ”工作思路落地生效, 全力推 Earnestly study and implement the spirit of the important speeches of the 18th National Congress of the Party, the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Plenary Sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of new speeches and new ideas and strategies for governing the country. Govern the Party strictly, strictly govern officials, strengthen political responsibility, highlight the "four consciousness", closely follow the general requirements of "five excellent", and establish the "gravity, political governance, loyalty, gravity" The new concept of the work of killing the crime and keeping the bottom line and focusing on the police to establish a new trend revolves around the special action of “five investigations and five rectifications” to strictly and rigorously police the police . Outstanding problems in style, responsibility, management, etc., compacting responsibilities, promoting work, effectively curbing lax law enforcement, judicial injustice and even judicial corruption, making strict law enforcement and fair justice a conscious action of staff and workers of judicial administration, and striving to build a firm conviction, law enforcement people, the courage to play, clean and honest administration of justice team, as earnestly "1512" the work of thinking landing into force, to push Ping An Nanning, Rule of Law Nanning, and strong teams will take a new level of construction to provide strong organizational guarantees, accelerate the "six major upgrades" project for the capital, accelerate the completion of "four cities", and be brave when Guangxi builds the "three ecology" and realizes The goal of the "two builds" is to create a safe and stable social environment, a fair and just environment for the rule of law, and a high-quality and efficient service environment, and to greet the party's 19th National Congress with great achievements.

2. The main contents of "Five Investigations and Five Rectifications"

Adhere to the problem orientation, focus on the weak links, focus on the following five aspects of in-depth self-inspection, self-correction and rectification.

(1) Check the thinking and focus on rectifying the landslide of ideals and beliefs. 讲攀比 贪图享受,漠视甚至侵害群众利益等 问题 进行自查自纠 The focus is on self-examination and self-correction on the ideals and beliefs of the judicial administrative team, the weak thinking of law enforcement for the people, the mental "calcium deficiency", stressing comparison and greed for enjoyment, and disregarding or even infringing on the interests of the masses . 忠诚、为民、担当、公正、廉洁的政法干警核心价值观, 打牢信念坚定、忠诚使命的思想基础。 Learning from the cases of violations of laws and disciplines that have occurred in the judicial administrative system in recent years, education and guidance of cadres and staff have been used to solve the problem of "who has power, for whom law enforcement, and for whom", and establish " loyalty, for the people, The core values of political, legal, and police officers are “to be responsible, fair, and honest , and to lay a solid foundation for their ideological conviction and loyalty. 核心意识、看齐意识,紧紧团结在以习近平同志为核心的党中央周围,坚决维护党中央的权威,做到党中央提倡的坚决响应,党中央决定的坚决照办,党中央禁止的坚决不做,任何时候都不在贯彻执行党的路线方针政策上打折扣、做选择、搞变通,做政治上的明白人 It is necessary to earnestly enhance political awareness, overall situation awareness, core awareness, and alignment awareness, unite tightly around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, resolutely safeguard the authority of the Party Central Committee, and achieve a firm response advocated by the Party Central Committee and a determined decision by the Party Central Committee . In accordance with the regulations, the Party Central Committee resolutely refrains from doing it, and at no time will it discount, make choices, make changes, and be politically understandable in implementing the Party's line, principles, and policies .

(2) Check the discipline and focus on rectification. Focusing on the weak awareness of the discipline of the judicial administration team, there are imperfections and restrictions, violations of political discipline, organizational discipline, clean government discipline, mass discipline, work discipline, life discipline and other issues, as well as violation of the spirit of the eight central regulations, the Ministry of Justice Iron bans such as "Six Prohibitions", "Six Uniforms" and "Six Never Allowed", self-examination and self-correction of the "Six Prohibitions" of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Autonomous Region, and "six prohibitions" of rectification of party members and cadres. 党章党规、法律法规, 教育引导广大干部职工严守党的政治纪律和政治规矩,政治上讲忠诚、组织上讲服从、行动上讲纪律,切实做到明底线、知边界、不越轨。 We must conscientiously study and contrast the party rules, regulations, laws and regulations, educate and guide the broad masses of cadres and workers to strictly observe the party's political discipline and political rules, be politically loyal, organizationally obedient, and operationally disciplined. Deviant. It is necessary to strictly implement the reporting system for major issues, and resolutely prevent bypassing the competent authorities, and resolutely prevent problems such as cutting off first, or even failing to play off, or false reports.

