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Nanning Judicial Bureau's 2016 public comments and suggestions for rectification plan

Release time: 2017-09-30 15:58

关于做好 2016 年度南宁市机关绩效考评公众评议意见整改工作的通知 》(南绩办〔 2017 76 )精神,我局高度重视公众评议整改工作,召开了专题会议,指派专人负责,认真梳理了各单位及服务对象对司法行政工作所提的意见和建议,为确保本次整改工作落实到位,特制定以下整改方案。 In accordance with the spirit of the Notice of the Municipal Performance Office on Doing a Good Job in the Public Appraisal of Nanning's Performance Evaluation in 2016 (Nanji Office [ 2017 ] No. 76 ), the Bureau attaches great importance to the work of public appraisal and rectification, held a special meeting, and assigned The person in charge is responsible for carefully reviewing the opinions and suggestions made by various units and service objects on the administration of justice. In order to ensure the implementation of this rectification work, the following rectification plan is specially formulated.

I. Guiding Ideology

1512” 工作思路,推进 两学一做 学习教育常态化制度化,结合全面从严治警 五查五整顿 专项行动,坚持问题导向,严抓整改落实,从 思想、纪律、作风、担当、管理 等方面抓队伍,从 服务质量、办事态度、工作效率、便民利民、便捷普惠 等方面抓工作,全面提升司法行政工作能力和水平,推动平安南宁、 法治南宁和过硬队伍建设再上新台阶,为南宁市实施 “六大升级”工程,加快建设“四个城市”,勇当广西营造“三大生态”、实现“两个建成”排头兵提供坚实的法律服务和法律保障,为党的十九大顺利召 Earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party and the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Plenary Sessions of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC and the spirit of important speeches delivered by General Secretary Xi, and guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s inspection of the important speeches in Guangxi. 2. The municipal government's work deployment, grasping the situation of judicial administrative reform, tightly focusing on the " 1512" work thinking of the bureau's party group , promoting the normalization and institutionalization of " two learning, one doing " study and education, combined with the comprehensive " rule of five investigations and five rectifications " of strict police management Action, adhere to the problem orientation, strictly implement the rectification and reform, grasp the team from the aspects of " ideology, discipline, style, responsibility, management ", etc., from the " quality of service, attitude, efficiency, convenience, benefits and convenience " Work to comprehensively improve the capacity and level of judicial administration, promote the construction of safe Nanning, rule of law Nanning, and strong teams to a new level, implement the "six major upgrades" project for Nanning , accelerate the construction of "four cities", and be brave when Guangxi builds " "Three Ecology" and the "Two Built" Pioneers provide solid legal services and legal guarantees for the 19th National Congress of the Party. Create a safe and stable social environment.

2. Rectification goals

Through problem rectification, taking the "July Five-Year Plan" law as an opportunity, combining the actual work, promote the "1512" work ideas to take effect, fully promote the construction of public legal service system and judicial administrative reform, strengthen team building and information construction, and enhance awareness of discipline and rules , To further straighten out ideas, improve efficiency, improve style, strengthen responsibility, strictly manage, continuously deepen service prompts, improve service quality, and achieve standardization, precision and convenience of public legal services, and strive to provide inclusive, Public welfare and optional public legal services, improve the credibility of judicial administration, establish a new image of judicial administration, better meet the people's needs for multi-level, multi-field public legal services that reflect the value of fairness and justice, and effectively enhance the overall sharing of the people A sense of gain and happiness in administering the country according to law.

3. Rectification measures

2016年南宁市机关绩效考评市直机关单位评议意见建议 》,我局 2016年度共收到意见建议4条,其中同级部门干部职工意见1条,服务对象评议意见3条。 According to the “ 2016 Nanning Municipal Government Performance Evaluation and Evaluation of Municipal Government Units' Evaluation Suggestions feedback from the Municipal Performance Office , the bureau received a total of 4 opinions and suggestions in 2016, including 1 opinion of cadres and employees at the same level and 3 comments of service objects. .

(I) Propaganda and Education of the Rule of Law

Regarding the content of Article 4 "Municipal Judicial Bureau, Increase Judicial Propaganda" in the opinions of cadres and staff at the same level (the latter part of the opinion is the opinions and suggestions on the Nanning investigation team of the National Bureau of Statistics), as follows:

结合工作实际,加大我市法治宣传教育工作力度,深入开展系列活动,创新法治宣传工作方式,增强工作实效,提高全民的法治意识。 1. Rectification goals: Based on the actual situation of the work, increase the publicity and education of the rule of law in our city, carry out a series of activities, innovate the method of publicity of the rule of law, enhance the effectiveness of the work, and raise the awareness of the rule of law for the entire people.

