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2019 National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination

Release time: 2019-10-10 17:59 source: Nanning Justice Bureau

The subject test of the 2019 National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination will be held on October 13 from 8:30 to 12:30 in the morning for 240 minutes. There are three test areas in our district for subjective test, including Nanning City, Beihai City, Fangchenggang City, Qinzhou City, Guigang City, Yulin City, Baise City, and Chongzuo City, which are merged into Nanning Test Areas to implement computerized examinations. Computer exams are provided with a compilation of electronic and paper laws and regulations for test takers.

Candidates are requested to make preparations in advance for the test and to make travel routes early to avoid delays in the test.

准考证打印时间为 10月8日至10月12日,在此期间,可登录司法部网站(http://www.moj.gov.cn)下载打印准考证。 Tip one: The admission ticket is printed from October 8 to October 12. During this period, you can log on to the Ministry of Justice website (http://www.moj.gov.cn) to download and print the admission ticket. If you forget your login password, you can retrieve it through the secret security question. If you forget your password, you can call the Nanning National Uniform Legal Vocational Qualification Examination Office (0771-3389106) to reset the password. Please read the information on the admission ticket carefully, pay attention to the test time, test site address, and prepare for the test in advance.

:主观题计算机考试共有九种输入法,分别是:搜狗拼音、搜狗五笔、百度拼音、百度五笔、 QQ拼音、极品五笔、谷歌拼音、万能五笔;港澳台考生支持仓颉输入法;输入法开放打字联想功能;输入法屏蔽了个人用户设置、弹出窗口及扩展功能。 Tip two : There are nine input methods for subjective computer tests, namely: Sogou Pinyin, Sogou Wubi, Baidu Pinyin, Baidu Wubi, QQ Pinyin, Wu Pin Wubi, Google Pinyin, Universal Wubi; candidates from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan support Cangjie input method; input method Open typing prediction function; input method shields personal user settings, pop-up windows and extended functions.

根据司法部的要求,今年国家统一法律职业资格考试广西考区全面使用考务安全管理系统考场模式,要求: 1.考生进入考场前须通过检验进行人像识别,考试开考前45分钟(上午7:45)开始进行检验,请考生提前入场进行检验,避免因集中拥堵延误考试;2.考生进行检验时,请出示报名时的有效身份证进行核验,核验通过进入考场;3.为提高检验通过率,请考生在检验前检查是否佩戴粗框眼镜,整理好发型勿遮挡眉毛、耳朵后,再进行检验;4.开考前退场的考生,再次进入考场须重新检验方能入场。 Tip three: According to the requirements of the Ministry of Justice, this year's National Uniform Legal Professional Qualification Examination Guangxi Examination Area will fully use the examination safety management system examination room model. Requirements: 1. Candidates must pass the inspection to perform portrait recognition before entering the examination room, and 45 minutes before the examination starts ( 7:45 am) Start the test. Candidates are required to enter the test in advance to avoid delaying the test due to concentrated congestion. 2. When the test is being performed, please present your valid ID at the time of registration to enter the test room. 3. To improve the pass rate of the test, candidates should check whether they wear thick-rimmed glasses before the test. After finishing the hairstyle, do not cover the eyebrows and ears before conducting the test; 4. Candidates who leave the test site before starting the test must re-check before entering the test room. .

       今年广西实行 “净考”,由司法行政部门统一为考生提供考务用品(含水性笔、草稿纸)和饮用水、纸巾。 Tip four: This year, Guangxi will implement a "net test". The judicial administration department will provide candidates with test supplies (water-containing pens, draft paper), drinking water, and paper towels. Except for ID cards and admission tickets, candidates are not allowed to bring mobile phones, stationery, materials, watches, drinks, earrings, cards and other items into the test room. In order to ensure the safety of the test room lines, candidates should tighten the bottle caps of the distributed mineral water during the test, and follow the instructions of the invigilator to avoid power failure and network failure due to water leakage.

因考点学校没有设置停车位,请广大考生尽量不要驾车前往,提前做好出行计划,选择绿色公共交通出行。 Tip five: As the test site does not have a parking space, candidates are advised not to drive there, make travel plans in advance, and choose green public transportation.

请广大考生仔细核对准考证上的考点地址,以免走错考点延误考试。 Tip six: Candidates are requested to carefully check the address of the test center on the test certificate to avoid delaying the test by going to the wrong test center. 3个考点:广西财经学院明秀校区、相思湖校区,广西职业师范学院(原广西经济管理干部学院),各位考生可核对自己的考点信息根据下文的出行路线提示合理安排出行。 The Nanning test area has three test centers: Guangxi University of Finance and Economics Mingxiu Campus, Xiangsi Lake Campus, Guangxi Vocational Teachers College (formerly Guangxi Economic Management Cadre College). Candidates can check their test site information and make reasonable arrangements for travel according to the travel route tips below.



Travel directions for Nanning test area test sites

Examination site of Mingxiu Campus of Guangxi University of Finance and Economics

Experimental Building No. 1: Examination Room 1-22

南宁市 西乡塘区明秀西路 100号 Address: No. 100 Mingxiu West Road , Xixiangtang District , Nanning City

1. Take Exit A of Guangxi University Station Line 1 and walk for about 600 meters

秀灵西一里东 (公交站) 2. Xiuling West and Lidong (bus stop)

84 By bus: Route 84

明秀路中 (公交站) 3.Mingxiu Road Middle (Bus Station)

b44 By bus: b44    4- way



Test Center of Xiangsi Lake Campus of Guangxi University of Finance and Economics

23—44考场 Experimental building: 23—44 test room

南宁市 西乡塘区大学西路 189 Address: No. 189 , Daxi West Road , Tang District , Xixiang, Nanning

1. Subway Line 1 Shibu Station Exit C about 250 meters

财院相思湖校区 (公交站) 2. Caiyuan Xiangsi Lake Campus (Bus Station)

58路 103路 806路 Bus: 58 Road 103 Road 806

财经学院相思湖校区(公交站) 3. Xiangsi Lake Campus (Bus Station)

804路 By bus: Route 804





Examination site of Guangxi Vocational Teachers College

4号教学楼:45—67考场 Experimental building, teaching building No. 4: 45-67 examination room

105号 Address: 105 University East Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City

1. Take Exit B of Minzu University Station of Metro Line 1 and turn right into Xincun Avenue and go for 1.4 kilometers

广西经济管理干部学院 [ 公交站 ] 2. Guangxi Economic Management Cadre College [ Bus Station ]

4 By bus: Line 4    Route 604

相思湖西江北路口 [ 公交站 ] 3. Xiangsi Lake West Jiangbei intersection [ bus stop ]

Via bus:   Route 604

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