(3) Check the style of work and focus on rectifying the problems of inaccuracies. 存在的形式主义、官僚主义、享乐主义、奢靡之 风,宗旨意识淡化、群众观念淡薄, 对待群众冷硬横推、慵懒松散拖等问题进行自查自纠,严肃处理吃拿卡要、与民争利等损害群众利益的突出问题 Focus on self-examination and self-correction on the problems of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism, extravagance of the judicial administrative team , diminishing the purpose and consciousness of the masses, treating the masses with sternness, laziness, and laziness Obvious issues that damage the interests of the masses , such as taking cards and competing with the people for benefits . 坚持思想教育、制度约束、多方督查、及时查处、责任倒查相结合, 针对社区戒毒、社区矫正、公证服务、法律援助等窗口单位和关键环节,建立透明、便民的司法行政新机制,建立纪律作风监督机制,建立群众反映问题及时核查机制,从源头上预防和减少司法行政 作风问题发生。 We must adhere to the combination of ideological education, institutional constraints, multi-party supervision, timely investigation and punishment, and reverse investigation, and establish a transparent and convenient judicial administrative new mechanism for window units and key links such as community drug treatment, community correction, notary services, and legal aid. Establish a disciplinary style supervision mechanism, a timely verification mechanism for the masses to report problems, and prevent and reduce judicial administrative style problems from the source .

(4) Investigation and responsibility, focusing on rectifying the problems of inaction and disorder. 敷衍塞责、 不敢担当、不愿担当、矛盾上交等问题进行自查自纠。 Focus on the enforcement of the judicial administrative team is not strong, non-standard, work is not thinking aggressive, slow action, pass and pass, in the face of contradictions and difficulties to push the skin, perfunctory, dare not to take responsibility, unwilling to take responsibility, contradictions and other issues Self-examination and self-correction. 提升司法行政公信力和群众满意度,推动司法行政事业改革发展。 It is necessary to educate and guide the broad masses of cadres and employees to establish a dare to assume their political character, perform their duties faithfully, and fulfill their loyal missions, strive to enhance the credibility of judicial administration and the satisfaction of the masses, and promote the reform and development of judicial administration. 切实做到守土有责、守土负责,守土尽责 Leaders at all levels and party members and cadres should dare to take responsibility, solve practical problems in places with great difficulties and conflicts, and resolve disputes in places where the public has a lot of opinions and grievances .

(5) Investigate management and focus on rectifying the problem of weak leadership responsibilities. 领导干部中存在的 法治意识、规矩意识淡薄,领导 作风漂浮、全面从严治党“一岗双责”落实不力、队伍管理松懈、监督检查不到位等问题进行自查自纠。 Focus on self-examination and self-examination on the issues of weak awareness of the rule of law and rules among judicial administrative teams and leading cadres, floating leadership style, inadequate implementation of the party's "one job, two responsibilities", lax team management, and insufficient supervision and inspection. correct. Party organizations at all levels should be urged to earnestly perform their main responsibilities, firmly establish the concept of "strict management is love," and dare to grasp and manage the judicial administrative team, and use their time in peacetime and often. Adhere to the formulation of the system and the implementation system, strict discipline and accountability, and tighten the cage of the system to ensure the strict implementation of the Party Discipline Law and the Iron Regulations ban in the judicial administration system.

Method steps

2017 5 月开始,主要分为五个阶段: The "five investigations and five rectifications" special operation began in May 2017 and is mainly divided into five phases:

52 31 日) (I) Learning Mobilization Stage ( May 2-31 , 2017 )

