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Announcement of the Nanning Judicial Bureau on the handling of business during the epidemic prevention and control

Release time: 2020-02-02 19:31 source: Nanning Justice Bureau

根据自治区党委办公厅、政府办公厅发布的有关延迟广西区内企业复工、学校开学的通知精神 疫情防控工作要求,经研究,疫情期间办理法律援助、公证、仲裁、 司法鉴定等公共法律服务事项及行政复议、社区矫正、律师工作、法考及 法律职业资格等事项将暂停当面解答法律咨询和接收申请人当面递交的申请材料,具体办事指南 通告 如下: In order to effectively strengthen the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infections, effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection caused by the gathering of people, and better protect the health and life of the people, according to the relevant delays issued by the General Office of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region and the General Office of the Government The spirit of the notice of resumption of work, the start of school and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control within the company , after research, during the epidemic, handle legal aid, notarization, arbitration, judicial appraisal and other public legal services and administrative reconsideration, community correction, lawyer work, forensic examination and law Issues such as professional qualifications will be suspended in-person to answer legal advice and to receive application materials submitted by applicants in person. The specific guidelines are as follows:

I. Legal Aid Matters

法律援助咨询:可拨打 12348广西法律服务热线,或南宁市法律援助中心咨询电话0771—3860028。 (1) Legal Aid Consultation: You can dial 12348 Guangxi Legal Service Hotline or Nanning Legal Aid Center's telephone number 0771—3860028.

申请法律援助方式 (2) Ways to Apply for Legal Aid

Mailing (原件)、身份证明、证据材料以及相关法律文书等材料(复印件)邮寄 至:广西南宁市青秀区东葛路 125号南宁市法律援助中心收,邮政编码:530022。 Please mail the legal aid application and financial status certificate (original), identity certificate, evidence materials and related legal documents (copy) to Nanning Legal Aid Center, 125 Dongge Road, Qingxiu District , Nanning City, Guangxi, China. Postal code: 530022.

2. Log on to the network. 律服务 网( gx.12348.gov.cn )根据系统提示完成注册和申请。 Please log in to 12348 Guangxi Legal Service Network ( gx.12348.gov.cn ) to complete the registration and application according to the system prompts.

Notarization matters

0771—3389111(民事法律服务部)、 0771- 3389128(家事法律服务部)、 0771- 3389101(知识产权保护部) 0771-2443732(司法辅助中心) 将有专业高效的公证人员一对一和当事人实时连线,提供在线服务。 1. Telephone consultation or appointment: Please dial 0771-3389111 (Civil Legal Service Department), 0771-3389128 (Family Legal Service Department), 0771- 3389101 (Intellectual Property Protection Department) , 0771-2443732 (Auxiliary Justice Center) Efficient notary staff connect one-to-one with the client in real time and provide online services.

2.   By post. ,可采取邮寄方式,将材料寄南宁市桂南公证处(邮寄地址:南宁市青秀区东葛路 125号南宁市桂南公证处收, 邮政编码: 530022 )。 If you need to submit the notarization application materials , you can send the materials to the Nanning Guinan Notary Office by mail (mailing address: Nanning Guinan Notary Office, 125 Dongge Road, Qingxiu District , Nanning City, Postal Code: 530022 ).

3.   Accept online. 通过 “广西壮族自治区南宁市桂南公证处微信公众号”办证专栏或者登录公证云 平台 www.egongzheng.com 爱南宁 APP公证申请端口 依照提示提交资料 申请相关公证(可在线受理的业务范围:部分涉外业务) The parties can apply for a certificate through the “WeChat public account of Nanan Guinan Notary Office in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region” or by logging in to the notary cloud platform ( www.egongzheng.com ) , the Ainan APP notarization application port, and submit the information to apply for the relevant notarization (available online) Accepted business scope: some foreign-related business) .

4. Receive notarized documents. 等相关文书将采取邮寄送达的方式送达公证当事人。 Relevant documents such as notarization during the epidemic prevention and control will be served by mail to the notary parties. 0771-3389100。 Telephone number of the issuing office: 0771-3389100.

事项 Arbitration matters

1. Nanning Arbitration Commission consultation telephone: 0771-5539085, 0771-5680890.

2. If the parties need to apply for arbitration, the case can be filed online through the “Nanning Arbitration Commission WeChat Public Account” business processing column or on the official website of the Nanning Arbitration Commission (nnac.org.cn). 邮政编码: 530022 Or mail the arbitration application, power of attorney, arbitration agreement, evidence materials and other filing materials to the Nanning Arbitration Commission, 13th Floor, West Building, Guangxi Development Building, 111 Minzu Avenue, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi, or mail to Guangxi Nanning Arbitration Commission , 1st floor, Nanning Judicial Bureau Building, 125 Dongge Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning , Post code: 530022 .

南宁仲裁委员会 仲裁规 则第五十六条的规定,依法申请延期开庭。 3. The parties and arbitration agents who are unable to attend the trial due to new coronavirus-infected pneumonia are being treated, quarantined, or due to traffic control, etc., may apply for an extension of the trial according to the provisions of Article 56 of the Nanning Arbitration Commission Arbitration Rules . All cases involving parties in Hubei Province and other key epidemic areas will be postponed for trial. The specific hearing time shall be subject to the notice of the Nanning Arbitration Commission.

员知悉。 4. If the hearing time is changed due to the epidemic, the case handling secretary will inform in advance, and please ask the parties, agents, arbitrators and other relevant personnel to know.

