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Nanning Judicial Bureau's 2018 Annual Performance Evaluation Public Comment Suggestions and Rectification Plan

Release time: 2019-09-10 08:34 source: Nanning Justice Bureau

2018 年度南宁市机关绩效考评公众评议意见建议整改工作的通知 》(南绩办〔 2019 47 )精神,我局对照 2018 年度南宁市机关绩效考评公众评议意见建议 表,认真进行问题梳理和认领,为确保本次整改工作落实到位,特制定以下整改方案。 In accordance with the spirit of the Notice of the Municipal Performance Office on Doing a Good Job in the Public Appraisal of Nanning Organs 'Performance Evaluation in 2018 (Nanji Office [ 2019 ] No. 47 ), our bureau compares the public appraisal opinions and suggestions of Nanning Organs' performance evaluation in 2018 To carefully sort out and claim the problems, in order to ensure the implementation of this rectification work, the following rectification plan is specially formulated.

I. Guiding Ideology

“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育和“建设壮美广西共圆复兴梦想”的总目标总要求,持续深入落实“三大定位”新使命和“五个扎实”新要求,全面落实强首府战略,结合 两学一做 学习教育 和推进 全面从严治警五查五整顿 专项行动, 深入实施14520 工作思路,坚持问题导向,严抓整改落实,从 思想、纪律、作风、担当、管理 等方面抓队伍,从 服务质量、办事态度、工作效率、便民利民、便捷普惠 等方面抓工作,全面提升司法行政工作能力和水平, 为庆祝新中国成立 70 周年营造安全稳定的社会环境。 Guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, thoroughly implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, education in accordance with the theme of “not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission” and “building a magnificent Guangxi revival. "Dream" general goals and requirements, continue to implement the new mission of the "three major positioning" and the "five solid" new requirements, comprehensive implementation of the strategy of strengthening the capital, combined with " two learning and one action " learning and education and the promotion of comprehensive and strict police management " "Five investigations and five rectifications " special action, in-depth implementation of the " 14520 " work ideas, adhere to the problem-oriented, strictly implement the rectification and reform, grasp the team from the " ideology, discipline, style, responsibility, management " and other aspects, from the " quality of service, attitude, Work efficiency, convenience for the people, convenience and inclusiveness will be carried out in order to comprehensively improve the capacity and level of judicial administration and to create a safe and stable social environment to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China .

2. Rectification goals

Through rectification of problems, we will make every effort to promote the construction of the public legal service system, strengthen the awareness of discipline, further rectify ideas, improve efficiency, improve style, strengthen responsibility, and strictly manage, continuously deepen service awareness, improve service quality, and achieve standardization of public legal services. , Precision, convenience, and strive to provide the people with inclusive, public welfare, and optional public legal services, improve the credibility of judicial administration, establish a new image of judicial administration, and better meet the people's multi-level, multi-field, and reflect The need for fair and just value of public legal services has effectively strengthened the people's sense of gain and happiness in sharing the results of running the country in accordance with the law.

3. Rectification measures

(I) Lawyer Work

9条“一些律师在开庭工作责任心不强,对当事人不负责任,较草率,希望今后市司法局加强管理”、第11条“希望市司法局加强跟踪和监督,加强律师队伍履行职责管理”和服务对象意见建议第26条“南宁市区有很多打着律师的名义挂招牌,这是违反了律师法的有关规定是不允许的,希望南宁市司法局能够加大巡查力度,对于这种行为进行严处”进行整改如下: According to the opinions of the same level department, it is recommended that Article 9 "Some lawyers have a weak sense of responsibility in the trial and are irresponsible to the parties. They are sloppy and hope that the Municipal Judicial Bureau will strengthen management in the future", and Article 11 "I hope the Municipal Judicial Bureau will strengthen tracking and supervision. "Strengthen the management of lawyers to perform their duties" and the advice of the service object. Article 26 "There are many signs in Nanning in the name of a lawyer. This is a violation of the relevant provisions of the Law of the Law. It is not allowed. I hope the Nanning Justice Bureau can Intensify inspections and severely deal with this behavior. "The rectification is as follows:

1. Rectification goals

The first is to further strengthen the education and management of lawyers and grass-roots legal service workers; the second is to strengthen the party building of the lawyer industry; the third is to widely launch and organize lawyers and grass-roots legal service workers to actively participate in the construction of the public legal service system.

2. Corrective measures

1)加强律师行业党建,发挥行业引领作用。 ( 1) Strengthen party building in the lawyer industry and give play to its leading role.

“三会一课”、“党员集中活动日”;同时推行“一卡一证一微”工作,推动两新组织党支部组织生活规范化,推广“学习强国”学习平台,拓宽各党支部学习题材;依托“全国党员管理信息系统”党建信息平台,规范管理党员律师信息档案,开展党员活动,加强党员队伍建设,发挥行业引领作用。 Strengthen the ideological and political education of party members and lawyers, organize party branches to carry out "three meetings and one lesson", "party member concentration day"; meanwhile, promote the work of "one card, one certificate, one micro", promote the standardization of the organizational life of the two new organizations, and promote "learning "Strengthening the country" learning platform, broadening the learning topics of various party branches; relying on the "National Party Member Management Information System" party building information platform to regulate the management of party member lawyers' information files, carry out party member activities, strengthen the building of party members, and give play to the role of industry leadership.