广泛进行动员部署。 1. Extensive mobilization deployment. 习近平总书记视察广西时的重要讲话精神、彭清华书记对政法队伍重要指示精神,贯彻落实黄世勇书 记在 5 2 日全区政法系统全面从严治警视频大会上的讲话精神,以及赵波厅长在 5 3 日全 区司法行政系统视频会议、杨维超书记在 5 24日全市政法系统开展全面 从严治警“五查五整顿”专项行动视频会议上的部署要求,确保从严治警不断深化、见到实效。 Organize the majority of cadres and staff to seriously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important speech when inspecting Guangxi, the spirit of Secretary Peng Qinghua ’s important instructions to the political and legal team, and implement Secretary Huang Shiyong ’s video conference on the comprehensive and strict administration of politics and law in the region on May 2 . The spirit of the speech, and Director Zhao Bo ’s video conference on the judicial administration system of the whole district on May 3 , and Secretary Yang Weichao ’s comprehensive enforcement of the “five investigations and five rectifications” special video conference on May 24 by the municipal law system . Deployment requirements ensure that the strict management of the police continues to deepen and see results.31日前完成全面部署,根据上级 关于开展“五查五整顿”专项行动 的部署要求开展活动。 All units should complete the comprehensive deployment before May 31 , and carry out activities in accordance with the deployment requirements of the superiors on the special action of "five investigations and five rectifications ." Educational guidance should be conducted extensively through special conferences, cadre and staff meetings, and various learning activities, so that the purpose and content of learning, deployment, mobilization, and activities must be in mind, and ensure that all cadres and workers are educated and improved.

组织学习铁规禁令和各项制度规定。 2. Organize the study of iron bans and regulations. 自治区纪委“十个严禁”和整治党员干部纵酒行为“六个严禁”;牢记司法部“六条禁令”、“六个一律”、“六个绝不允许”等铁规禁令;熟悉掌握《准则》《条例》等中央、自治区和市委关于加强作风建设的一系列纪律规定。 Study carefully the spirit of the eight central regulations, the "ten prohibitions" of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the autonomous region , and the "six prohibitions" of the party members and cadres, and keep in mind the "six prohibitions", "six regulations", and "six prohibitions" of the Ministry of Justice. Regulations and injunctions; familiar with a series of disciplinary regulations of the Central, Autonomous Region and Municipal Committees on strengthening the work style, such as the Guidelines and Regulations. In view of the different actualities and different characteristics of the grass-roots work of the government, it is necessary to focus on studying the various systems of attendance and appraisal, the law of financial brokerage, official reception vehicles, and on-duty management at all levels. It is necessary to educate cadres and employees to learn lessons from violations of the prohibition regulations that have occurred in the system in recent years, to enhance the "red line" consciousness of cadres and employees, to enhance the implementation of the system, and to make all iron regulations work and the bans to be powerful.

开展政法干警核心价值观和职业道德教育。 3. Carry out education on the core values and professional ethics of police officers. 信念坚定、执法为民、敢于担当、清正廉洁 的司法行政队伍。 Strengthen the education of core values and professional ethics and professional ethics of judicial administrative staff, learn the professional ethics of civil servants, and deeply understand the new requirements of "loyalty, dedication, fairness, integrity" for cadres and staff in the new period, and further address the cadres and staff. Regarding the issues of power, status, and interests, a judicial administration team with firm conviction, law enforcement for the people, the courage to assume responsibility, and integrity .

开展典型警示教育。 4. Carry out typical warning education. Adhere to the combination of positive guidance and negative warnings. On the basis of learning and publicizing the advanced models of the judicial administrative system of the country, the region and the city, increase the education of negative typical warnings, and organize ways to watch warning feature films and typical case analysis. Positive and negative cases, combined with cases of drunk driving, gambling, illegal lending, business, etc., to make case-by-case statements and case warnings to enhance the consciousness of the judicial administration team in complying with laws and regulations and the initiative to stay away from bad habits, and guide the city's judicial administrative cadres Staff self-respect, self-examination, and self-police.

61 30 日) (2) Self-examination and self-correction stage ( June 1-30 , 2017)

年度民主生活会征求的意见建议,结合群众来信来访投诉举报意见,深入排查梳理司法行政队伍在思想、纪律、作风、担当、管理等五个方面存在的突出问题。 Combining the feedback from the Central Inspection Team with "looking back", the "two studies, one action" study and education, and the opinions and suggestions solicited by the 2016 Democratic Life Conference, combined with complaints and reports from the masses, the investigation and review of the judicial administrative team's thinking, discipline, and style Outstanding problems in five aspects including management, responsibility and management.