2017年12月30日。 2. Time limit for rectification: December 30, 2017.

法制宣传科。 3. Responsible department: Legal Publicity Section.

一是制定年度普法工作要点,确保法治宣传教育工作有序开展。 4. Rectification measures: First, formulate the main points of the annual law popularization work to ensure that the publicity and education of the rule of law is carried out in an orderly manner. Formulate the key points and implementation plan of the city's annual law popularization and legal governance, make overall arrangements for the city's annual law popularization work, refine the target tasks of each county (district), development zone, and member unit, and clarify the key content and method of annual law popularization Measures to guide the city's publicity and education on the rule of law.

The second is to strengthen collaboration and take multiple measures to promote publicity and education on the rule of law for young people. On the one hand , the activities of “entering the law into the campus” were carried out . “全民国防教育日”、 “六一儿童节”等主题宣传日, 通过悬挂横幅、印制板报、发放宣传资料、文艺演出、法治讲座等多种形式,加强对《宪法》、《反家暴法》、《未成年人保护法》《食品安全法》等与青少年权益有关法律法规的宣传,提高青少年法律意识和依法维权能力;另一方面积极 开展 青少年法治教育实践活动。 Combined with the theme propaganda days such as "National Defense Education Day" and "June 1st Children's Day", through the hanging of banners, printed board newspapers, distribution of promotional materials, cultural performances, and lectures on the rule of law, etc. Violence Law, "Minor Protection Law", "Food Safety Law" and other laws and regulations related to the rights and interests of young people, to promote young people's legal awareness and ability to safeguard their rights according to law; on the other hand, actively carry out juvenile legal education activities. 14 个青少年法治教育基地设置成为学校法治教育活动的第二课堂,组织青少年定期参观学习、实践,提升青少年的参与度。 Set up 14 youth legal education bases in cities, counties (districts) and development zones as the second classroom of school legal education activities, organize regular visits to study and practice, and increase youth participation.

The third is to organize various types of publicity activities for the rule of law to create a good atmosphere of the rule of law. Actively organize and carry out special themes of rule of law publicity activities, adhere to the center, focus on serving the overall situation, and in-depth publicity of the Constitution and the socialist rule of law system with Chinese characteristics. Organize publicity activities on various topics such as "sending the law to the countryside", "serving the people", and "March 8" women's rights protection, drug control, national security, food safety, anti-cult and other topics. Fully implement the legal responsibility system of "who enforces law and popularizes law." The strict implementation of the "who enforces the law and popularizes the law" and "who is in charge of the responsible" implementation of the responsibility system, implement the list of responsibilities for law popularization. 法治宣传活动 The third is to deepen the "six advances in law " and carry out publicity activities on the rule of law . Implement the "billion-dollar" project for the promotion and education of the rule of law , and carry out a series of activities for the culture of rule of law into campuses, villages (residences) throughout the city. Carry out "legal services to benefit the people, the promotion of the rule of law to help fight poverty", "send the film to the grassroots" and other law-related publicity activities, and organize the "12. 4 National Constitution Day" publicity activities.

The fourth is to innovate forms to further enrich the forms and carriers of the rule of law propaganda. + 法治宣传 ”新模式,加快南宁普法网的升级改版,积极运用网络、微信、微博、客户端开展法治宣传教育;组织拍摄法治微电影、法治动漫等,提升法治宣传教育的舆论引导力和社会影响力。 Strengthen the construction of the rule of law cultural front, use public parks, squares, cultural corridors and other public places and electronic screens to carry out publicity and education on the rule of law; promote the new model of "Internet + rule of law publicity ", accelerate the upgrade and revision of the Nanning law network, and actively use the Internet, WeChat, We will conduct publicity and education on the rule of law on Weibo and clients; organize filming of micro-rules of the rule of law, cartoons of the rule of law, etc. to enhance the public opinion guidance and social influence of the rule of law publicity and education.

(2) Work on grassroots services

不要有点拖拖拉拉不及时 ”进行整改如下: Regarding the comments of the service object, Article 37 "I hope that the Municipal Judicial Bureau's management of grass-roots service departments will improve the efficiency of their work, and do not delay in a timely manner. " The rectification is as follows:

提高工作效率,改进工作作风,提升队伍素质,确保高效按时完成基层法律服务管理工作和 对社区服刑人员的安全管控工作 1. Rectification goals: improve work efficiency, improve work style, improve team quality, and ensure the efficient and timely completion of grass-roots legal service management and the safety management and control of community prisoners .

2017年12月30日。 2. Time limit for rectification: December 30, 2017.