2)严格律师事务所年度检查考核。 ( 2) Strict annual inspection and evaluation by law firms.

2018年度律师事务所年度检查考核与律师执业年度考核工作 ,以年度考核作为监督指导律师工作的重要抓手,严格实施检查考核,促进律师事务所和律师规范管理 According to the Lawyers Law and the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region, the judicial administrative agencies at the two levels of Nanning City and the Nanning Lawyers Association jointly conducted the annual inspection and evaluation of lawyers 'practice in Nanning in 2018 and the annual evaluation of lawyers' practice . As an important starting point for supervision and guidance of lawyers' work, strict inspections and assessments should be implemented to promote standardized management by law firms and lawyers .

3)严格执行律师管理规范,严肃惩处违法违规行为。 ( 3) Strict implementation of lawyers' management regulations, and severe punishment for violations of laws and regulations.

Strengthen the supervision and management and complaint investigation of law firms and the practice of lawyers, and strengthen the connection between industry discipline and administrative punishment. According to the Lawyers Law, the Measures for the Administration of Lawyers' Practices, the Measures for the Management of Law Firms, and Lawyers and Lawyers Affairs Acceptance of complaint cases and investigation and punishment

4)监督担任村(居)法律顾问的律师履行职责。 ( 4) Supervise lawyers who serve as legal advisers to villages (residents) to perform their duties.

The county (district) judicial bureau statistics the village (resident) legal consultants' monthly performance in the village. Based on the statistics, a forum is held to interview the directors and lawyers of law firms that are not actively performing their duties and report their duties. The situation, and urged the village (resident) legal counsel to complete the duties of carrying out services to the village on a monthly basis.

3. 2019年12月31日。 Rectification time limit: December 31, 2019.

4. 律师工作科。 Responsibility Section: Lawyer Work Section.

(2) Service attitude

27条“希望南宁市司法局工作人员能够保持微笑,耐心服务办事群众”进行整改如下: Regarding the client's opinions and suggestions, Article 27 "I hope that the staff of the Nanning Judicial Bureau can keep smiling and patiently serve the people" is rectified as follows:

1 . Rectification goals

Improve the service consciousness of window service personnel, correct service attitude, and improve the satisfaction of the working people.

2. Corrective measures

1) 增强教育,提高服务意识 ( 1) Enhance education and service awareness .

“不忘初心、牢记使命”主题教育,利用每周五工作例会时间,加强对工作人员的教育。 Combining with the theme education of "do not forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind", we use the time of the regular working meetings every Friday to strengthen the education of staff. The contradictions and problems that arise with the masses in the course of handling business and the written opinions and suggestions put forward by the masses are analyzed as cases to find the contradictions of the problems and point out solutions. Remind the service personnel of the education window to pay attention to the way of speaking and raise the awareness of serving the people.

2) 完善制度,加强人员管理 ( 2) Improve the system and strengthen personnel management .

“差评率”,让群众在优质的法律服务中获得幸福感。 In terms of personnel management, strengthen training on work skills and etiquette, especially in cases where staff members are not good at handling complex legal relationships and arouse the dissatisfaction of the masses. By improving the management system for the construction of the workforce, the shortcomings of the business can be supplemented and improved. Work efficiency, reduce the "poor evaluation rate", so that the masses get a sense of happiness in high-quality legal services.

3) 奖惩并施,激发工作热情 ( 3) Give rewards and punishments together to stimulate work enthusiasm .

Through the performance evaluation system, corresponding praise or reward is given to individuals who have a good service attitude and high public satisfaction at work, and corresponding criticism or punishment for individuals who have made major mistakes at work and caused adverse effects to stimulate the work of service personnel. The enthusiasm helps the staff to deal with the people with full enthusiasm, and can largely solve the problem of weak service awareness.

3. 2019年12月31日。 Rectification time limit: December 31, 2019.

4. 公共法律服务管理科。 Responsible Section: Public Legal Service Management Section.


3条“有些法律文书需要征求咨询法制办的意见时,时间长,拖拉,有时一个星期都办不下来,希望最好三天就办好”进行解释说明如下: In response to the comments and suggestions from the same department, Article 3, "Some legal documents need to be consulted by the Legal Affairs Office for a long time, it is procrastinating, and sometimes it ca n’t be done for a week. I hope that it will be done within three days."