组织开展自查自纠。 1. Organize self-inspection and self-correction. 组织干部职工进行自查自纠,坚持边查边改、立行立改。 Carefully check the party charter, party regulations, iron bans of the Ministry of Justice, and the requirements of professional standards and professional ethics of police and political officers, organize cadres and staff to conduct self-examination and self-correction, and insist on conducting inspections, reforms, and reforms.

广泛征求意见建议。 2. Widely solicit opinions and suggestions. Through the establishment of opinion boxes, seminars, online questionnaires, and the issuance of solicitation forms, the public was solicited and humbly listened to the opinions and suggestions of the judicial administrative organs and teams.

结合组织生活会开展专题评议。 3. Carry out thematic review in conjunction with the organization of life. In response to the problems identified by the investigation, the municipal party committee should guide the party branch to organize a semi-annual life meeting, organize party members and cadres to take the lead in contacting the actual situation, contact themselves to carry out criticism and self-criticism, analyze the problem and touch on the essence of the problem, and make good use of the party branch and party members. The role of the company will drive all cadres and employees to clarify the direction of improvement, make rectification commitments, and ensure that all employees are educated and that everyone has touch and gains.

71 8 31日) (3) Reform and establishment phase ( July 1 , 2017 - August 31 )

All units should check the problems presented, examine them carefully, study them carefully, and put forward the detailed rectification plan, and follow the principles of “easy first, then difficult, first and then later”, and implement the rectification one by one. For the issues that are most commonly concerned and reflected by the masses and have a bad social impact, we must put them first and make reforms. For issues that cannot be rectified in one step for the time being, we must clarify the time point, consolidate the responsibility for rectification, and ensure that the rectification tasks are quality-oriented It should be completed on time and on time; for problems that require long-term rectification, we should start with the establishment of a chapter and establish a system, and continue to work hard to do a good job.

2017 9 1 30 日) (IV) Inspection and acceptance stage ( September 1-30 , 2017)

单位要对照整改情况进行自我完善、自我检查,做好工作总结和查漏补缺,做好材料收集归档,随时接受区厅和市委政法委的检查验收。 All units should perform self-improvement and self-checking in accordance with the rectification situation, do a good job summary and check for leaks, fill in and archive materials, and accept the inspection and acceptance of the District Office and the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee at any time. The municipal bureau will take a variety of forms such as spot inspections, key spot checks, random spot checks, etc., and look for problems and rectification implementation checklists (see annex) for each unit and department, and check and urge the implementation of rectification tasks. 思想认识是否到位、纪律规矩意识是否牢固、作风是否确实好转、担当精神是否增强、管理责任是否落实,以及执法行为是否规范、执法质量是否提高、涉法涉诉信访反映的问题是否得到解决、发生的违法违纪案件中是否依法依规严肃查处、查摆问题整改工作是否到位。 Focus on the "Ten Nos": whether the ideological understanding is in place, whether the discipline and consciousness is firm, whether the work style is really improved, whether the spirit of responsibility is enhanced, whether the management responsibilities are implemented, whether the law enforcement behavior is standardized, whether the quality of law enforcement is improved, and letters and complaints are filed Whether the problems reflected have been resolved, whether serious violations of laws and disciplines have been investigated and dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations, and whether the rectification of the problems is in place.

(V) Consolidation and expansion stage

Governing the police rigorously and comprehensively is the eternal theme of strengthening the construction of the judicial administrative team. All units should learn to make good use of the valuable experience accumulated in the special action, and constantly summarize and promote the effective practices and highlights formed by the unit in the special action to guide the five major constructions and twelve business work, and the effectiveness of the special action To test the completion of public legal service system and judicial administration informatization construction, "doing practical things for the people" and other tasks, to further consolidate and expand the results, and continue to deepen special actions. It is necessary to promote the normalization and institutionalization of special actions, and pay close attention to ideological and political, organizational systems, and discipline style construction. It is necessary to strengthen daily supervision and management, deepen accountability for disciplinary enforcement, and strive to form a new normal for strict and comprehensive police administration.

