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Endless! Let's review the wonderful moments at the launching ceremony of the Constitution Propaganda Week!

Release time: 2019-12-03 18:04 Source: Nanning Daily News Agency's circle of friends

由自治区党委宣传部、自治区党委全面依法治区委员会办公室、自治区司法厅联合举办,南宁市委宣传部、市委全面依法治市委员会办公室、市司法局承办的广西 “12·4”国家宪法日宣传周在南宁市金湖广场隆重启动。 At 10:30 on December 2nd, it was jointly organized by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, the Office of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, and the Judicial Department of the Autonomous Region. The Guangxi "12 · 4 "National Constitution Day Promotion Week was grandly launched in Jinhu Square, Nanning.

广西 “12·4”国家宪法日宣传周在南宁市金湖广场隆重启动 ( Guangxi "12 · 4" National Constitution Day Promotion Week was grandly launched in Nanning Jinhu Square )

(Secretary of the Autonomous Region Political and Legal Committee Huang Shiyong addressed the launching ceremony)

  A constitutional oath was also held at the launching ceremony. All the staff raised their right fists and solemnly sworn in the face of the national flag and the Constitution.

I swear:

Loyal to the Constitution of the People's Republic of China,

Upholding constitutional authority and performing statutory duties,

Loyal to the motherland and the people,

Diligently, honest and honorable, accept the supervision of the people,

Work hard for building a strong, prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful socialist modern power!

(All members take an oath to the Constitution)


After the launching ceremony, the site began a rule of law campaign.

“城市会客厅”访谈中,市教育局、市公安局、市交通运输局、市市场监管局向大家介绍了本单位实施“谁执法谁普法”普法责任制工作情况,现场答复市民提问。 In the "Urban Meeting Room" interview conducted for the first time this year , the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau introduced to you the work of the unit's implementation of the "who enforces the law and popularizes the law" responsibility system. Answer questions from citizens.

(The Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau responded to questions from citizens on the spot)

“阿洛”和“小智”。 What's more refreshing is that the event also released the image of "Aluo" and "Xiaozhi" in Nanning's law promotion campaign .

(Huang Youguang, Secretary of the Party Group of the Judicial Bureau of Nanning City, and Fan Weidong, the director, released the endorsement image of the law promotion in Nanning City)

“阿洛”和“小智”与大家见面) (Nanning City's law promotion propaganda endorsement images "Aluo" and "Xiaozhi" will meet with you)

市委依法治市办立足壮族文化特色,将法治文化与民族文化相融合, 壮族司法行政工作者和神兽獬豸( xiè zhì)为原型设计出 来的, 阿洛身穿传统的壮族服饰,上面装饰有美丽的壮锦花纹和中国司法的标志, “洛”在壮话中是“明白”的意思,希望大家跟着阿洛尊法学法,做法律明白人。 A Luo and Xiao Zhi are based on the characteristics of Zhuang culture based on the administration of the city by the municipal party committee. They merge the culture of the rule of law with the national culture. They are designed based on the Zhuang judicial administrative workers and the god beasts ( xiè zhì) . Traditional Zhuang costumes are decorated with beautiful Zhuang brocade patterns and Chinese judicial symbols. "Luo" means "understand" in the Zhuang dialect. I hope that everyone will follow the law of A Luo and understand the law. "Wisdom" is the homophony of the divine beast "獬 豸", the divine beast of ancient Chinese myths and legends. It can discern right from wrong, can recognize good and evil, and is a symbol of justice. 作为南宁市普法宣传形象代言人 ,向 大家普及宪法、扫黑除恶、打击传销等法律法规 In the future, Aluo and Xiaozhi will act as spokespersons for the publicity image of Nanning City to popularize laws, regulations and other laws, such as the Constitution, anti-crime and anti-MLM .

(Alo and Xiaozhi, spokespersons for the propaganda image of Nanning law promotion)

(Aluo and Xiaozhi's interaction with the citizens at the scene is also super loving)

(Xiaozhi, as a god beast, you still have scissors)

384人参与的快闪活动,在《我和我的祖国》的歌声中,众人手中的牌子组成了“依法治国”的画面,将整场活动推向最高潮。 Finally, a pop-up event involving 384 people participated in the event. In the song "I and My Motherland", the signs in the hands of everyone formed the picture of "ruling the country according to law", pushing the whole event to the climax. .

“依法治国”的画面) (The flash event constitutes the picture of "ruling the country according to law")

In addition to the central stage, the propaganda booths of the units around the venue were filled with people who came to consult the night before.


“谁执法谁普法”,各个单位的摊位前都是人头攒动) ( "Who enforces the law and popularizes the law", the booths of various units are crowded in front of people)

(Even the propaganda display board is made into the outline of Xiaozhi)

(Students of Guangxi Police Academy and Guangxi University for Nationalities compete for a group photo with the constitution board)

(Indispensable Law Propagandist)

11月开始,丰富多彩的宣传活动就已经“安排”上了, 比如: In fact, as early as November, colorful publicity activities have been "scheduled", such as:

Pre-employment legal training exam for newly promoted leaders in Nanning in 2019

Staff of state organs in Nanning attend court hearings and judges' interpretation of cases

Publicity and education activities to maintain national security and the rule of law

“十百千万工程”为载体,因地制宜推动宪法进企业、进农村、进机关、进校园、进社区、进网络、进公共交通场所,组织律师等法律工作者、村(社区)法律顾问、普法志愿者、法律明白人等力量,结合法律服务、法律咨询、法治文艺演出等活动开展各式各样的宪法宣传,在全市营造尊崇宪法、学习宪法、遵守宪法、维护宪法、运用宪法的浓厚氛围,不断增强全市广大干部群众宪法意识 Next, the Municipal Party Committee administers the Municipal Office, the Municipal Judicial Bureau, and the counties, districts, and development zones in accordance with the law . All departments will continue to combine reality with the "Billions Project" as the carrier, and promote the constitution into enterprises, rural areas, institutions, Enter campuses, communities, networks, public transportation places, organize lawyers and other legal workers, village (community) legal consultants, law popularization volunteers, and legal understanders, and combine activities such as legal services, legal consultation, and literary performances under the rule of law Carry out all kinds of constitutional propaganda, create a strong atmosphere in the city to respect the constitution, study the constitution, abide by the constitution, maintain the constitution, and use the constitution, and continuously strengthen the constitutional awareness of the broad masses of cadres in the city .

For the follow-up series of exciting activities, Pu Fajun will still report to you in time, so stay tuned and actively participate!

Waiting for you!


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