基层工作科、社区矫正工作科。 3. Responsible department: grassroots work section, community correction work section.

一是严格依法审查,指导各县、区(开发区)按时、按质把好基层法律服务工作者新执业准入关。 4. Rectification measures: First, strictly review in accordance with the law, and guide all counties, districts (development zones) to ensure that grass-roots legal service workers enter the new practice entry gate on time and according to quality. 0 日的法定办结时限内完成审核,对申请材料齐全、符合法定形式的,报自治区司法厅审核盖章后发证。 In strict accordance with the "Administrative Measures for Grassroots Legal Service Offices", "Administrative Measures for Grassroots Legal Service Workers" and the "Administrative Licensing Law" and other laws, regulations and rules, and the requirements of the Ministry of Justice and the Autonomous Region's Judicial Department, according to the list of powers and responsibilities The counties and districts (development zones) review the application materials submitted by the newly practising applicants, and in strict accordance with the relevant regulations, complete the review within the 30-day statutory closing time. If the application materials are complete and meet the legal form, report to the autonomous region The Justice Department issued a certificate after reviewing and stamping. For those who are not allowed to register for practice, the reasons shall be stated.

The second is to strictly organize and complete the annual review of grassroots legal services on time and with high quality. 安排专人负责年检注册材料的审核工作, 由下至上,分步实施,严密组织,按时保质高效完成任务。 In strict accordance with the notification requirements, time points, review procedures, and annual inspection contents of the District Judiciary Office, a person in charge is responsible for the review of the annual inspection registration materials. It is implemented from bottom to top, step by step, closely organized, and completed tasks on time and with high quality and efficiency. Gradually approve and check. First, grass-roots legal service offices and grass-roots legal service workers carry out self-examination in accordance with relevant regulations and carefully organize annual work summaries; second, county and district judicial bureaus strictly enforce documents submitted by grass-roots legal service offices and grass-roots legal service workers. Initial review, and put forward review opinions; Finally, the Municipal Judicial Bureau determined the registration results of the annual inspection based on the previous on-site inspections. Through layer-by-layer checks and level-by-level audits, the quality of annual inspection and registration has been ensured. Link up and down to ensure error-free. 通过年审名单将由自治区司法厅进行公示。 When applying for a practising license, in order to prevent errors in the relevant information such as the name, ID number, and address of the personnel, the annual review staff of the Municipal Judicial Bureau is required to work collectively, cooperate with each other, combine online verification with paper verification, and verify them one by one to ensure that the accuracy rate is 100. %, The list that passed the annual review will be publicized by the Judicial Department of the autonomous region. 201 7年8月前完成全市基层法律服务年度审核工作。 The Municipal Judicial Bureau will further improve the work efficiency while ensuring the quality of the review, and ensure that the annual review of the grassroots legal services of the city is completed before August 2012

严格依法审查、审核,指导各县、区(开发区)依法办理社区服刑人员 跨市变更居住地 工作。 The third is to strictly review and audit according to law, and guide counties, districts (development zones) to handle community prisoners' changes of residence in accordance with the law . Guidance in strict accordance with the "Community Correction Implementation Measures" of the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Community Coordination Work's Coordination and Management", and the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Community Correction Implementation Rules (Trial)" to guide The counties and districts (development zones) shall, upon receiving a written solicitation letter from the county-level judicial administrative agency of their current place of residence, promptly verify the relevant situation, and report the opinions and reasons for acceptance to the current residence within 10 working days. Prefectural judicial administrative organs.

The fourth is to guide the counties and districts (development zones) to strictly implement the implementation of supervision and implementation in a timely manner in accordance with the law, reflecting the majesty of execution of penalties. Guidance in strict accordance with the "Community Correction Implementation Measures" of the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Community Coordination Work's Coordination and Management", and the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Community Correction Implementation Rules (Trial)" to guide The counties and districts (development zones) strengthened the implementation of supervision . If a community prisoner meets the conditions for execution, the community corrections institution in the place of residence shall promptly serve the original ruling people's court or public security organ or prison management agency with a proposal to revoke the probation, the release of parole, or the execution of the suspension of prison temporarily The proposal is accompanied by relevant supporting materials.