Work requirements

全面从严治警 “五查五整顿”专项行动作为当前的一项重要政治任务,各级领导干部要做出示范,市局机关各部门要带头查改整治,全面覆盖全市司法行政队伍。 It is necessary to regard the implementation of the "five investigations and five rectifications" special operation as a major political task at present. Leading cadres at all levels must make demonstrations, and municipal bureau agencies and departments must take the lead in investigating, improving and comprehensively covering the city's judicial administration. Team. It is necessary to effectively enhance the sense of political responsibility and urgency, and effectively achieve "three control" (to control work for eight hours, effectively prevent and resolutely investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations; to control life outside eight hours, to consciously maintain the judicial administrative organs and teams Image; control daily words and deeds, and strictly observe political discipline and political rules), and take strong measures to ensure that special actions are carried out well and results are achieved.

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership. All units must place special actions in an important position. The main leaders must take overall responsibility, and members of the team must do a good job of self-inspection and self-correction by the department in charge. 活动实施方案, 针对工作实际和特点,细化行动目标任务、主要内容和各阶段工作内容、方式方法,制定时间表,明确进度安排,迅速组织开展。 It is imperative to formulate the implementation plan of activities, in accordance with the actual conditions and characteristics of the work, refine the objectives and tasks of the operation, the main content and the content, methods, and methods of each stage of work, establish a timetable, clear schedules, and quickly organize development. The Municipal Bureau set up a leading group for the "five investigations and five rectifications" task force. The Party Leader and Secretary Huang Youguang are the team leaders. Other party team members are deputy team leaders. The county (district), development zone judicial directors, and city bureaus The heads of all sections and legal aid centers are members. 由党组副书记任专项行动领导小组办公室主任,负责统一协调活动开展,工作人员从市局办公室、政治部、机关党委、法援中心等部门各抽调 1 名同志组成,扎实推进专项行动开展。 The Office of the Special Action Leadership Group was set up in the Political Department of the Municipal Bureau, and the Deputy Secretary of the Party Group was appointed as the director of the Office of the Special Action Leading Group to coordinate and coordinate the activities. The staff members were selected from various departments such as the Office of the Municipal Bureau, the Ministry of Political Affairs, the Party Committee of the agency, and the Legal Aid Center. A comrade was formed to steadily advance the special operation. Among them, the Political Department Tissue Culture Department is responsible for studying and educating and improving the system; the Personnel Department is responsible for organizing inspections and rectifications and reporting the situation; the organ Party committee is responsible for inspecting and rectifying; guiding the branch to carry out special actions; the organ Party Commission for Discipline Inspection is responsible for inspection supervision and accountability.

The counties (districts) must effectively strengthen the organization, coordination and supervision, make efforts to promote the implementation of various investigation and rectification measures, and ensure that actions do not come to an end and achieve effective results.

(2) Strict discipline and accountability. 在活动开展的各个阶段,采取明察暗访等方式,不发通知、不打招呼、不听汇报、不用陪同,直达现场、直插基层进行突击检查。 The "five investigations and five rectifications" special action leading group office set up inspection teams and unannounced visits. During all stages of the activity, it adopted clear inspections and unannounced visits, and did not issue notices, greets, listen to reports, or accompany. Make surprise inspections. Units and individuals who do not pay attention to special action ideas, do not implement measures, have unclear responsibilities, and fail to solve problems will adopt reports, interviews, and accountability to investigate the responsibilities of relevant leaders and responsible persons as appropriate. Anyone who violates the regulations, investigates and corrects the crimes, and violates the law and discipline will not be tolerated when found together and investigated. 15 日上午定为 “五查五整顿”专项行动接访日, 由市局办公室和机关党委纪委负责受理电话、信访和网络举报,坚持“有反映必查核,有问题必处理”的原则,以实际行动取信于民。 It is necessary to further open the reporting channels, and set up a reporting phone, a reporting mailbox, and an online reporting mailbox for the society. The morning of the 15th of each month is set as the "five investigations and five rectifications" special action reception day. , Letters and visits and online reports, adhere to the principle of "reflection must be checked, problems must be handled" principle, and practical action to win the trust of the people. 干部职工 的良好形象。 All cadres and employees must take strict work discipline and consciously abide by the work and duty system; they must start with the details and start from a small place to establish and maintain a good image of judicial administrative organs and judicial administrative staff .

