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Nanning Judicial Bureau's Spring Festival Reporting Showcases Judicial Administration Style——The Nanning Judicial Bureau's New Year's Work Report 2020

Release time: 2020-01-21 10:04 Source: Wang Yu, News and Information Center of Nanning Justice Bureau

The child arrives in the spring of the year, and the mouse is happy. On the morning of January 21, the Nanning Judicial Bureau was filled with laughter and laughter, and the 2019 Spring Festival Work Report was being performed wonderfully.

2019年度工作汇报拉开序幕,回顾2019,全体干部职工为工作付出了辛勤的汗水,为法治政府建设作出了贡献。 The whole report was kicked off by the Municipal Judicial Bureau's 2019 annual work report. Looking back on 2019, all cadres and employees have worked hard for their work and contributed to the construction of a rule of law government.

让我们搭上 “时光机”,回望我们共同走过的2019年!) ( Let's catch the "time machine" and look back on the 2019 we have traveled together!)

Subsequently, the performance officially started. The entire performance was performed by comrades of the Municipal Bureau of Justice, the Municipal Lawyers Association, and the grass-roots legal service associations. They used their spare time to write, direct, and perform. Creativity bursts out, fully showing the staff's style.

Let's take a look together!


(The office and the finance department performed a song and dance "Dream Catcher". In this new era of struggle, we are all dreamers who live only day and night and live up to Shaohua

(Lawyer Work Department will perform the soundtrack and recite "Where the Heart is Placed" and where the Heart is Placed, where life will shine)

(Legislative Division I, Division II, Literature Examination Division, and Legal Affairs performed the dance "Burning My Calories". In order to become thinner in the summer, follow the little brother and sister to smash meat crazy!)

(The Law Popularization and Governance Division performed a piece "On the Way Home". Last year, people selling fakes met again this year, detonating the audience.)

社区矫正管理科表演歌伴舞《画舸》,俊男美女的组合搭配真是令人移不开眼) ( Community Correction Management Department performed song and dance "Painting", the combination of handsome men and women is really eye-catching)

(The Secretariat of the Arbitration Commission performed the song and dance "Stubborn". In the face of all difficulties and adversity, even if disappointed, you must face it stubbornly!)

(Public Legal Service Management Division brings the dance "The Best Stage" to show the judicial style in an artistic way and to present the motherland with practical actions)

政治部表演情景剧《春节自救指南》,专治父母逼婚、亲戚围堵、熊孩作妖、隔壁老王等春节顽疾) (The Ministry of Political Affairs performs a sitcom "Chinese New Year's Guide to Self-help", which treats parents 'forced marriages, relatives' siege, bear children as demon, and next year's Pharaoh's ills.

(The City Bar Association brings the dance "Don't Forget Your Beginning", loyalty will always be the background of judicial administrators)


“四个自信”,走好中国特色社会主义的道路) (In the new year, we will perform the song "On the Golden Mountain in Beijing" by the Secretary Section, the Rule of Law Investigation Section, and the Rule of Law Supervision Section of the Municipal Office under the Rule of Law. We must strengthen the "four confidences" and take the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.)

基层法律服务工作者协会为我们带来独唱《我爱你中国》此生无悔入华夏,来时还做中国人!) (The grass-roots legal service workers' association brought us a solo "I love you China" so I have no regrets in this life, and I am still a Chinese when I come!)

(The administrative reconsideration and respondent section performed the dance "Guan Shan Jiu". The administrative reconsider was brave enough to handle the case with justice, be concerned with the people, and do a good job in judicial administration. This is the most romantic thing we are after.)

(The chorus "My Chinese Heart" brought by the Legal Aid Center of Nanning City is far from the end of the earth, and it is always our motherland that we are still missing!)

(People's Participation and Promotion of the Rule of Law Division, the Administrative Law Enforcement Supervision Division, and the Science and Technology Information Division bring to you the melodious singing and dancing of "Standing on the Grassland Looking at Beijing" and the cheerful dance enthusiasm chanting the unity of children of all ethnic groups, watching and helping each other, loving the motherland and loyalty The spiritual outlook for the party and forging ahead)

(Yin Yanhong, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Municipal Judiciary Bureau, presented a wonderful "Sword" to everyone)

2019年脱贫攻坚工作情况,并带领九名一线扶贫同志为大家送上新春祝福) (Three first secretaries came to the stage to report on the work of poverty alleviation in 2019, and led nine first-line comrades in poverty alleviation to the Chinese New Year.)

(Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Judicial Bureau, Huang Youguang presented the Spring Festival couplet to everyone. The couplet: Keeping the heart and fulfilling the mission, pursuing the dream, and resolutely regretting the capital's prosperity and success, the second couplet: Fighting for the reward, Shaohua is based on the diligence of Nanning. Period, horizontal approval: rule of law to welcome spring)

(Fan Weidong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, director of the office, and party secretary of the organ (formerly Director of the Municipal Bureau of Justice) was invited to the scene to wish everyone a Chinese New Year blessing)

(Bureau leaders and city management cadres wish everyone a Happy New Year !!!)

“看着这些年轻人,连我们都觉得变年轻了!”离退休老干部支部还为大家带来一首合唱《革命人永远是年轻》,老干部们神采飞扬,充分展现了“退休不褪色,离岗不离党”的精神风貌。 This year, we also specially invited the retired veteran cadres to watch the performance on site. The veteran cadres said: "Looking at these young people, even we feel young!" The retired veteran cadre branch also brought a chorus " "Revolutionaries are always young", the old cadres are full of spirits, fully showing the spirit of "retirement does not fade, leaving the party without leaving the party."

(Retired cadres and staff representatives perform a chorus "Revolutionaries are always young." Our veteran cadres are like standing on the mountain peak. It is true that retirement does not fade, leaving the post does not leave the party.)

Long Tuqun is prosperous and the mouse must draw blueprints with colored pencils. 2020年! Looking forward to the coming year, a brand-new career is waiting for us to wield wisdom and sweat. Facing this brand-new starting point, let us bring new hope and hope, not forgetting our original heart, remembering our mission, striving for dreams, and taking the journey again ; Let's go full of confidence and drive towards a more brilliant 2020!



/南宁市司法局新闻信息中心王瑜 By Wang Yu, News and Information Center of the Judicial Bureau of Nanning

/南宁市司法局新闻信息中心全体人员 Photo / All staff of Nanning Judicial Bureau News Information Center

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