  4. Judicial Expertise

相关资料的,可通过邮寄方式寄送至南宁市司法局公共法律服务管理科( 邮寄地址:南宁市青秀区东葛路 125号 邮政编码: 530022 ),咨询电话: 0771- 3389128 0771-3860036。 If the parties need to submit relevant information on practice, change, cancellation, filing, etc. of the judicial appraisal agency, judicial appraiser, and judicial appraisal assistant , they can be mailed to the Public Legal Service Management Section of the Nanning Judicial Bureau ( mailing address: Qingxiu, Nanning City) No. 125 Dongge Road , Zip code: 530022 ), telephone: 0771-3389128 , 0771-3860036.

、行政复议事项 V. Administrative reconsideration matters

nnzffy@126.com), 或通过邮寄的方式 将材料邮寄到南宁市行政复议办公室( 地址: 南宁市青秀区东葛路 125号南宁市司法局 邮政编码: 530022 ),并在邮件封皮备注 “邮寄立案”。 The parties and agents of the administrative reconsideration case can handle the case formalities by email (email address : nnzffy@126.com), or mail the materials to the Nanning Administrative Reconsideration Office ( Address: 125 Dongge Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning City) No. Nanning Judicial Bureau , zip code: 530022 ), and put a note on the cover of the mail to "post the case". Mail retention telephone and business consultation telephone: 0771-5537262.

“因不可抗力或者其他正当理由耽误法定申请期限的,申请期限自障碍消除之日起继续计算”规定计算复议申请期限。 Applicants who are unable to submit an application for administrative reconsideration due to new coronavirus-infected pneumonia during treatment, quarantine, or affected by the epidemic, may not be able to submit an application for administrative reconsideration in a timely manner, may apply in accordance with Article 9, Article The second paragraph "If the legal application period is delayed due to force majeure or other legitimate reasons, the application period shall continue to be calculated from the date when the obstacle is removed" to calculate the application period for reconsideration.

、社区矫正 事项 Community corrections

The community correction object needs to go to the community correction center of each county (district) for relevant procedures due to registration, change of residence, leave approval, and other matters. It should be handled by dialing the phone. If it is necessary to go to the scene, it should be approved by the community correction center. .

0771-7251239;宾阳县:0771-8236960;上林县:0771-5285606;马山县:0771-6803503;隆安县:0771-6525891;兴宁区:0771-2874954;江南区:0771-4822016;青秀区:0771-5566401;西乡塘区:0771-3105325;邕宁区:0771-4790923;良庆区:0771-4500181;武鸣区:0771-6401181;高新区:0771-5816537;经开区:0771-4518630;东盟区:0771-6305238。 Telephone numbers for community correction centers in counties (districts): Hengxian: 0771-7251239; Binyang County: 0771-8236960; Shanglin County: 0771-5285606; Mashan County: 0771-6803503; Longan County: 0771-6525891; Xing Ning District: 0771-2874954; Jiangnan District: 0771-4822016; Qingxiu District: 0771-5566401; Xixiangtang District: 0771-3105325; Suining District: 0771-4790923; Liangqing District: 0771-4500181; Wuming District : 0771-6401181; High-tech Zone: 0771-5816537; Economic Development Zone: 0771-4518630; ASEAN Zone: 0771-6305238.

Matters concerning the work of lawyers

:按照办事指南各项材料目录要求准备一式三份,再由律师事务所核验原件,盖章确认复印件与原件相符后,寄送至南宁市司法局律师工作科,邮寄地址:南宁市青秀区东葛路125号, 邮政编码: 530022 ),咨询电话: 0771-3860025。 Law firms and individual lawyers who apply for administrative examination, change, cancellation, filing, etc. for submission of preliminary examination business materials, please apply by mail or courier in writing. Material requirements : Prepare three copies in accordance with the requirements of the material catalogue in the work guide. The original is verified by a law firm, and the copy is stamped to confirm that it is consistent with the original, and sent to the Lawyer Work Section of the Nanning Judicial Bureau. The mailing address is 125 Dongge Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Zip code: 530022 . : 0771-3860025.

、法考及法律职业资格事项 Legal examinations and legal professional qualifications

According to the notice of the Legal Professional Qualifications Administration of the Ministry of Justice, the annual filing of legal professional qualification certificates and the filing of professional changes were cancelled. In the future, legal professional qualification certificates will only be filed initially when they are issued, and no annual filing or career change filing will be performed. 0771-3389106、3860228、3860023。 For other related inquiries and services related to legal examinations and legal professional qualifications, you can inquire by telephone. The consultation telephones are: 0771-3389106, 3860228, 3860023.

Nine, during the epidemic prevention and control, if the parties, agents, and community correction objects need to personally go to the service window, administrative review office, community correction center, and lawyer's work department of the bureau for special reasons, please make an appointment by telephone. Staff reception will be arranged. Business personnel who come to handle business please wear masks, do personal protection, and cooperate with this bureau for safety testing to minimize the risk of transmission of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infection. After completing the business, please leave as soon as possible to minimize the length of stay and reduce the risk of infection.

10. The service departments of the judicial administration shall strengthen the work of disinfecting and cleaning the environment in the halls and public areas, implement safety protection measures for staff, and do a good job in detecting and registering the temperature of visitors.

11. Public law service centers, notary offices, administrative review offices, and community correction centers in all counties (districts) shall follow the instructions.

3860451,3860032、3860033。 The right of interpretation of this notice is the Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control of the Judicial Bureau of Nanning, telephone 3804551 , 3600032 , 3860033.




Nanning Justice Bureau

February 2, 2020.

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