(3) Information disclosure

Regarding the comment of the client, Article 38 "I hope that the Nanning Judicial Bureau will try to publish the news of some guidelines in various aspects through the website, WeChat and Weibo" as follows:

严格遵循 “充分发挥信息化对司法行政改革发展的重要引擎作用”的总要求,着力提高司法行政公共法律服务能力,为人民群众提供方便快捷、公证普惠、优质高效的公共法律服务。 1. Rectification goals: Strictly follow the general requirements of “giving full play to the important engine role of informationization in the reform and development of judicial administration”, and strive to improve the capacity of judicial administrative public legal services to provide the people with convenient, fast, notarized, inclusive, high-quality and efficient public legal service. First, adhere to demand orientation and serve the masses. +” 为依托, 让信息多跑路,群众少跑腿 ,为人民群众提供优质高效便捷的公共法律服务。 Based on solving the people's growing demand for legal services, relying on "Internet +" , " let the information run the road, the people run the gamut " to provide the people with high-quality, efficient and convenient public legal services. The second is to adhere to professional advantages and precise services. Give full play to the advantages of lawyers, notaries, judicial appraisers, people's mediators, grass-roots legal service workers, arbitrators and other legal service workers, and provide accurate public legal service guides to the people through the portal of the Nanning Judicial Bureau.

2017年12月30日。 2. Time limit for rectification: December 30, 2017.

办公室。 3. Responsible department: office.

加强我局门户网站信息化建设, 进一步提高我市司法行政队伍信息化运用能力和水平, 全面提升服务质量和提升人民群众对我市司法行政工作的公信度和满意度。 4. Rectification measures: Strengthen the informatization construction of the portal website of our bureau, further improve the informatization application ability and level of the judicial administrative team of our city, comprehensively improve the service quality and enhance the people's credibility and satisfaction with our city's judicial administrative work.

The first is to strengthen the updating of information on government websites. Through the establishment of classified columns such as government affairs, policies and regulations, work guidelines, and public interaction on the portal site, it is convenient for the public to consult and share relevant data and information. Promptly release and update the work information and developments of our bureau, so that the public understands and grasps the current hot work of our bureau and the service information guide to prevent the information from being updated for a long time.

The second is to strengthen website security supervision. Adhering to the principle of "who is in charge and who is responsible, who is responsible for who is responsible, and who is responsible for who uses it," a website management leadership group is established to coordinate the leadership of website security and the handling of website and information security incidents. The implementation of special person permissions to log in to the background, the special person is responsible for updating the system, clarifying network security responsibilities, and strengthening network security work.

(4) Legal aid work

服务对象评议意见第 39条“南宁市宾阳县关于民事诉讼,劳动维权方面可以请到免费律师,希望在广场民众多的地方放些资料、 宣传栏等形式宣传,让有需求的维权方面群众知道如何请到免费律师来帮助维权,买房现在是烂尾楼 如何维权,我们不知道怎么办 ”进行整改如下: Article 39 of the comments on the client's comments "In Binyang County, Nanning City, civil lawyers and labor rights defenders can ask for free lawyers. I hope to put some materials and publicity boards in the place where there are a lot of people in the square to publicize them. The masses know how to hire a free lawyer to help defend their rights. Buying a house is now a bad building . How to safeguard our rights, we do n’t know what to do. ”The rectification is as follows:

扩大法律援助覆盖面,提高法律援助服务水平质量,加大法律援助宣传力度,提升法律援助知晓率,切实维护困难群众的合法权益。 1. Rectification goals: to expand the coverage of legal aid, improve the quality of legal aid services, increase the publicity of legal aid, increase the awareness rate of legal aid, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of people in need.

2017年12月31日。 2. Time limit for rectification: December 31, 2017.

市法律援助中心。 3. Responsible department: Municipal Legal Aid Center.

一是 加大法律援助宣传资料的投放量。 4. Rectification measures: First, increase the amount of legal aid publicity materials. 公共法律服务体系建设, 不断提升公共法律服务能力,让群众获得贴心、快捷、优质、高效的法律援助服务。 Our city is making every effort to promote the construction of the public legal service system, continuously improve its public legal service capabilities, and allow the masses to obtain caring, fast, high-quality, and efficient legal aid services. 县区公共法律服务中心 12 个,乡镇(街道)公共法律服务站 104 个, 市县(区) 13 个法律援助机构和司法所法律援助工作室的服务环境得到优化,办公场所设施齐全,接待大厅焕然一新 外观标识统一规范,无障碍配套服务完善贴心。 In 2016, the city built 12 public legal service centers in counties and districts , 104 public legal service stations in towns (streets) , and 13 legal aid agencies in cities , counties (districts) , and legal aid studios in judicial offices. The facilities are complete, the reception hall is completely renovated , the appearance signs are unified and standardized, and the barrier-free supporting services are complete and intimate. 至上而下打造出市、县区、乡镇街道三级联动的公共法律服务平台, 方便困难群众就近获得法律援助, 法律援助服务水平和服务质量得到进一步提高。 The legal aid reception window of each public legal service center (station) has placed the Legal Aid Service Manual, the Legal Aid Guide, the Elderly Legal Aid Service Manual, the Women's Legal Aid Service Manual, and the Disabled Legal Aid Service Manual, Handbook of Legal Aid Service for Migrant Workers, Handbook of Legal Aid Service for Juveniles, legal aid case acceptance scope, economic difficulty standards, application assistance submission materials, aid flow chart, personnel bulletin board, first Responsibility system, one-time notification system, time-limited system and other systems have been put on the wall, and a three-level public legal service platform for cities, counties, towns and streets has been created from top to bottom to facilitate people in need to get legal aid nearby. Legal aid services Level and service quality have been further improved. As of December 31 this year , our center will increase the amount of legal aid promotion materials to allow citizens to better understand the legal aid knowledge and aid application process, and effectively defend their rights.