123号)关于 合法性审查期限一般为5个工作日。行政规范性文件涉及法律问题疑难复杂需要组织法律顾问和有关专家进行论证,或者需要补正制定材料的,论证、补正时间不计入前款规定时间内 的审查期限要求,对于内容简单、提供材料完备的文件审查期限也相应进一步缩短。 In order to strictly control the legality review of government regulatory documents and ensure the quality of legality review work, our bureau has strictly implemented the "Regulations for the Formulation of Administrative Regulatory Documents in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region" (Autonomous Region People's Government Order No. 123) on " legality The review period is generally 5 working days. If the administrative normative documents involve legal issues that are difficult and complicated and require the organization of legal consultants and relevant experts to demonstrate, or need to revise the formulation materials, the time for the argument and revision shall not be included in the time specified in the preceding paragraph . The time limit requirement also shortens the review period for documents with simple content and complete materials. 115号)也明确 除为了预防、应对和处置突发事件,或者执行上级机关的紧急命令和决定需要立即制定实施规范性文件等外,合法性审核时间一般不少于5个工作日,最长不超过15个工作日 的合法性审查时限,还进一步明确审核内容,要求审核机构要认真履行审核职责及,防止合法性审查工作重形式、轻内容、走过场。 At the end of 2018, the “Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on the Comprehensive Implementation of the Legality Review Mechanism of Administrative Regulatory Documents” (Guobanfa [2018 ] No. 115) issued by the General Office of the State Council also clearly stated that except for the prevention, response and disposal of emergencies , Or the implementation of emergency orders and decisions of higher authorities needs to immediately develop and implement regulatory documents, etc., the legality review time is generally not less than 5 working days, the longest does not exceed 15 working days . Clarifying the content of the audit requires the auditing agency to perform its audit duties carefully and prevent the legality review from focusing on form, content, and sidelines. “政府法制机构应当自收到材料之日起十个工作日内提出合法性审查意见。” 可见合法性审查工作不同于一般情况下的意见征询,合法性审查工作应当要确保给予必要的时间 Article 37 of the "Procedures for Major Administrative Decision-making in Nanning City" also provides corresponding provisions: "Government legal institutions shall submit legality review opinions within ten working days from the date of receipt of the materials." It can be seen that the legality review work is different from the general In cases where opinions are sought, the legitimacy review should ensure that the necessary time is given .

3天左右完成审查工作的要求。 On the other hand, due to the long existence of a small number of people and many things, in the face of a large number of document legality review work requirements of the municipal government and municipal units, related business departments and personnel have been overloaded with work, and on the premise of ensuring the quality of the review, It is indeed impossible to meet the requirements of the department at the same level to complete the review in about three days.

V. Job requirements

(A) attaches great importance to mobilization and deployment

“试金石”,把问题整改作为司法行政工作改革发展的“助推器”,各有关科室 充分认识社会评价意见建议整改工作的极端重要性和紧迫性, 立即行动,做好意见建议梳理认领工作,由局绩效办牵头,各科室认真配合,扎实抓好整改工作。 Adhere to the public opinion as the "touchstone" for the construction of the public legal service system and the problem rectification as a "booster" for the reform and development of judicial administrative work. All relevant departments fully recognize the extreme importance and urgency of social evaluation opinions and suggestions for rectification. Immediately Action, do a good job of opinions and suggestions to sort out and claim the work, led by the Bureau's Performance Office, the various departments carefully cooperate, and do a good job of rectification.

(2) Break down tasks and implement responsibilities

2019年度绩效考评目标和司法行政工作任务,制定合理有效、切实可行的整改措施,杜绝大话、空话、套话,确保 可操作、可实现、可检查、可核实,同时 做好解释说明工作,通过整改工作进行自我警醒、自我完善,不断提高工作效率和服务质量,为群众提供更加便捷、优质、高效的公共法律服务,切实 推动司法行政各项业务创新发展。 After sorting out and decomposing the opinions and suggestions, the rectification and responsibility departments were clarified one by one, and the responsibility was implemented to the post. The responsible departments were required to carefully compare the opinions and suggestions, adhere to the problem orientation, further clarify the work idea, and clarify the rectification goals and requirements around the core of the problem Based on the 2019 performance evaluation goals and judicial administrative tasks of the Bureau , formulate reasonable, effective and practicable rectification measures, eliminate large words, empty words, and routines, ensure operable, achievable, inspectable, verifiable, and make explanations. Work, self-alertness and self-improvement through rectification, continuously improve work efficiency and service quality, provide the public with more convenient, high-quality, and efficient public legal services, and effectively promote the innovative development of various judicial administrative businesses.

(3) Strengthen supervision to ensure effective results

Take the initiative to publicize the rectification plan on the bureau's portal website and consciously accept public supervision. The Bureau's Performance Office incorporated the rectification work into the internal performance evaluation, combined with the requirements of the Municipal Performance Office, conducted regular review of the rectification situation, and formed a rectification report at the end of the year, which was published on the portal. 2019年度各项任务圆满完成,在整改的同时积极谋划,推动司法行政工作创新发展,以优异的成绩庆祝新中国成立70周年。 All departments should combine rectification work with business work, promote reform, and use rectification work as a driving force to ensure the successful completion of various tasks in 2019. While rectifying and reforming, actively plan and promote the innovative development of judicial administration and celebrate with outstanding achievements. The 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.

Organizer: Nanning Justice Bureau

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