(3) Strengthen publicity and guidance. Make full use of the mainstream social media and new media such as the bureau's website, WeChat and Weibo to widely publicize the significance and target requirements of the special action, vigorously publicize the implementation of the special action, establish a good image, and improve the credibility of judicial administration. All units should timely discover, summarize, and promote good practices in special operations, actively guide the majority of cadres and employees to participate in special operations, and create a strong momentum and a strong atmosphere for carrying out special operations.

(4) Adhere to overall planning. 推动平安建设、法治建设、过硬队伍建设, 促进“五查五整顿”专项行动深入开展, 把开展专项行动作为推进司法行政工作和队伍建设的重要契机和有效抓手,做到专项行动与日常工作有机融合、相互促进。 Adopting the "five integrations" (combining with the promotion of "two learnings, one doing" study and education normalization and institutionalization, combination with political rotation training, and central government inspection "look back" feedback rectification and reform, and the implementation of the "eight regulations" spirit "return The combination of "seeing" and the promotion of public legal service construction and informatization construction), promote safety construction, rule of law construction, excellent team construction, promote the "five investigations and five rectifications" special action in-depth development, and take the special action as an advancing judicial administrative work and The important opportunity and effective starting point for team building are to organically integrate and promote special actions and daily work. 推动司法行政工作迈上新台阶,为党的十九大的胜利召开营造安全稳定的社会环境。 Through special actions, the team's work enthusiasm and enterprising spirit were stimulated, judicial administration was pushed to a new level, and a safe and stable social environment was created for the victory of the 19th CPC National Congress.

531日前将专项行动实施方案、每月23日前将专项行动开展情况, 910日前将专项行动总结、问题整改清单报市局专项行动领导小组办公室 (联系人:潘旋,联系方式: 3860012 ,电子邮箱: rsk3860012@126.com The counties (districts), development zone judicial bureaus and municipal bureaus will submit special action implementation plans by May 31 , and the special action implementation status by the 23rd of each month, and report the special action summary and problem rectification list to the city before September 10. Office of the Special Action Leadership Group of the State Council (Contact: Pan Xuan, Contact: 3860012 , E-mail: rsk3860012@126.com ) .


Attachment: The city ’s judicial administrative system comprehensively rigorously administers police “five investigations and five rectifications”

Actions to find problems and rectification implementation checklist


Nanning's judicial administrative system comprehensively rigorously administers the police's "five investigations and five rectifications" special operation to find problems and rectify the implementation list

Filling unit (seal):                                                                  Time to report: 2017    month    day

Serial number

question type

Find specific problem performance, solicited opinions and suggestions, and complaints and reports

Corrective measures


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Implementation of rectification


In terms of ideology, focus on finding problems of landslides in ideals and beliefs




















In terms of discipline, focus on finding problems




















In terms of work style, focus on finding unscrupulous issues




















Responsibility, focus on finding inaction




















In terms of management, focus on finding weak leadership responsibilities




















1.按阶段工作推进要求,每月23日前上报本单位情况时一并填报本清单,先后填报查找问题情况( 6月)、整改措施情况( 7月)、整改落实情况。 Note : 1. According to the requirements of the stage of work, fill in this list when reporting the situation of the unit before the 23rd of each month, and then fill in the search for the problem ( June ), the rectification measures ( July ), and the implementation of the rectification. 月) ( September )

    整改工作评价重点查看“十个是否”:思想认识是否提高;纪律规矩意识是否牢固;作风是否确实好转;担当精神是否增强;管理责任是否落实到位;执法行为是否规范;执法质量是否提升;涉法涉诉信访问题是否得到解决;违法违纪案件是否受到严肃查处;查摆问题整改工作是否到位。 2. The focus of the rectification work evaluation is to look at the "ten whether": whether the ideological awareness is improved; whether the discipline and consciousness is firm; whether the work style is really improved; whether the responsibility is enhanced; whether the management responsibility is put in place; Whether the issue of letters and visits related to law and complaint has been resolved; whether cases of violations of laws and disciplines have been seriously investigated; whether the rectification of the problems is in place. Please compare them one by one at the conclusion of the special action, and explain the specific practices, results and specific examples and data of the unit.

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