The second is to regularly update and release the publicity information of the rule of law. In order to strengthen the publicity of the rule of law in rural areas, our city has installed 384 electronic rule of law display screens in 14 counties (districts) and development zones. Each electronic rule of law publicity column regularly updates and releases publicity information of the rule of law. In the future, our center will strengthen communication with relevant departments, regularly update the legal aid information of the electronic bulletin boards, conditionally add electronic bulletin boards in counties and districts, and continuously increase the publicity and education of the rule of law to the grassroots.

The third is to improve the quality of legal consulting services. People who have legal issues involving labor disputes, work injury compensation, traffic accidents, marriages and families, support and maintenance, insurance benefits, medical accidents, etc., can call the "12348" public legal service hotline during office hours from Monday to Friday. For consultation, our office arranges lawyers to provide legal consulting and answering services. For complex issues such as real estate sales, it is recommended that people in need bring relevant evidence materials and consult in person at the nearest legal aid center to obtain a more comprehensive answer. In the future, the Center will expand the public recruitment of professional lawyers, establish a professional lawyer team, improve the legal aid duty lawyer system, and provide more professional legal aid services to the general public.

Fourth, rectification steps

(A) attaches great importance to mobilization and deployment

充分认识民意调查意见建议整改工作的极端重要性和紧迫性, 立即行动,做好意见建议梳理认领工作,结合 “五查五整顿”专项行动,将群众意见建议纳入整顿范畴,由局绩效办牵头,各科室认真配合,扎实抓好整改工作。 Our bureau attaches great importance to public comments and suggestions for rectification, insists on using public opinion as a "touchstone" for the construction of public legal service system , and regards problem rectification as a "booster" for the reform and development of judicial administration, and requires the bureau's performance office and relevant departments to fully Recognizing the extreme importance and urgency of public opinion opinions and suggestions rectification work, take immediate action, do a good job of opinions and suggestions to sort out and claim, and incorporate the public opinion and suggestions into the rectification category in conjunction with the "five investigations and five rectifications" special action. The various departments co-operate carefully and do a good job of rectification.

(2) Break down tasks and implement responsibilities

可操作、可实现、可检查、可核实,同时 做好解释说明工作,通过整改工作进行自我警醒、自我完善,不断提高工作效率和服务质量,为群众提供更加便捷、优质、高效的公共法律服务,切实 推动司法行政各项业务创新发展。 After sorting and decomposing the opinions and suggestions, the rectification and responsibility departments were clarified one by one, and the responsibilities were implemented to the posts. The responsible departments were required to carefully compare the opinions and suggestions, adhere to the problem orientation, and combine the "five investigations and five rectifications" special action to further clarify the work idea. Based on the core of the problem, clarify the rectification goals and requirements, combine our performance evaluation goals for 2017 and judicial administrative tasks, and formulate reasonable, effective and practicable rectification measures to eliminate big words, empty words, and routines, and ensure that they are operable, achievable, and feasible. Check and verify, and do a good job of explanations, self-alertness and self-improvement through rectification, continuously improve work efficiency and service quality, provide the public with more convenient, high-quality, and efficient public legal services, and effectively promote judicial administration Business innovation and development.

(3) Strengthen supervision to ensure effective results

Take the initiative to publicize the rectification plan on the bureau's portal website and consciously accept public supervision. The Bureau's Performance Office incorporated the rectification work into the internal performance evaluation, combined with the requirements of the Municipal Performance Office, conducted regular review of the rectification situation, and formed a rectification report at the end of the year, which was published on the portal. Various departments should combine rectification work with business work, promote reform, and use rectification work as a driving force to ensure the successful completion of various tasks in 2017. While rectifying and reforming, actively plan and promote the innovative development of judicial administration and welcome excellent results. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully convened.

Organizer: Nanning Justice Bureau

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